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Many players have come and gone in the NBA, but a few tall ones stand out. These basketball giants are way more towering than most others in the league.

From the first tall players who paved the way to the super tall players we see today, each one has significantly impacted basketball fans. These players in the NBA aren’t just tall; they’re also very skilled, athletic, and dedicated, which helps them stand out in a league full of tough competition.

Here are the top 10 tallest players in NBA history, and you might recognize a lot of their names because they’ve made a big impression on basketball. We’ll also talk about the tallest current NBA players.

Top 10 Tallest NBA Players

Rank Name Height Net Worth
1 Gheorghe Muresan 7’ 7” feet gheorghe muresan net worth/ $5m
2 Manute Bol 7 ‘7” feet Manute Bol net worth/ $7m
3 Slavko Vranes 7 ‘6” feet Slavko Vranes net worth/ $1-7m
4 Shawn Bradley 7 ‘6” feet Shawn Bradley net worth/ $27m
5 Yao Ming 7 ‘6” feet Yao Ming net worth/ $180m
6 Chuck Nevitt 7 ‘5” feet Chuck Nevitt net worth/ $1-5m
7 Pavel Podkolzin 7 ‘5” feet Pavel Podkolzin/ $1-2m
8 Tacko Fall 7 ‘5” feet Tacko Fall net worth/ $5m
9 Sim Bhullar 7 ‘5” feet Sim Bhullar net worth/ $700m
10 Boban Marjanovic 7 ‘4” feet Boban Marjanovic net worth/ $8m

1. Gheorghe Muresan

tallest people in the nba

Gheorghe Muresan was the tallest person in the NBA at 7 ‘7″ under the list of tallest people in the NBA. He joined the Washington Bullets in 1993 and worked with the New Jersey Nets. He scored about 10 points in 6 seasons and grabbed 6 rebounds per game.

In 1995-1996, Muresan was excellent and was named Most Improved Player in the NBA. Because he was so tall, he blocked shots and got many rebounds, making it hard for opponents.

2. Manute Bol

tallest nba players today

Manute Bol was tall at 7’7″ and played basketball in the NBA. He was from Sudan and was terrific at blocking shots, scaring opponents with his height. He got picked by the Washington Bullets in 1985 and played for teams like the Golden State Warriors, Philadelphia 76ers, and Miami Heat.

What made Bol special was not just blocking shots; he was surprisingly good at shooting three-pointers, which was rare for someone as tall as him back then. Sadly, he died at 47, but he’s remembered as a symbol of basketball being famous everywhere and an inspiration for players worldwide.

3. Slavko Vranes

tallest players in nba

Slavko Vranes, a big guy from Serbia, got picked by the New York Knicks in the 2003 NBA Draft but never got to play much in the NBA. He had some problems with injuries and staying fit, so he couldn’t show what he could do in the league. Being 7’6″ tall, it’s sad that he couldn’t play more.

He only got to play in one NBA game, but people thought he could be perfect because he was so tall. People wondered what he could have achieved if he didn’t have those problems and got to show his full talent.

4. Shawn Bradley

tallest current nba players

Shawn Bradley was super tall at 7’6″ and well-known in the NBA in the 1990s and 2000s. He was very active at blocking shots and defending. The Philadelphia 76ers picked him second in the 1993 NBA Draft.

He scared opponents with his shot-blocking skills and ended his career as one of the best shot-blockers in NBA history. Some people said he was too skinny and not great at scoring, but nobody doubted his defensive skills.

5. Yao Ming

nba tallest players

Yao Ming was a massive star in the NBA, standing tall at 7’6″. He became famous worldwide and made the NBA more popular. The Houston Rockets picked him as the top player in the 2002 NBA Draft, and he was perfect right from the start.

Yao wasn’t just a great player and represented basketball worldwide and supported good causes. Sadly, injuries made his career shorter, but he greatly impacted basketball globally and left a legacy that still influences the game today.

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6. Chuck Nevitt

tallest active nba players

Chuck Nevitt was a centre who played for different NBA teams in the 1980s and early 1990s. He didn’t play much, but teams used him because he was tall at 7’5″ and good at blocking shots. Letting him play and control the area near the basket was smart.

Because of his height, he was helpful in specific defensive plans and could come off the bench to help the team. He wasn’t a superstar, but his size and exciting journey in the NBA made people remember him during his 10 seasons.

