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Meet Dana Rettke, who holds the title of the tallest women’s college volleyball player ever. Standing at 2.03 meters (6 feet 8 inches), Dana stands out on the volleyball court. But there’s more to Dana than just her height. She’s got natural talent, works hard, and is super dedicated. Because of these qualities, Dana has become a big deal in the world of volleyball. Let’s learn more about Dana and what makes her really special.

Dana Rettke Biography

Dana Rettke Full Name Dana Michelle Rettke
Dana Rettke Nickname Rett
Dana Rettke Birthdate November 25, 1999
Dana Rettke Birthplace Riverside, Illinois, USA
Dana Rettke Nationality American
Dana Rettke Height 203 cm (6 feet 8 inches)
High School Riverside Brookfield High School
College University of Wisconsin-Madison
Dana Rettke Position Middle Blocker
Dana Rettke Current Team Vero Volley Monza (Italy)
Dana Rettke Net Worth Update soon

Who Is Dana Rettke?

Dana Rettke Nickname

Dana Rettke is a big name in volleyball. She’s really tall, standing at 2.03 meters (6 feet 8 inches), the tallest women’s college volleyball player ever. But she’s more than just her height. She got into volleyball in ninth grade after playing basketball. Her talent and hard work made her a star quickly. She won five AVCA First Team All-American awards.

Even though she got injured and couldn’t attend the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Dana Rettke still aims to play internationally. She’s on the USA Volleyball national team and plays pro volleyball in Italy with Vero Volley Monza. Besides being a skilled player, she’s positive and works hard.

Dana Rettke Family

We don’t know much about Dana Rettke’s family life because she keeps it private. Information about her parents, siblings, or extended family is scarce and unreliable. However, Dana often mentions her family’s support in interviews and social media. She’s thankful for their role in her life and career, and her parents were even there to celebrate her college championship win in 2021.

Dana Rettke Early Life

Dana Rettke lived in Riverside, Illinois. She liked playing basketball from when she was very young. In ninth grade, her friend started playing volleyball, which made Dana curious about the sport. She decided to try volleyball herself and liked it a lot. Even though she wasn’t sure initially, she got excited about learning volleyball.

Something big happened when Dana Rettke visited the University of Illinois for basketball. She joined a practice with the Fighting Illini women’s team, but it was tough. She felt small and overwhelmed by the hard work and competition. This hard work and knee troubles made her switch to focusing on volleyball.

In her second year of high school, she chose to play volleyball for the University of Wisconsin-Madison. From then on, she put all her energy into volleyball, forgetting about basketball. This choice led to her amazing career in college volleyball and becoming the tallest player ever.

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How Tall Is Dana Rettke?

Dana Rettke Birthplace

Dana Rettke is very tall, standing at 2.03 meters (6 feet 8 inches). She’s the tallest female college volleyball player ever, earning this title while playing for the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her height helps her a lot in the game, especially as a strong middle blocker.

College Volleyball Career

After finishing high school, Dana Rettke went to the University of Wisconsin–Madison in 2017. She studied business marketing. Being 203 cm (6 ft 8 in) tall, she was the tallest player on the volleyball team. In 2017, she played in all 32 matches and won awards.

The following year, she again played in all 32 matches and got more awards. In 2019, despite a foot injury, she played in 32 matches. She won many awards, including Big Ten Female Athlete of the Year. In 2021, she helped her team win its first NCAA national championship and got many awards for her great performance.

International Career

While doing great in college volleyball, Dana Rettke also started playing internationally. In 2018, she joined the USA Volleyball Collegiate National Team. The next year, she played for the US national team in the 2019 FIVB Volleyball Women’s Nations League and won gold.

Dana Rettke also helped Team USA qualify for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Even though she got injured and couldn’t go to the Olympics, she didn’t stop. Now, she plays professional volleyball in Italy’s Serie A1 League with Vero Volley Monza, aiming for more success with Team USA.

What Is Dana Rettke’s Net Worth 2024?

Tallest Womens College Volleyball Player

Dana Rettke net worth isn’t known because athlete earnings are often private. During college, she likely got scholarships and earned money from events and endorsements. Now, she could earn a lot playing pro volleyball in Italy’s top league. Being on the U.S. national team might also bring in money. Sponsorships with sports brands could add to her income. While we don’t know her exact net worth, Dana Rettke probably has a good amount of money.

Interesting Facts About The Tallest Womens College Volleyball Player

  • Standing 6 feet 8 inches, Dana Rettke is the tallest women’s college volleyball player in history.
  • Dana didn’t start as a volleyball star. She played basketball first, but in high school, she fell in love with volleyball and chose it over basketball.
  • She helped her team, the Wisconsin Badgers, win their first-ever NCAA national championship in 2021
  • Dana has won a lot of awards. She’s a 5-time All-American National Champion and even won Big Ten Player of the Year.
  • While her height is impressive, Dana’s positive attitude, hard work, and dedication inspire young athletes even more.

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Dana Rettke’s story as the tallest women’s college volleyball player is amazing. While her height is impressive, it’s her talent, hard work, and dedication that make her special. She began as a basketball player but became a star in volleyball. Dana inspires us all as she plays great and motivates young athletes everywhere. As she keeps doing well and inspiring the athletes, Dana Rettke will surely make a big impact on volleyball for a long time.

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Who Is The Tallest Female College Volleyball Player?

Dana Rettke currently holds the title of the tallest female college volleyball player at 203 cm (6 feet 8 inches).

How Did Dana Rettke's Journey In Volleyball Begin?

Dana initially played basketball but switched to volleyball in high school, where her love for the sport grew.

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