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The UFC’s heavyweight and light heavyweight divisions boast a lineup of towering combatants. From Alexander Volkov’s accuracy to Maurice Greene’s ground prowess, these athletes stand tall at 6 ‘5″ to 6 ‘7″. Alistair Overeem’s legacy and emerging stars like Ryan Spann epitomize the blend of size and skill in the octagon.

Daniel Spitz’s past glory and the power of fighters like Walter Jermaine Harris add to this dynamic landscape. Johnny Walker’s explosive strikes and Anthony Smith’s determination round out this elite list, showcasing a compelling fusion of size, technique, and raw power within the UFC’s high-stakes arenas.

Top 10 Tallest UFC Fighters In 2024

Rank Name Height Net Worth
1 Alexander Volkov 6 ‘7” feet Alexander Volkov Net worth/ $1M
2 Maurice Greene 6 ‘7” feet Maurice Greene Net worth/ $3M
3 Daniel Spitz 6 ‘7” feet Daniel Spitz Net worth/ $5M
4 Alistair Overeem 6 ‘5” feet Alistair Overeem Net worth/ $12M
5 Aleksandar Rakić 6 ‘5” feet Aleksandar Rakić Net worth/ $1-5M
6 Ciryl Gane 6 ‘5” feet Ciryl Gane Net worth/ $1.5M
7 Johnny Walker 6 ‘5” feet Johnny Walker Net worth/ $1-5M
8 Anthony Smith 6 ‘5” feet Anthony Smith Net worth/ $2.5M
9 Walter Jermaine Harris 6 ‘5” feet Walter Jermaine Harris Net worth/ $5M
10 Ryan Spann 6 ‘5” feet Ryan Spann Net worth/ $3M

1. Alexander Volkov

Alexander Volkov height is 6 ‘7” feet. He is a big deal in the UFC’s heavyweight division. He’s tall and strong, like the boxer Drago from Rocky IV. He uses his size well to hit his opponents accurately with punches and kicks. Volkov isn’t just about being big, though. He’s smart in the way he fights. He moves cleverly and tricks his opponents before attacking them.

He’s knocked out 24 people, showing how strong he is. But he’s not only good at hitting people but also at making them give up when fighting on the ground. Volkov is great at power and technique, so he’s ranked #6 in the heavyweight division and is waiting for a chance to win the UFC championship.

Alexander Volkov Net Worth

2. Maurice Greene

Maurice Greene height is 6 ‘7” feet. He is a tough fighter from Albuquerque, New Mexico. He’s not super tall but is strong and weighs a lot. He’s good at hitting hard, but his real strength is on the ground. He’s great at wrestling and using submission moves like the triangle choke to make opponents give up, winning five fights this way.

Greene has fought in big leagues like the UFC and The Ultimate Fighter 28. He’s good at striking and fighting on the ground, finishing six fights quickly. No matter where the fight goes, Greene can be dangerous and exploit his opponent’s weaknesses. He recently won in the 2023 PFL Playoffs, showing how dedicated and skilled he is. Keep an eye on him in the PFL because he will keep improving and making a name for himself.

Maurice Greene Net Worth

3. Daniel Spitz

Daniel Spitz height is 6 ‘7” feet. He was a big deal in the UFC, even though he’s not fighting anymore. They called him “Daddy Long Legs” because he was tall. He was different in the fighting cage, tall but still fast and strong. Before going pro, Spitz did well as an amateur with a 5-0 record. He kept winning in smaller fights, like in the King of the Cage, before getting into the UFC in 2016.

His first UFC fight was exciting, winning in the first round by hitting Timothy Johnson a lot. But during Spitz’s time in the UFC, he had ups and downs. He showed he could be amazing with a knockout in 2017 against Juan Adams. But he also had some problems with injuries and needed to be more consistent.

Daniel Spitz Net Worth

4. Alistair Overeem

Alistair Overeem height is 6 ‘5” feet. He was good at fighting. He was tall, strong, and won a lot. He knocked out 25 people with his punches and knees. He also knew how to make people give up, with 17 submission wins. He won championships in fighting sports like Strikeforce, Dream, and K-1. He even held titles in both MMA and kickboxing simultaneously, which was amazing. Even though he didn’t win a UFC championship, he’s still a legend in fighting. He had exciting fights and showed how strong and skilled a fighter can be.

Alistair Overeem Net Worth

5. Aleksandar Rakić

Aleksandar Rakić height is 6 ‘5” feet. He is becoming popular in the UFC’s light heavyweight group. With long arms, making it tough for his opponents. He’s not just strong; he’s smart in fights and knows how to use tactics. Rakić learned kickboxing, which helps him use sharp kicks and move well. His boxing training makes his jabs strong and his combinations powerful. Even on the ground, he’s good and has won by making opponents give up.

