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Meet Stefan Struve, the tallest UFC fighter ever in history. He’s known as the “Skyscraper” in the world of MMA. Struve is not just big; he’s a skilled fighter with powerful kicks and expert jiu-jitsu moves. Stefan Struve height is 7-foot. That is not just for show; it’s a result of years of training. In this article, we’ll explore the journey of the “Skyscraper,” his achievements, and the impact he made in MMA. Get ready for a story filled with exciting battles of a gentle giant who conquered the Octagon.

Who Is Stefan Struve?

Stefan Struve, born on February 18, 1988, in Beverwijk, Netherlands, is a famous and wealthy MMA Fighter. Standing at 7 feet tall, he’s known as the tallest UFC fighter ever. His fourth fight ended in a TKO loss to Roy Nelson on March 31, 2010.

In 2008, he signed a four-fight deal with the UFC after negotiating with DREAM and Affliction. Struve started his pro career at 17 and had a record of 16–2 by late 2008. He got into MMA through his older brother.

Who Is Stefan Struve?

Stefan Struve Biography

Full Name Stefan Struve
Nickname The Skyscraper
Date of Birth Feb. 18, 1988
Nationality Dutch
Height 7 feet (2.13 meters)
Weight 265 lbs (120 kg)
Fighting Style Striking, Kickboxing, Jiu-Jitsu
UFC Records 13-10 (1 win by KO, 3 wins by decision)
Retirement 2023
Current Activities Commentator, Coach, Advocate
Net Worth $1 Million

Stefan Struve Family

Unfortunately, the public doesn’t know much about Stefan Struve’s family because he keeps it private. He doesn’t share much about his loved ones. But we have a few small details:

  • Father: Stefan’s father, Jaap Struve, sadly passed away in 2013 from cancer. Jaap was a supportive presence in Stefan’s life and career, even attending some of his fights.
  • Wife: Stefan is married but has never publicly revealed his wife’s name or any details about her. He values her privacy and prefers to keep their relationship out of the spotlight.
  • Son: Stefan and his wife have a son named Tobi, born in 2020. Sometimes, Stefan Struve shares pictures of Tobi on social media, but Tobi’s face is hidden for privacy.

How Tall Is Stefan Struve?

Stefan Struve is the tallest fighter in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) history, also known as the Octagon. He is a whopping 7 feet tall, the same height as a giraffe. It makes him a giant compared to most other UFC fighters, usually around 6 feet tall.

Struve’s height gives him a big advantage in some fights, as he can use his long arms and legs to keep his opponents at bay. However, it can also be a disadvantage, as he can be a target for his opponent’s kicks and punches.

Stefan Struve UFC Tallest Fighter

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Stefan Struve Childhood & Education

Stefan had a different start in life before becoming a martial arts star. In his early days in the Netherlands, he was into football until he was 14. At 14, his brother introduced him to a martial arts gym, and that’s when he fell in love with fighting.

By 16, he won his first amateur MMA fight with a powerful head kick. Stefan didn’t focus on traditional school books as much as learning the fight game. He trained hard at the gym, honing his skills and eventually turning professional at just 16

Stefan Struve MMA & UFC Career

Starting at 17, he impressed everyone with his long arms and quick moves. After success in other MMA groups, he joined the big league, the UFC. In the UFC, he used his height for strong jabs and kicks. He achieved great victories against big names like Antônio Rodrigo Nogueira and Stipe Miocic. Struve faced challenges, too, with injuries and a heart condition in 2013. Despite it all, he showed bravery and kept on fighting.

UFC Tallest Fighter

Notable Achievements & Records

  • Tied (3rd Most Finishes): Struve has 11 finishes in the UFC heavyweight division, tying with Arlovski, Gonzaga, and Ngannou.
  • Tied (2nd most post-fight bonuses): Struve, alongside Derrick Lewis, got an impressive 8 post-fight bonuses in his career for exciting performers.
  • Fight of the Night (2x): Struve had intense fights with Miocic and Volkov, earning twice the prized “Fight of the Night” bonus for their back-and-forth battles.
  • Performance of the Night (2x): Struve’s strong fights against Antônio Silva and Marcos Rogério de Lima were so impressive that he got the “Performance of the Night” bonus.

Stefan Struve Retirement

In February 2021, Stefan Struve, the tall Dutch fighter called “The Skyscraper,” retired from MMA after 12 years in the UFC and 16 years overall. It was a tough choice, but his body said it was time. Even though he’s not fighting anymore, people remember him for his long reach, strong submissions, and friendly personality. Now, he’s coaching and sharing his knowledge with the new fighters in the MMA world.

Stefan Struve’s Net Worth In 2024

As of January 2024, the exact net worth of Stefan Struve is about $1 million. Struve earned this money through many wins and endorsement deals. But what makes him successful is his hard work, discipline, and deep love for the sport. He’s a real icon in the MMA community.

Tallest UFC Fighter Ever

Interesting Facts About The Tallest UFC Fighter Ever

  • At 7 feet tall, Stefan Struve was the tallest in the UFC. He stood over other fighters like a friendly skyscraper!
  • He started training MMA at just 17 years old, proving you can chase your dreams no matter your age.
  • His long arms acted like magic wands, keeping opponents away with pokes and jabs.
  • Struve was great at jiu-jitsu, catching opponents with tricky chokes and holds.
  • He fought some of the toughest guys in the world, proving that courage comes in all sizes.
  • Now retired, Struve shares his knowledge with new fighters, helping them reach for their dreams.

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Here’s the story of Stefan Struve, the “Skyscraper” of the Octagon. Although he’s retired, his legacy as a skilled, gentle fighter and pioneer in the heavyweight division will keep inspiring. Remember him for his strong kicks, smooth submissions, and champion’s heart. He proved that even tall fighters can move gracefully in the cage physically and mentally. Struve is a true legend among giants, with thrilling battles and a legacy in MMA history.

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Who Is The Tallest UFC Fighter Ever?

With an impressive height of 7 feet, Stefan Struve was the tallest Fighter in UFC history.

How Old Is Stefan Struve?

As of 2024, Stefan Struve is 35 years old. He was born on February 18th, 1988

Where Is Stefan Struve From?

Stefan Struve is originally from Beverwijk, Netherlands.

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