7. Pavel Podkolzin

top 10 tallest nba players

Pavel Podkolzin, a centre from Russia, got picked by the Utah Jazz at No. 21 in the 2004 NBA Draft. But he only played 6 games in the NBA because he didn’t get many opportunities, mostly his fault. He was 7’5″ tall, but maybe he didn’t get enough chances to show how good he could be because of his unusual height.

He had problems with injuries and staying fit in his NBA career, so he couldn’t do as much as people hoped. Even though he didn’t do well in the NBA, his height and potential were still something people talked about during the draft and among basketball fans.

8. Tacko Fall

tallest nba players

Tacko Fall is tall at 7’5″ and comes from Senegal. Even though he wasn’t picked in the draft, he became famous among NBA fans when he joined the Boston Celtics in 2019. His enormous height and friendly personality made people like him. Even though he hasn’t played a lot of high-level basketball, he’s good at blocking shots and grabbing rebounds because of his long arms.

He hasn’t played much, but everyone notices him whenever he’s on the court. Fans and players like him, and he’s become a notable figure. He could become an essential player for an NBA team as he gets better at playing basketball.

9. Sim Bhullar

tallest wnba players

Sim Bhullar was tall at 7’5″ and came from Canada. He joined the Sacramento Kings in 2015 without getting picked in the draft. Even though he was tall, his ability to move well and stay in shape could have been better, making it hard for him to have a lasting career in the NBA. He only played in 3 games in one season before leaving the NBA.

After leaving the NBA, he mostly played in the NBA G League and leagues in other countries. Because he was over 350 lbs and very tall, he still had an advantage in those leagues. His time in the NBA showed that basketball is famous worldwide and gave hope to other tall players from different places.

10. Boban Marjanovic

tallest players in the nba

Boban Marjanovic is a recent addition to the NBA’s tallest players. People love him because he’s tall at 7’4″ and has enormous hands. Fans like him because he’s friendly and plays uniquely.

He doesn’t always start games, but when he plays, he scores efficiently, even with limited time on the court. His height helps defence greatly by stopping shots and getting rebounds quickly. He might not be super athletic, but because of his skills and colossal size, he’s helpful to his teams when coming off the bench.


Interesting Facts About The Tallest Players In The NBA

  • Gheorghe Muresan: NBA’s largest shoe size (size 23), known for gentle personality and love for classical music.
  • Manute Bol: Record 8’6″ wingspan, unique stat of more blocked shots than field goals in a single NBA season.
  • The Knicks drafted Slavko Vranesicks, who was sidelined in the NBA due to injuries and played professionally in Europe and China.
  • Shawn Bradley: Recognized for their slim frame and fondness for cycling; once cycled 50 miles to practice.
  • Yao Ming: Elevated basketball in China, successful businessman, philanthropist, hugely popular player.
  • Chuck Nevitt is a Journeyman centre who played for 10 NBA teams and is noted for toughness and rebounding.
  • Pavel Podkolzin: Highly anticipated prospect from Russia; struggled in NBA, limited appearances for Utah Jazz, returned to Europe.
  • Tacko Fall: NBA’s tallest active player, adored for their friendly demeanour and impressive dunking skills.
  • Sim Bhullar is the first Indian-origin NBA player role model for young basketball enthusiasts globally.
  • Boban Marjanovic: Known for record-sized hands, significant social media presence, featured in movies and TV shows

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The nba tallest players also known as the tallest basket ball players, from Gheorghe Muresan to Boban Marjanovic, are towering figures who’ve etched their legacy in basketball. These colossal athletes, despite challenges, showcased immense talent and dedication. Their imposing height and unique skills influenced the game, inspiring fans globally.

From dominating the paint to showcasing exceptional athleticism, these giants left an indelible mark, transcending mere statistics. Despite varied career paths, their impact endures, illustrating basketball’s inclusivity and global resonance. Celebrating their contributions reaffirms the sport’s universal appeal and the lasting legacy of these extraordinary figures in the ever-evolving narrative of basketball history.

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Who Is The Tallest NBA Player?

Gheorghe Muresan was the tallest at 7’7″ and played basketball in the NBA.

What are the tallest active NBA players?

  • Boban Marjanović (Houston Rockets) – 7’4″ (2.24m)
  • Victor Wembanyama (San Antonio Spurs) – 7’4″ (2.24m)

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