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Are you searching to know who is the tallest supermodel in the world? Meet Ekaterina Lisina, the world’s tallest supermodel model with a height of 6 feet 8 inches. Hailing from Russia, she dominates the fashion scene and holds Guinness World Records for the longest legs (4 feet 4 inches). Starting as a basketball pro, Ekaterina’s unexpected journey into modeling showcases her versatility.

Born in Penza in 1987, she overcame challenges with her towering height, excelling in sports and education. She is now a successful entrepreneur and advocate for body diversity. Let’s discuss her fascinating life and career.

Who is Ekaterina Lisina?

Ekaterina Lisina is a tallest female model from Russia, famous for her height, 6 feet 8 inches. She used to play basketball and got two Guinness World Records for having the longest legs (4 feet 4 inches) and being the tallest model. She was born on October 15, 1987, in Penza, Russia.

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Name Ekaterina Lisina
Ekaterina Lisina Height 6 feet 8 inches
Ekaterina Lisina Weight 90 KG
Birthdate Oct 15, 1987
Ekaterina Lisina Age 32
Hometown Penza, Russia
Gender Female
Nationality Russian

She started playing basketball when she was little and was already 6 feet tall by age 12. After her basketball career, she became a model, appearing in fashion shows and magazines. She’s also on TikTok with over 10 million followers.

How Tall Is Ekaterina Lisina?

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Ekaterina Lisina is the tallest model in the world female, standing at 2.05 meters (6 feet 8 inches), and the world’s tallest pro model. Because of her family’s genes, she got legs, like 4 feet 4 inches long, winning her two Guinness World Records. Lisina’s height helped her become a famous model, walking in fantastic fashion shows and posing for big magazines.

Even though she’s tall, she’s down-to-earth and friendly. She uses her fame to say that all bodies are fantastic and to tell people to love themselves. She’s a role model for tall women and girls everywhere, showing that beauty is in every size.

Where Is Ekaterina Lisina From?

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Ekaterina Lisina is the tallest woman model from Russia, was born in Penza, and now lives in Moscow. Penza is a lovely city in southeast Russia, known for its history and nature. Lisina grew up there, supported by her community, and discovered her talents. Moscow, where she lives now, is a busy and exciting city in the center of Russia. It’s great for business, culture, and fashion, giving Lisina many chances to rock her modeling career and meet people from everywhere.

Ekaterina Lisina Early life and education?

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Ekaterina Lisina had a different childhood because she was tall. Born in Penza, Russia, on October 15, 1987, she stood out because she was 6 feet tall by age 12. Even though being much taller than others was tough, Lisina stayed confident and optimistic. She loved playing basketball, and her height helped her do great. She played for pro teams in Russia and Europe. Lisina also went to school in Penza, did well in her studies, and learned English, Spanish, and Russian.

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Ekaterina Lisina Family?

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Ekaterina Lisina’s mom and dad, Viktor and Galina, are regular height, but they passed on some particular genes to make Ekaterina super tall. Her dad, Viktor, used to play pro basketball, passing on his love for sports to Ekaterina. Her mom, Galina, is a homemaker, always supporting and cheering for Ekaterina.

She has an older brother, Vadim, who is tall too, following Ekaterina into basketball and playing professionally in Europe. Ekaterina is married to Igor Andrianov, who does business stuff. They have a son, Vanya, born in 2011, and he’s already tall for his age, taking after his mom.

Ekaterina Lisina’s Career History

Ekaterina Lisina had an unexpected career journey from basketball to modeling, showing how flexible and adaptable she is.

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Ekaterina Lisina Basketball Days

Lisina, super tall at 2.05 meters (6 feet 8 inches), rocked on the basketball court. Starting young, she climbed the ranks with her height, helping block shots and make remarkable plays. Over a decade, she played for many teams in Russia and Europe, even winning a bronze medal at the 2008 Summer Olympics.

Ekaterina Lisina Modeling Career

While basketball was her main thing, Lisina’s unique look caught the eye of the fashion world. Her long legs and confident style made her a natural model. In 2008, she strutted her stuff at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia, starting her modeling career. Lisina then wowed everyone at Paris Fashion Week and Milan Fashion Week, gracing magazines like Vogue.

Guinness World Records and More

Her height helped her in modeling and earned her two Guinness World Records. In 2017, she became the world’s tallest pro model; in 2018, she got the record for the longest legs. Lisina didn’t stop there – she acted in movies and shows, launched her clothing line, and became a brand ambassador for fashion and beauty. She’s a true all-around success.

Ekaterina Lisina Net Worth?

Beautiful Tallest Model

Ekaterina Lisina net worth 2023 is $5 million. She earned this money as a successful model, actress, and entrepreneur. She walked in fancy fashion shows as a model and appeared in many fashion magazines. She also acted in movies and TV shows. Besides, she started her clothing line and became a spokesperson for fashion and beauty, making her a successful businesswoman.

Interesting Facts About The Tallest Supermodel

  • She holds two Guinness World Records: one for the longest legs (1.32 meters or 4 feet 4 inches) and the other for the tallest supermodel model.
  • She began playing basketball at a young age and was already 6 feet tall by the time she was 12 years old.
  • She retired from basketball in 2008 and began a career in modeling.
  • She also advocates for body diversity and is working to change how the fashion industry views tall women.

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Rising from the basketball court to the fashion world, Ekaterina Lisina’s remarkable journey inspires all. Standing tall at an impressive 6 feet 8 inches, she holds the record for the longest legs and is the world’s tallest supermodel model. Her success extends beyond the catwalk, as she has also ventured into acting and established herself as a successful entrepreneur. With her family’s unwavering support, Ekaterina Lisina is a role model for tall women and girls worldwide.

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Who Is The Tallest Supermodel?

Ekaterina Lisina is the tallest supermodel, standing at 6’8”.

Is Ekaterina Lisina a Hindu?

Yes, Ekaterina Lisina is a Hindu. She converted to Hinduism in 2011 and has been a devout follower.

How old is Ekaterina Lisina?

Ekaterina Lisina was born on October 15, 1987, so she is currently 36 years old.

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