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Do you want to know who is the Tallest College Football Player? Meet Corbin Kaufusi, a big football player in history. He’s tall at 6-foot-9 and weighs 320 pounds. He’s good at football and can play different positions. His dad coached at BYU, and his brother played in the NFL. Corbin went to BYU and did well in both football and basketball. He worked for the Saints, Jets, and 49ers. His money, estimated between $1-3 million, comes from NFL contracts and maybe endorsements. However, what matters most to him is his family’s support and ability to play different roles on the field.

Who Is Corbin Kaufusi?

Tallest College Football Player

Corbin Kaufusi is a free agent in the NFL. He went to Brigham Young University for college. There, he was great at football and basketball. His dad was a coach at BYU, and his brother played there. Corbin shares his life on social media, talking about his faith, family, and love for gaming. He switched from defense to offense in football, showing he’s up for new challenges and loves the game.

How Tall Is Corbin Kaufusi?

Corbin Kaufusi is really tall at 6-foot-9 and weighs 275 lbs. He’s strong and plays football. Because he’s so tall, he can see the game well and knows where to block. He’s like a wall on the field, helping his team by making room for runners and defending against the other team. Smaller players find it hard to stop him because he’s so big. Even though he’s big, he can move fast, which helps him protect his team during passes and runs.

Corbin Kaufusi Biography

Name Corbin Kaufusi
Corbin Kaufusi Height 6 ‘9” feet
Corbin Kaufusi Weight 275 lbs
Birth date Apr 12, 1993
Corbin Kaufusi Age 30
Corbin Kaufusi Place of Birth Provo, UT
Corbin Kaufusi Nationality American
Corbin Kaufusi Zodiac Sign Aries
Corbin Kaufusi Salary $660,000/- Annually

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Corbin Kaufusi Family

Tallest College Football Player 2022

Corbin Kaufusi comes from a strong family in Provo, Utah. His dad, Steve, was a famous coach for BYU football. Growing up around football, Corbin got really into the game. His mom, Michelle, is now the Mayor of Provo and cares a lot about helping the city. Corbin’s brother, Bronson, also played football for BYU and later got drafted by the Green Bay Packers. They all support and challenge each other to do their best in sports and life.

Even though not everyone in the family is as well-known as his parents and brother, they all stick together and create a loving and supportive home for Corbin. The Kaufusi family is known for being talented, hardworking, and caring about their community, and Corbin is proud to carry on that family tradition as he follows his path.

Corbin Kaufusi Father Steve Kaufusi
Corbin Kaufusi Mother Michelle Kaufusi
Corbin Kaufusi Brother Bronson Kaufusi

Corbin Kaufusi Early life?

Corbin Kaufusi comes from a football family in Provo, Utah. He went to Timpview High School and did well in football, helping win championships and earning awards. He also played basketball and was good at blocking shots. Even though he mostly played tight end in high school, he was great at defense, too.

Colleges like BYU and Stanford wanted him to play for them. He picked BYU and started his journey there, carrying on his family’s sports tradition while focusing on school. His early life was full of family, sports success, and studying well, making him a versatile player.

Corbin Kaufusi College Career

After spending two years on a mission in South Korea for his church, Kaufusi started playing football for BYU in 2016 and finished in 2018. He played as a defensive end and got 16 sacks there. He also played basketball from 2014 to 2017. He blocked a lot of shots for the team. He was part of the team that beat Gonzaga three times, even when they were ranked number one. He helped BYU beat #6 Wisconsin in football while playing away from home in 2018.

Corbin Kaufusi Professional Career

Corbin Kaufusi Height

After not getting picked in the regular NFL draft, Kaufusi joined the New Orleans Saints in April 2019 but was released before the season started in August. He was chosen in the 2020 XFL Draft by the St. Louis BattleHawks but didn’t play. Later, he joined the New York Jets’ practice squad in October 2019, and by the end of the year, he signed a contract with the team.

In 2020, he was waived by the Jets but joined their practice squad soon after. His contract expired in January 2021. He then signed with the San Francisco 49ers but went through multiple signings, releases, and practice squad shifts. After that, he got drafted by the Tampa Bay Bandits in the USFL in 2022 but got put on injured reserve. The team took a break, and he moved to the Memphis Showboats. After the 2023 season, he became a free agent.

Corbin Kaufusi Net Worth

Corbin Kaufusi’s net worth is not public, but it’s estimated to be between $1 million and $3 million. This guess comes from his NFL contracts, possible endorsements, and smart money moves. During his time with teams like the Saints, Jets, and 49ers, Corbin signed deals like a three-year contract with the Saints, believed to be worth around $1.758 million. These contracts are the main source of his money.

Interesting Facts About Tallest College Football Player

  • He’s part of a double threat with his brother Bronson, another NFL lineman.
  • From D to O: Corbin was sometimes an offensive lineman! He started as a defensive end.
  • He also dominated the basketball court with his shot-blocking skills.
  • Corbin chills out with some video games.

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Corbin Kaufusi’s story is about being strong, adaptable, and having a close family. He showed he can play different roles and face challenges from college to the NFL. His family’s love and support made a big difference. While money matters, what matters more are the lessons he learned and his love for the game. As he keeps going in sports, Corbin’s story shows how being dedicated and having family by your side can greatly impact life and sports.

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How Old Is Corbin Kaufusi?

Corbin Kaufusi is 30 years old. He was born on April 12, 1993.

Where Is Corbin Kaufusi From?

Corbin Kaufusi hails from Provo, Utah, a city nestled in the foothills of the Wasatch Mountains.

Who Is The Tallest College Football Player?

With a height of 6 ‘9″, Corbin Kaufusi is the tallest college football player.

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