He’s knocked out nine opponents in his 14 wins, showing he’s dangerous on his feet. What’s impressive is that after losing early fights, he returned strong with five wins in a row. He beat tough fighters like Thiago Santos and Glover Teixeira. Right now, he’s ranked #5 in his group and wants to win the championship belt. His next fight might be a big one, maybe against Jiri Procházka or Jamahal Hill, which could decide who gets a shot at the title.

Aleksandar Rakić Net Worth

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6. Ciryl Gane

Ciryl Gane height is 6 ‘5” feet. He is a strong fighter in the UFC’s heavyweight division. He’s from France, and fights with his left hand forward. Even though he looks skinny, he’s good at fighting. He’s smooth and smart, using Muay Thai punches and tricky jiu-jitsu moves to beat his opponents.

Gane moves around the fighting area well for someone his size. He confuses his opponents with how he kicks their legs and hits them with his fists from different angles. When the fight goes to the ground, Gane is also good there. He’s made 8 people give up with submission moves like chokes and sweeps.

Ciryl Gane Net Worth

7. Johnny Walker

Johnny Walker height is 6 ‘5” feet. He is a powerful fighter in the UFC’s light heavyweight group from Brazil. He might seem relaxed, but when the fight starts, he’s really strong. His fighting style matches his nickname, “Walk,” because he’s exciting and surprising. Sometimes, he calmly follows his opponent, and suddenly, he’ll do a spinning kick or a powerful punch that can knock someone out. He’s won 16 fights by knocking out his opponents, making him known for amazing finishes and strong hits.

Johnny Walker Net Worth

8. Anthony Smith

Anthony Smith height is 6 ‘5” feet. He is a tough fighter in the UFC’s Light Heavyweight division. He’s from Nebraska, stands tall at 6’4″, and weighs 205 lbs. He’s good at everything in fighting, whether punching or grappling on the ground. They call him “Lionheart” because he fights with determination. He keeps going forward, even when things are tough, and never gives up. In a fight against Alexander Gustafsson in 2019, he showed this by returning from almost losing to winning with a submission move in the fourth round.

Tallest UFC Fighters

9. Walter Jermaine Harris

Walter Jermaine Harris height is 6 ‘5” feet, also known as “The Big Ticket,” is a strong fighter in the UFC’s heavyweight division. He’s from Birmingham, and weighs 264 pounds. He’s not just big; he’s also really good at fighting. His nickname, “The Big Ticket,” shows how excited he is to watch. Harris is known for hitting hard with punches and kicks, knocking out opponents 13 times. He’s tough in standing fights but also skilled in wrestling and grappling, winning four fights with submission moves.

Walter Jermaine Harris Net Worth

10. Ryan Spann

Ryan Spann height is 6 ‘5” feet, also known as “Superman,” is becoming famous in the UFC’s light heavyweight division. He’s from California. He’s not only strong; he’s good at different parts of fighting. Spann learned kickboxing, which helps him kick sharply and move well. His boxing training makes his punches strong, and his combinations vary. He’s finished 15 fights quickly in the first round out of his 24 wins, showing he knows how to end a fight fast. But he could be better at one thing.

Ryan Spann Net Worth

Interesting Facts About The Tallest Fighters In UFC

  • Alexander Volkov: Holds a master’s degree in sports science.
  • Maurice Greene: Appeared on “The Ultimate Fighter” reality show.
  • Daniel Spitz: He enjoys painting and drawing as a hobby.
  • Alistair Overeem is a passionate video game enthusiast.
  • Aleksandar Rakić: Former basketball player turned MMA fighter.
  • Ciryl Gane: Previous career as a professional Muay Thai kickboxer.
  • Johnny Walker: Known for a celebratory dance-off after a UFC win.
  • Anthony Smith: He enjoys fishing as a favorite pastime.
  • Walter Jermaine Harris: A cooking enthusiast with culinary skills.
  • Ryan Spann: Plays the guitar and loves music outside of fighting.

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These top 10 tallest UFC fighters of 2024 show how big and skilled athletes can be in the fighting world. They’re like giants with special abilities. Some are experienced, while others are new but growing fast. Each fighter’s story of hard work and determination shows what it takes to succeed in the UFC.

Their fights tell a colorful tale of the UFC’s tough competition and how these fighters never give up. These big guys aren’t just tall but also tough and dedicated. They inspire anyone chasing their dreams in the UFC, proving that size and determination can make a real difference in the fighting arena.

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Who Is The Tallest UFC Fighter?

Daniel Spitz is the tallest UFC fighter at 6’7″ among the mentioned athletes.

Which Tallest UFC Fighter Has The Most Knockout Victories?

Alistair Overeem boasts the most knockout victories, with 25 wins by knockout in his career.

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