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Meet David Smith, the tallest college volleyball player at 6’7″ (2.01 meters) and famous as an inspiration. He faced challenges but became a strong player. David’s story begins in Panorama City, California, where he grew up. He had a great time playing for the UC Irvine volleyball team. Let’s explore the amazing journey of David Smith, the tallest college volleyball player. So get ready to see how he’s made a significant impact on and off the volleyball court.

David Smith Biography

David Smith Real Name David Smith
David Smith Date of Birth May 15, 1985
David Smith Place of Birth Panorama City, California, United States
David Smith Nationality American
David Smith Height 6 feet 7 inches (201 cm)
David Smith Weight 190 lb (86 kg)
High School Saugus High School (Santa Clarita, California, U.S.)
College/University UC Irvine
David Smith Profession Volleyball Player
David Smith Position Middle Blocker
David Smith Current Club ZAKSA Kędzierzyn-Koźle
Number 15
David Smith Net Worth Around $1 Million

Who Is David Smith?

David Smith Career

David Smith is more than a volleyball player; he’s an inspiration. Born in 1985 with hearing loss, he became a star in the volleyball field. Standing at 6’7″, David’s talent showed up early. He started playing volleyball in high school and joined the US Deaf Men’s Volleyball Team in 2005. As captain, he led them to three gold medals and two silver medals at the Deaflympics.

David played pro volleyball in Europe and is now with Poland’s ZAKSA Kędzierzyn-Koźle team. He also played for the US Men’s National Volleyball Team in the Olympics, winning bronze in Rio 2016. Today, David inspires people through sports, talks, and pushing for inclusivity. He shows resilience and determination and breaks barriers, making him a legend in volleyball.

David Smith Family

David Smith Father Rick Smith
David Smith Mother Nancy Smith
David Smith Brother Robert Smith
David Smith Sister Kristen Smith
David Smith Wife Kelli
David Smith Son Cohen
David Smith Daughter Amelie

How Tall Is David Smith?

David Smith is super tall for college volleyball, standing at 6’7″ (2.01 meters). People call him “The Monster” because he’s so tall. David holds the record for blocking the most shots in NCAA history. While he’s not the tallest player ever, he’s still well-known in volleyball. It’s not just about how tall you are in volleyball; David shows that talent matters a lot, too.

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David Smith Early Life & Childhood

David Smith Family

David was born in Panorama City, California, in 1985. He had trouble hearing and used hearing aids and lip reading to talk. But his family, with parents Rick and Nancy and siblings Robert and Kristen, always helped him. They liked sports and wanted him to go to regular school, which allowed David to learn and make friends.

He loved sports and started playing volleyball in high school because he was tall (6’7″) and good at it. Even though he couldn’t hear well, he didn’t give up. With his family’s support, he worked hard and improved. They cheered for him when he won and helped him when things were tough. So, growing up like this made David strong and ready for his job as a pro volleyball player.

David Smith College Volleyball Career

During his time at UC Irvine from 2004 to 2007, Smith played volleyball. In 2004, he had the highest hitting percentage on the team at .369. He also averaged 1.03 blocks per game and had 102 block assists. The following year, he improved with a .401 hitting percentage and a 0.86 blocking average. In 2006, Smith had a .412 hitting percentage, averaged 1.27 blocks, 129 block assists and 143 total blocks.

In 2007, he helped UC Irvine win the NCAA National Champions title. His hitting percentage of .559 was the best in the nation and set a new school record. He also broke the school record for block assists in a season with 160. Smith received awards like being named to the All-American First and NCAA All-Tournament teams. He ended his time at UC Irvine with the most block assists (471) and total blocks (520) in the school’s history.

David Smith National Team Career

David Smith’s career with the US Deaf Men’s Volleyball Team is fantastic. Even though he’s almost deaf and needs hearing aids and lip reading, he’s a star player. He led the team to many wins. David started playing internationally in 2005 and became the team captain. Under his leadership, the team won gold medals at the Deaflympics in 2009, 2013, and 2017. It was a big deal and showed how good he is. He also won silver medals in 2011 and 2015, making him a legend in deaf volleyball.

What Is David Smith Net Worth?

Tallest College Volleyball Player

It’s hard to know David Smith’s exact net worth because his financial information is private. But we can use available sources to guess. Some say he might have around $1 million. This guess probably thinks about his volleyball career, like sponsorships and prizes. David also does other things like motivational speaking and writing, which could add to his money.

Interesting Facts About The Tallest College Volleyball Player

  • David Smith (the deaf volleyball player) is one of the tallest volleyball players.
  • He experienced mild-to-severe hearing loss, using hearing aids and lip reading to communicate.
  • Fortunately, he has a supportive family who encouraged his love for sports and mainstream education.
  • David joined the U.S. national volleyball team in 2009 and has had a successful career, winning medals at international events.
  • He also plays for the U.S. Deaf Men’s Volleyball Team, achieving gold medals at the Deaflympics in 2009, 2013, and 2017.

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David Smith’s story is inspiring, from starting small to becoming the tallest college volleyball player. Even though he had tough times, he kept going and made a big difference in volleyball. With his determination and strong will, David teaches us that we can achieve anything with hard work. David Smith continues to inspire others with his sports achievements. Because of this, he’ll always be remembered for making volleyball and the world better.

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Who Is The Tallest College Volleyball Player With Deafness?

David Smith is known as the tallest college volleyball player at 201 cm (6 feet 7 inches) who experienced deaf in his early life.

Which Teams Did David Smith Play For?

David played for the UC Irvine volleyball team in college and later joined professional teams in Europe, including Poland’s ZAKSA Kędzierzyn-Koźle.

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