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Do you want to know about the tallest wrestler ever? Jorge González, a super tall guy from Argentina, the tallest wwe wrestler ever, had a big journey. He wanted to play basketball, but injuries led him to wrestling. Known as “El Gigante” and “Giant Gonzalez,” he became famous for his huge size and wrestling skills. He even tried acting in Hollywood. Sadly, health issues made him stop wrestling early. He was a gentle giant, loved by fans. Let’s explore everything in detail about him.

Who Is Jorge González?

Tallest Wwe Wrestler Ever

Jorge González, a tall guy from Argentina, became famous in wrestling. At first, he played basketball because of his height, even trying for the NBA. But he got injured and ended up in wrestling instead.

Wearing a mask as “El Gigante,” he started in WCW, where he looked really scary but sometimes showed he was a nice guy. He fought with big names like Hulk Hogan and Sting, and people liked his strength and unpredictability.

He also had a big rivalry with The Undertaker in WWF/WWE. They had a famous match at WrestleMania IX, where González won controversially. It made him a wrestling bad guy, but some fans still liked him for being interesting.

How Tall Was Jorge González? Jorge González Height & Weight

Jorge González, the giant from Argentina, stood tall at 7 feet 7 inches, although he was billed as 8 feet. He was the tallest wrestler in WWE and Argentina, also tying for the tallest among Argentine basketball players. Besides being super tall, he was heavy, too, weighing 517 pounds. When he stepped into the ring, it wasn’t just a wrestler entering; it was like a massive monument of a person overshadowing everyone else, both scary and impressive.

Jorge González Biography

Name Jorge González
Jorge González Height 7 ‘ 7” feet
Jorge González Weight 517 pounds
Jorge González 44
Date of birth Jan 31, 1966
Date of death Sep 22, 2010
Birth place Argentina
Jorge González Country Argentina
Jorge González Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Jorge González Cause of Death Complications of Diabetes
Jorge González Father Felipe González
Jorge González Mother Mom name not confirmed
Jorge González Net Worth $5 Million

Jorge González, born on January 31, 1966, and passed away on September 22, 2010, was from Argentina. He did wrestling and acting. Before that, he played basketball. He used the names El Gigante in WCW from 1989 to 1992 and Giant Gonzalez in WWF in 1993. He was not just a famous wrestler but also the tallest person from Argentina and the third tallest from South America.

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Jorge González Family

We know much about Jorge González’s wrestling and later life, but there’s not much-confirmed information about his family. Some sources say he was married and had a stepdaughter, but some confirm that he was never married. The details about his parents are short, as his father’s name is Felipe González, but the mother and other siblings are still not confirmed.

Jorge González Career History

1. Jorge González Basketball Career

Jorge González was a tall guy, 7’7″ to be exact. Before he became a famous wrestler, he played basketball in Argentina. He started at 16 and played for Hindú Club de Resistencia. Because of his height, he caught the attention of scouts and played for Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata, helping them move up to the top division.

But then, he got injured and couldn’t play for nine months. Despite the setback, he did well in international tournaments, and the Atlanta Hawks in the NBA drafted him, making him and Hernán Montenegro the first Argentines drafted. Despite the excitement, his time in the NBA was tough due to injuries, especially his knee.

Although his NBA career was short, Jorge González made history for Argentine players. He showed that talent comes in all sizes, inspiring future generations of players in Argentina.

2. Jorge González Wrestling Career

After not making it big in the NBA, Jorge González became a wrestler. In 1989, the owner of WCW gave him a chance. After a year of training, he entered the ring as El Gigante in 1990. Standing at almost eight feet tall, he became a favorite among fans.

For two years, El Gigante was a big deal in WCW. He fought Ric Flair, participated in crazy matches, and even had a date on TV. He had a famous feud with Sid Vicious and One Man Gang, battling to be the top giant in WCW.

He then went to Japan briefly before joining WWF in 1993 as Giant Gonzalez. Wearing a full-body suit, he made a dramatic debut at the Royal Rumble, eliminating The Undertaker. Their rivalry led to a controversial match at WrestleMania IX, where Gonzalez won strangely.

Later, he turned good, but after beating Randy Savage, he left WWF in 1993. He continued wrestling in Japan until retiring in 1995. Even though his wrestling career wasn’t long, Jorge González, as a gentle giant, showed that being big can be scary and interesting. His story teaches us that our path might lead to something amazing, even if it’s far from where we started in basketball.

3. Jorge González Acting Career

Jorge González, the wrestling giant, also tried acting in Hollywood. In 1993, he left wrestling for a bit and joined Baywatch. He played Manny, a big and friendly guy, at a carnival. He became friends with Hobie, and their friendship intensified when Manny fell into the water. His size made it hard to rescue him, adding excitement to Baywatch.

But that’s not all. González also did action movies like Thunder in Paradise, showing he could act in adventurous stories. He even had a quick role as Eryx the Boxer in Hercules in the Underworld, proving he could do more than just wrestling.

Jorge González Personal Life

Tallest Wrestler Ever

Jorge González had to stop wrestling in 1995 due to serious health problems. He went back to Argentina and lived on a ranch for peace. Even though he couldn’t wrestle, his manager Harvey Wippleman helped him with money.

As time went on, his health got worse. By 2009, he needed a wheelchair and dialysis because his kidneys were failing. But he wasn’t alone. The Argentinian Basketball Federation, remembering what he did, supported him with appliances and medicine. The kindness from fans and the community showed how much people cared about him.

Jorge González Cause Of Death

Jorge González, the giant from Argentina, sadly passed away on September 22, 2010, at 44 years old. He died in his hometown due to complications from type 1 diabetes and serious heart problems. Even though he wasn’t wrestling anymore, people remembered him for being big, kind, and determined.

He had been dealing with diabetes and heart issues for a long time, making him quit wrestling and live a quieter life. But, even in his tough times, he stayed nice, and people who knew him were really sad when he passed away. The sadness and support from everyone showed how much he meant to people, both in and out of the wrestling ring.

Jorge González Net Worth

Jorge González, the towering wrestler, had a net worth of $5 million. His earnings came from a career that transitioned from basketball to wrestling and even Hollywood. Despite health challenges leading to an early retirement, his financial success reflected his impact on sports and entertainment.

Tallest Wrestler Of All Time

Interesting Facts About Tallest Wrestler of All Time

  • Basketball giant (7’7″) drafted by NBA, but injuries led to wrestling ring!
  • Chokeslammed Undertaker onto the toilet at WrestleMania IX (oops!).
  • Gentle giant off-camera befriended Hobie on Baywatch.
  • I acted in Baywatch, Thunder in Paradise, and even played a boxer!
  • Their big footprint, even bigger heart, and gentle giant left a legacy of kindness.

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So, that’s the story of Jorge González, the tall and kind wrestling star. He made a big impact from playing basketball to becoming “El Gigante” and “Giant Gonzalez” in wrestling. Even in Hollywood, he showed he could do more. Sadly, health problems made him stop wrestling early, but people remember him for being a nice giant. His story teaches us that no matter how big someone is, their kindness and determination can leave a mark that lasts a lifetime.

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Where Was Jorge González From?

Jorge González was from El Colorado, Argentina.

Who Is The Tallest Wrestler In WWE History?

With a height of 7 ‘7″ feet, Jorge González was the tallest wrestler in WWE.

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