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Meet Morteza Mehrzad, the tallest volleyball player globally, who stands 8 feet 1 inch tall. He’s not just tall; he’s a champion and inspires many people. Mehrzad’s story is all about being strong and working hard. He discovered his love for playing volleyball later in life and used his exceptional height to be good at it. But it wasn’t easy, he had challenges.

Let’s look into his life and what he achieved, see how he makes a difference in the sport, and learn from how he faced problems. Motivate yourself with the champion attitude and incredible story of Morteza Mehrzad, the world’s tallest volleyball player.

Who Is The Tallest Volleyball Player?

Tallest Male Volleyball Player

The tallest volleyball player is Morteza Mehrzad, a sitting volleyball athlete from Iran. He’s incredibly tall, standing at 2.46 meters, making him the second tallest man globally. Morteza became famous not just for his height but also for being a great player. He won gold medals at the Rio 2016 and Tokyo 2020 Paralympics, and in 2018, he helped Iran win the Sitting Volleyball World Championship.

Morteza Mehrzad Biography

Morteza Mehrzad Real Name Morteza Mehrzadselakjani
Morteza Mehrzad Birthdate 17 September 1987
Morteza Mehrzad Birthplace Kelachay, Gilan, Iran
Morteza Mehrzad Nationality Iranian
Morteza Mehrzad Height 8 feet 1 inch )246 cm)
Morteza Mehrzad Weight 140 kg
Morteza Mehrzad Current Team Islamic Republic of Iran
Position Outside hitter
Number 2
Morteza Mehrzad Net Worth Update soon

Who Is Morteza Mehrzad?

Morteza Mehrzad is a fantastic sitting volleyball player from Iran, standing 8 feet 1 inch tall. He started playing volleyball in 2009, but in 2015, he discovered he was super good at sitting volleyball. Because of a medical condition, his extraordinary height makes him perfect for this sport.

He joined Iran’s national team and became a star. In 2016, he got his first gold medal at the Rio Paralympics and did it again at the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics. Mehrzad also won gold at the World Championships in 2018 and 2022, proving he’s a true champion.

Early Life & Childhood

Morteza Mehrzad had a remarkable early life. He was born tall because of a rare thing called gigantism. When he was 15, a prominent bicycle accident hurt him a lot. His right leg couldn’t grow anymore, becoming much shorter than his left leg. This made him feel sad, and he had to use a wheelchair, crutches, and a walking stick. But, in 2011, a coach saw him on TV and noticed how good he could be at sitting volleyball. That’s when Mehrzad started playing the game.

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Morteza Mehrzad Family

Unfortunately, there’s information about Morteza Mehrzad’s family, such as names, occupations, or specific details about his spouse and children. This information is not publicly available.

However, there is some general information. Mehrzad comes from Kelachay, Gilan, Iran, and has mentioned having supportive parents and siblings who encouraged his volleyball journey despite his challenges. He reportedly married in 2016, but details about his spouse and children remain private.

How Tall Is Morteza Mehrzad?

How Tall Is The Tallest Volleyball Player

Morteza Mehrzad, the tallest volleyball player, is a sitting volleyball player towering at 246 cm (8 feet 1 inch). His height helps him do amazing things on the court, like winning gold at the Rio 2016 and Tokyo 2020 Paralympics. He also got a gold at the 2018 World ParaVolley Sitting Volleyball World Championships in Arnhem and the 2022 championships in Sarajevo. Even though everyone notices him because he’s so tall, Mehrzad stays humble. He says everyone should be the hero of their own life.

Successful Volleyball Career

Morteza Mehrzad started playing sitting volleyball in 2011 after a coach saw him on TV and liked his height. He joined the national team in March 2016 and has been doing well since then. Even though he had a tough time after the bicycle, Mehrzad became an essential player for Iran. He helped Iran get a gold medal at the 2016 Summer Paralympics.

In 2018, he was part of Iran winning the Sitting Volleyball World Championship. In 2022, Mehrzad and his team won another title at the World ParaVolley Sitting Volleyball World Championships in Sarajevo. Throughout his career, he talks about keeping up the good work and winning more for the Iranian sitting volleyball team.

Achievements & Awards

  • 2x Paralympic Games (2016 Rio, 2020 Tokyo)
  • 2x World Championships (2018, 2022)
  • 1x Asian Para Games (2018)
  • Golden Ball for Best Player in the World (2022)

What Is Morteza Mehrzad Net Worth 2024?

Tallest Volleyball Player Ever

Sorry, but we don’t know how much money Morteza Mehrzad has. Athletes usually keep their money private, and there’s no reliable information about their wealth. Things like how much he gets paid, sponsorships, and investments can affect how much money he has. But since we don’t have access to his private financial details, we can’t say precisely how much he’s worth.

Interesting Facts About The Tallest Volleyball Player Ever

  • Morteza Mehrzad is the tallest volleyball player in the world at 8 feet 1 inch (246 cm).
  • At 15, he had a big bicycle accident, and his right leg stopped growing, becoming shorter.
  • Morteza has won gold at the Rio 2016 and Tokyo 2020 Paralympics.
  • He helped Iran win the Sitting Volleyball World Championship in 2018 and 2022.
  • In 2022, Morteza and his team became champions at the World ParaVolley Sitting Volleyball World Championships in Sarajevo.

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Morteza Mehrzad is not just tall but also a big name in volleyball. His fantastic journey shows how much you can achieve with passion. Mehrzad, the world’s tallest sitting volleyball player, has won at the Paralympics and inspired people. His story teaches us that if we try hard, we can overcome challenges; even extraordinary things about us can be our strengths. As we cheer for his sports wins, we also cheer for the idea that we can face problems and reach new heights.

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What Sport Does Morteza Mehrzad Play?

Morteza Mehrzad plays sitting volleyball and is the world’s tallest sitting volleyball player.

Has Morteza Mehrzad Won Any Awards?

He is a Paralympic champion, winning gold at the Rio 2016 and Tokyo 2020 Paralympics.

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