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Welcome to the fun world of volleyball, where players get tall – seriously. Today, let’s explore the incredible story of the tallest female volleyball player in the world. Nelly Alisheva, the tallest female volleyball player in the world, shines on the court, hitting and blocking with super skills. In this article, we’ll learn about this incredible athlete, her height, what she’s achieved, and how she’s made a significant impact in volleyball. Get ready to be inspired by her upstanding figure, who’s a big deal in the volleyball world.

Who Is The Tallest Women Volleyball Player?


Tallest Volleyball Player Woman

Finding the absolute tallest woman volleyball player can be tricky because records and reports can differ. But, without a doubt, Nelly Alisheva is a tall and impressive figure in the sport. Even if official records don’t always show her, most sources say she’s an impressive 6 feet 11 inches (211 cm) tall. His incredible height, sports love, and hard work made her a strong volleyball player.

Nelly Alisheva Biography: Tallest Volleyball Player Woman

Nelly Alisheva Full Name Nelly Mikhaïlovna Alisheva Fonova
Known As Nelly Alisheva
Nelly Alisheva Birthdate 20 December 1983
Nelly Alisheva Birthplace Lipetsk, Russian SFSR
Nelly Alisheva Nationality Russian
Nelly Alisheva Height 208 cm (6 feet 10 inches)
Nelly Alisheva Sports Volleyball
Nelly Alisheva Position Middle Blocker
Nelly Alisheva Teams MGFSO, Dinamo-Yantar, Omitchka Omsk, VK Proton
Playing Status Active (unofficially)
Nelly Alisheva Personal Life Mother to daughter Vasilisa
Nelly Alisheva Net Worth Update soon

Who Is Nelly Alisheva?

Nelly Alisheva is the tallest volleyball player female in the world at 208 cm (6 feet 10 inches) tall. She started playing volleyball in Lipetsk, Russia, where she learned and loved the sport. Nelly played for teams like Dinamo-Yantar, Omitchka Omsk, and VK Proton and is known for her intense spiking and blocking.

She has won several awards and inspired her teammates and audiences. Nelly’s story shows dedication, never giving up, and a love for the game. Even with challenges like injuries, she stayed strong. It’s nice to see her passion going beyond the court, with her daughter Vasilisa also playing volleyball.

Nelly Alisheva Family & Childhood

Tallest girl volleyball player Nelly was born in Lipetsk, Russia, in 1983. She probably loved volleyball from a young age because of where she grew up. Like her parents or siblings, her family likely supported and cheered for her in sports. This early support is essential for young athletes, and it’s nice to think about how it made Nelly’s path positive.

When Nelly was young, she likely had good habits and enjoyed being active, and being tall meant doing exercises and moving carefully, which made her strong in volleyball. She might have also played other sports or activities that kept her moving, making her like being active and healthy.

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How Tall Is Nelly Alisheva?

Tallest Woman Volleyball Player

Nelly Alisheva, the tallest female volleyball player, is super tall, around 6 feet 8 inches (208 cm). She might be the tallest female volleyball player ever. Being tall helps her in volleyball, reaching high for strong moves like spikes and blocks. So, Nelly’s height makes her special and unique in the volleyball world.

The Powerful Career Of Nelly Alisheva

Nelly started playing volleyball at MGFSO when she was young. Then, she played for Dinamo-Yantar for eight seasons, where she showed her skills. After that, she joined Omitchka Omsk and helped the team reach the finals of the Russian Championship. Nelly likes challenges; she even tried being a fitness instructor for a while. But she came back to play volleyball with VK Proton.

Nelly’s dedication and strong presence inspired her teammates and audience in her career. She was influential on the court, making strong spikes and blocks. Even without many awards, her being there really helped her teams. Also, dealing with challenges like injuries and breaks in her career shows her strength and passion for the sport.

Nelly Alisheva Personal Life

Nelly Alisheva keeps her personal life private, but we know some good things about her. First, she’s a proud mom to her daughter Vasilisa, who loves playing volleyball, too, just like her mom. It makes their family firm. Second, Nelly has been playing volleyball for a long time, showing she loves it.

Playing for different teams and returning after breaks tells us she’s very dedicated. She has a happy life filled with her love for volleyball. Also, she tried being a fitness instructor for a bit, showing she likes trying new things.

What Will Nelly Alisheva Net Worth Be In 2024?

Tallest Female Volleyball Player In The World

We don’t know how much money Nelly Alisheva has because that information is private and needs to be corrected to guess. Talking about someone’s money is a privacy thing, and it’s important to respect that. But one notable aspect of her life is that she did well in volleyball. She worked hard, never gave up, and inspired many people. And those things are more important than money.

Exciting Facts About The Tallest Female Volleyball Player In The World

  • Nelly Alisheva is a strong contender for the title of the tallest women’s volleyball player at 6 feet 11 inches!
  • Nelly’s tall height helps her a lot in volleyball. She can hit the ball hard and block higher than most players.
  • She inspires young players, especially those who might feel different because of their height.
  • Even if official records don’t always discuss her, Nelly’s story shows that love and hard work make you successful.

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The tallest female volleyball player in the world, Nelly Alisheva, is unique in the game. She stands out by hitting strong spikes and making excellent blocks because of her height. But more than just the numbers, her story tells us that you can do well if you love a sport and work hard.

No matter how tall or short you are. Celebrating her success, remember that every player brings something extraordinary to the volleyball game. So, whether you’re really tall or not so much, there’s a place for everyone in the fun world of volleyball.

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Who Is The Tallest Female Volleyball Player In The World?

Nelly Alisheva is the world’s tallest female volleyball player at 6 feet 10 inches tall.

What Teams Did Nelly Alisheva Play For?

Nelly played for different teams like Dinamo-Yantar, Omitchka Omsk, and VK Proton.

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