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In the world of mixed martial arts (MMA), there’s one fighter who’s really, really tall – Hong Man Choi. He’s the tallest MMA fighter, 7 feet 2 inches tall, and people love him for his huge size, strength, and awesome personality. Choi’s journey through kickboxing and MMA has been amazing since he was a wrestler in Korea. He’s like a giant, and everyone finds him super interesting. Let’s explore the cool story of the “Korean Colossus” and see how he faced the tough challenges as the tallest male MMA fighter ever.

Hong Man Choi Biography

Hong Man Choi Real Name Choi Hong-man
Hong Man Choi Nicknames The Techno Goliath, Korean Colossus, Che Man
Hong Man Choi Birthdate October 30, 1980
Hong Man Choi Birthplace Jeju, South Korea
Hong Man Choi Nationality South Korean
Hong Man Choi Height 7 feet 2 inches (218 cm)
Hong Man Choi Weight 159.5 kg (352 lb; 25 st 2 lb)
Division Super Heavyweight
Style MMA, Kickboxing, Ssireum
Hong Man Choi Title Guinness World Record for tallest professional fighter
Hong Man Choi Net Worth Estimated $10 million – $30 million

Who Is Hong Man Choi?

Tallest Male MMA Fighter

Hong Man Choi is really tall at 7 feet 2 inches and strong, too. He’s not just a big fighter; he’s also a cool and popular guy. People call him “Techno Goliath” because he dances when he wins. Choi became famous in K-1 kickboxing by winning the 2005 Seoul Grand Prix. Even though he wasn’t always consistent in MMA, people still liked watching him because he was so big and strong.

In addition to fighting, Hong Man Choi engaged in entertainment activities such as acting in movies, singing, and appearing on TV shows. He was a great fighter and a fun performer, which made him famous. Even though he does not fight anymore, he still entertains and inspires people. Hong Man Choi greatly impacted both fighting and pop culture.

Hong Man Choi Family

We don’t know much about Hong Man Choi’s family. He hasn’t shared details about his parents, brothers, or sisters or if he has any kids. Choi probably wants to keep his family life private and not attract too much attention to them. But we do have a little peek into his personal life. In 2018, he got married to his girlfriend, Choi Hye Jin, in a small wedding. He also sometimes talks about his pet dog, Choco, on social media.

How Tall Is Hong Man Choi?

Hong Man Choi, also called Choi Hong-man, is a South Korean fighter. He did kickboxing and mixed martial arts and used to wrestle. Choi is tall, standing at 2.18 meters (7 ft 2 in), and weighs about 160 kg (350 lb). People know him well in combat sports because he’s one of the biggest fighters. Throughout his career, Choi got many nicknames like “Che Man,” “Techno Goliath,” “Korean Monster,” and “Korean Colossus.” These cool nicknames show how big and strong he is.

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Hong Man Choi’s Career

Hong Man Choi is well-known for being big, strong, and charming. He’s made a special journey in the world of fighting and entertainment. Standing tall at 7 feet 2 inches and weighing 350 pounds, Choi has amazed crowds with his fighting skills and big personality. Let’s explore the interesting and varied career of the Korean Colossus.

Martial Arts Beginnings

Tallest MMA Fighter

Choi started his journey in a Korean wrestling sport called Ssireum. He got the nickname “Techno Goliath” because he danced to techno music after winning matches. His great skills got noticed by the kickboxing world, so he moved to K-1, a famous kickboxing group.

K-1 Conquest

Choi’s kickboxing career was really exciting. He beat famous fighters like Bob Sapp and Ernesto Hoost. His best moment was in 2005 when he won big at the K-1 Seoul Grand Prix. It made Choi a famous kickboxing star worldwide, and people started calling him the “Korean Monster.”

Choi’s MMA Battles

Choi tried out mixed martial arts (MMA) and competed in groups like the UFC and K-1 HEROs. Even though he was still big and strong, his wins and losses were mixed. It was tough for him to adjust his kickboxing style to the fast pace of MMA. But Choi never gave up and fought against tough opponents like Fedor Emelianenko and Mirko Cro Cop.

Hong Man Choi Personal Life

Hong Man Choi likes to keep his personal life private, so we don’t know much about it. He hasn’t talked about his parents, brothers, or sisters or if he has kids. But, in 2018, he got married to his girlfriend, Choi Hye Jin, in a private ceremony, which gave us a rare peek into his personal life. Choi also talks about his pet dog, Choco, on social media sometimes. He cares about his family and wants to keep their lives separate from his public image.

What Is Hong Man Choi Net Worth 2024?

Hong Man Choi Height

Guessing Hong Man Choi’s net worth is hard because he keeps his money private and earns money in many different ways. But we can make some smart guesses. He made much money in K-1 kickboxing, where top fighters could reach millions for each fight. He also did big MMA fights and got paid for other entertainment stuff.

Additionally, Choi has deals with brands and does business things that add to his money. Even though we don’t know the exact number, estimates say Hong Man Choi’s net worth could be between $10 million and $30 million. But remember, it is just a guess, and he could have more or less money than that.


Interesting Facts About The Tallest Male MMA Fighter

  • Hong Man Choi is the tallest male MMA fighter, standing 7 feet 2 inches tall.
  • After winning matches, he earned the nickname “Techno Goliath” for his celebratory dances.
  • Choi rose to fame in K-1 kickboxing, winning the 2005 Seoul Grand Prix title.
  • Outside of fighting, Choi ventured into entertainment, appearing in movies, singing, and television shows.
  • Even after retiring from active competition, he remains prominent in combat sports and popular culture.

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So, in the end, Hong Man Choi’s story is all about never giving up, being good at what he does, and being a big deal in mixed martial arts. He started with Korean wrestling and then became famous in kickboxing and MMA. Choi made a big impact on the sport and has fans worldwide. Even though he faced tough times, he’s still a big name in and out of the ring. Being the tallest male MMA fighter ever, Choi’s story will keep motivating amazing fighters and fans for a long time.

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Who Is The Tallest Male MMA Fighter Ever?

Hong Man Choi is the tallest male MMA fighter ever at 7 feet 2 inches (218 cm).

What Martial Arts Has Hong Man Choi Competed In?

Choi has competed in various martial arts, including traditional Korean wrestling, kickboxing, and mixed martial arts (MMA).

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