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Looking for who is the tallest High school basketball player? Olivier Rioux is really tall at 7 feet 6 inches and only 17 years old. He’s even taller than some NBA players. He aspires to be an NBA player since he loves basketball.

Rioux goes to a special school for basketball in Florida. People are excited to see if he’ll make it to the NBA because he’s so tall and loves the game a lot. Everyone Is cheering for him to achieve his big dream.

Who Is The Tallest High School Basketball Player In 2023?

Olivier Rioux relationship

Olivier Rioux is the tallest highschool basketball player in 2023. He’s really tall, standing at 7 ‘6” feet. He got a Guinness World Record for the title “tallest teenager” in 2020. He loves basketball and started playing when he was five.

He practiced at IMG Academy in Florida. Now, he’s on the University of Florida’s basketball team, the Gators. He will have a significant impact on college basketball. Rioux is super inspiring for other kids who love basketball.

Who is Olivier Rioux?

Rioux stands at a towering 7 feet 5 inches tall and, at 15 years old, holds the title of the world’s tallest teenager, as per the Guinness World Records. “His mom stands at 6 feet 2 inches, and his dad measures 6 feet 8 inches,” Rioux revealed, noting that height is a common trait in his Canadian family. His impressive stature at such a young age solidifies his place among the exceptionally tall individuals in the world.

Where is Olivier Rioux from?

Olivier Rioux hails from Montreal, Canada. His hometown is a bustling city enriched with historic sites and a huge population. Currently, Rioux resides in Bradenton, Florida, attending IMG Academy, renowned for its sports programs. This location offers a dynamic environment for honing athletic skills amidst Florida’s sunny climate, fostering his basketball journey toward professional aspirations.

tallest high school basketball player

Olivier Rioux Biography

Name Olivier Rioux
Olivier Rioux Height 7 ‘6” feet
Olivier Rioux Weight 136 Kg
Birth Year 2006
Olivier Rioux Age 17
Olivier Rioux Shoe Size Size 20
Country Canada

How Tall is Olivier Rioux?

Olivier Rioux, the towering basketball sensation with a height of 7 ‘6” feet. His remarkable stature sets him apart as one of the tallest high school players in 2023. Rioux’s towering presence on the court has earned him accolades and a Guinness World Record for being the ‘tallest teenager.’ His dedication and passion for basketball have secured him a spot at the University of Florida, promising an exciting future in collegiate basketball.

Olivier Rioux Family

Olivier Rioux comes from a tall family. Olivier Rioux Dad, Jean-Francois, is 6 feet 8 inches tall, and Olivier Rioux mom, Anne, is 6 feet 2 inches tall. Olivier Rioux brother is named Emile. When Olivier was 12, he became famous on the internet while playing basketball in Spain. He was much taller than the other players and really stood out on the court.

tallest high school basketball player 2023

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Olivier Rioux Girlfriend

There is no information suggesting that Rioux is currently in a relationship or has been engaged before. As of 2023, Rioux appears to be single. There are no recorded past relationships for Rioux either.

The available information indicates that Rioux’s dating history is not documented. Therefore, there’s a lack of data regarding Rioux’s romantic relationships. If any new information becomes available, it could help in building a record of Rioux’s dating history for the future.

Is Olivier Rioux Going To Play In The NBA Soon?

Olivier Rioux, a 17-year-old teenager, is incredibly tall at about 90 inches. Guinness recognizes him as the world’s tallest person in his age group. Rioux attends IMG Academy in Florida and stands at a towering 7 feet 6 inches.

He dreams of playing in the NBA like Trent Duval and Jonathan Isaac, who also went to IMG. Rioux posted a photo with a 6 feet 4 inches NBA player, Jamal Murray, joking about their height difference from when they met five years ago.

How Tall Is Olivier Rioux Compared To NBA Stars?

Olivier Rioux age at 17, is 7 feet 6 inches tall, two inches taller than Boban Marjanovic, the tallest NBA player in the 2022-23 season. If Rioux joins professional basketball, he might grow even taller. He aims to compete with the NBA’s tallest players like Victor Wembanyama.

Rioux dreams of becoming a pro player and making a difference in his community. Though he’s still working towards his NBA dream, it’ll be exciting to see his progress and if he joins the league.

Olivier Rioux Net Worth

Olivier Rioux estimated net worth is $600K. It shows how he is doing well in basketball. This Money reflects how good he might be in the NBA someday. He is working hard to reach his dream in the National Basketball Association.

tallest highschool basketball player

Interesting Facts About Tallest High School Basketball Player Olivier Rioux

  • Olivier Rioux is taller than most NBA players at just 17.
  • He’s as tall as a two-story building.
  • Rioux’s height keeps growing like a sunflower in summer.
  • He dreams of slam-dunking in the NBA while touching the hoop without jumping!
  • If he stood on an elephant, he might be taller than a giraffe.

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Olivier Rioux is a super tall basketball player with really big dreams. He loves basketball a lot and wants to play in the NBA. People are excited to see what he’ll do because he’s so tall and loves the game. Rioux’s story teaches us that if we work hard and follow our dreams, amazing things can happen. Everyone’s looking forward to seeing where his basketball journey takes him next.

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How old is Olivier Rioux?

Olivier Rioux is currently 17 years old.

Who is the tallest high school basketball player?

Olivier Rioux holds the title as the tallest high school basketball player at 7 feet 6 inches tall.

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