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Let’s explore the world of mixed martial arts (MMA), where each fighter has special skills. But there’s a unique group of the tallest MMA fighters that really stands out. These fighters are incredibly tall and strong, grabbing everyone’s attention with their imposing presence. With their long arms and big bodies, they change how fights play out. Let’s explore the stories of these larger-than-life athletes and see how they became stars in the MMA world.

List of Top 10 Tallest MMA Fighters

No. Fighters Nationality Height Net Worth
1 Hongman Choi South Korean 7’2″ (219 cm) $1 Million
2 Giant Silva Brazilian 7’2″ (219 cm) $5 Million
3 Muhammad Abroridinov Tajikistani 7’2″ (218 cm) $1 Million
4 Julius Long American 7’1″ (216 cm) $3 Million
5 Daniel Terrell American 7’0″ (214 cm) $1 Million
6 Parris Lee American 7’0″ (214 cm) $3 Million
7 Taishan Dong Chinese 7’0″ (214 cm) $1.5 Million
8 Leon Moshefy American 7’0″ (214 cm) $1-5 Million
9 Stefan Struve Dutch 7’0″ (214 cm) $1 Million
10 Nikolai Valuev Russian 7’0″ (214 cm) $20 Million

1. Hongman Choi

5th Tallest MMA Fighter

Hongman Choi, also called Choi Hong-man, is a famous fighter from South Korea. Hongman Choi height is 7 feet 2 inches, and weighs 350 pounds. He’s done kickboxing, mixed martial arts, and Ssireum wrestling, and people call him the “Korean Monster.” In his first MMA fight, Choi beat Bobby Ologun in just 16 seconds. He was supposed to fight Brock Lesnar in 2007 but couldn’t because of a health problem.

2. Giant Silva

6th Tallest MMA Fighter

Giant Silva height is 7 ‘1″ feet, also known as Paulo Cesar da Silva, was a big presence in MMA at 7’2″ tall. Despite facing challenges, his time in the sport left a mark. Before MMA, Silva played basketball and then switched to wrestling. Silva didn’t win a lot in MMA but proved that size isn’t everything in fighting. He changed how people saw the sport, and fans liked him.

3. Muhammad Abroridinov

Muhammad Abroridinov height is 7 feet, an experienced boxer with an amateur record, is now stepping into MMA to challenge himself further. His first fight in MMA is a chance for him to prove his skills and determination. With proper training and focus, he could rise in the MMA ranks and become well-known. It is just the start of his journey, and we can expect to see him in thrilling fights and winning matches.

4. Julius Long

Tallest MMA Fighters

Julius Long height is 7 feet, nicknamed “Towering Inferno,” is a huge boxer at 7’1″ tall with long arms that reach 90 inches. He’s fought against tough opponents like Samuel Peter, a former WBC heavyweight champion and Olympic gold medalist. He hasn’t always prevailed in fights, but he never gives up and always gives it his all. His narrative shows us that, with perseverance and hard effort, dreams may come true.

5. Daniel Terrell

Daniel Terrell height is 7 feet. He is a skilled legal expert with lots of experience and a great work history. He’s the Chief Legal Officer at Ecobat, where he handles all the legal stuff, like ensuring everything follows the rules. He also deals with mergers and lawsuits and keeps things in line with the law. With his background in finance and law, Daniel brings a special viewpoint and helpful ideas to his job.

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6. Parris Lee

Parris Lee height is 7 feet. He is a running back for Georgia State who’s been with the team since 2009. He started as a slot receiver but switched to running back in 2010. Lee made history by scoring the Panthers’ first-ever touchdown and returned kickoffs. In 2012, he played every game and scored a touchdown against James Madison. In 2011, he rushed for 58 yards, caught eight passes, and had a good average on kickoff returns.

7. Taishan Dong

2nd Tallest MMA Fighter

Taishan Dong height is 7 feet, also called Dong Jianjun, is a Chinese heavyweight boxer who hasn’t lost a fight yet. Before boxing, he was into basketball, hockey, and kickboxing, and he got his boxing name from a famous mountain. With support from boxing promoter Liu Gang, he started his pro boxing journey in the US in 2014. Dong won his first fight in July 2014 and kept winning against opponents like Tommy Washington Jr. and Rory McCrary.

8. Leon Moshefy

Leon Moshefy height is 7 feet, a 24-year-old Tutor Key, Kentucky fighter, is getting ready for his first MMA fight. He’s tall, standing at 7 feet, and trains at the East Kentucky Combat Club. While we don’t know his fighting record yet, people expect him to get ranked in his region after his first fight. Even though he does not have much money, Moshefy’s big height makes him stand out, and he’ll probably get noticed as he starts his MMA career.

9. Stefan Struve

3rd Tallest MMA Fighter

Stefan Struve height is 7 feet, a former Dutch MMA fighter, was known for being the tallest UFC fighter ever at 7 feet tall. He grew up in the Netherlands and started MMA at 14 because of his brother. Stephen turned pro at 17 and joined the UFC in 2008 after talking with other fight organizations. Although he lost his first UFC match to Junior dos Santos, he won against Denis Stojnić and Chase Gormley.

10. Nikolai Valuev

4th Tallest MMA Fighter

Nikolai Sergeyevich Valuev height is 7 feet, A Russian politician and former boxer, held the WBA heavyweight twice between 2005 and 2009. Born on August 21, 1973, in Saint Petersburg, Russia, he’s famous for his size, standing at 7 feet tall and weighing up to 328 pounds due to gigantism and acromegaly. Valuev’s great-grandfather was known as a “warrior giant” in Russian stories despite his parents being short.

Interesting Facts About The Tallest MMA Fighters

  • Tall MMA fighters have a big height advantage, which can be scary for opponents and helpful in fights.
  • Because they’re so tall, they can hit their opponents from far away and block attacks better.
  • Some tall MMA fighters used to play basketball, where being tall is important.
  • Because they’re so big, it’s hard for opponents to bring them down or control them on the ground, so they must use different tactics to fight.
  • Big MMA fighters get a lot of attention from fans and the media because they’re so tall and create a big show in the cage.

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The tallest MMA fighters make MMA even more exciting. Their big height and special ways of fighting make them famous in the MMA world. They can beat opponents with their long reach or show how tough they are in fights. We should remember that MMA is about more than just being big. It’s also about having courage, never giving up, and always trying to win. So let’s cheer for these big fighters who keep impressing us with their amazing skills and huge presence in the sport.

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Who Is The Tallest MMA Fighter Of All Time?

Hongman Choi is one of the tallest MMA fighters of all time at 7 feet 2 inches (219 cm).

How Do Tall MMA Fighters Fare Against Shorter Opponents?

Tall fighters may have an advantage against shorter opponents due to their reach. However, shorter fighters can use speed and agility to close the distance and work on the inside.

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