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Are you searching for who is the tallest Asian Basketball player? Yao Ming, a super tall basketball player, is a huge name in basketball. He played for the Houston Rockets and became really famous. This article tells his story, from being a great player to helping lots of people.

You’ll learn about how Yao Ming played basketball amazingly well and how he’s not just famous for that. He also helps others by giving money for good things like schools and hospitals. Find out about his big impact on basketball and how he inspires lots of people around the world.

Who Is Yao Ming?

Yao Ming, a really tall Chinese basketball star, was amazing at basketball in China and later became super famous in the NBA with the Houston Rockets. He’s loved in China and motivated lots of young players to love basketball, too.

Yao Ming Biography

Besides basketball, he’s good at business, helps people by giving money, and used to be in charge of the Chinese Basketball Association, where he worked hard to make things better for young players.

How Tall is Yao Ming?

Yao Ming was a really, really tall basketball player from China. When he was an NBA player, Yao Ming height is 7 feet 6 inches tall and weighed around 310 pounds. He needed special furnishings and clothes since he was so large.

Height of Yao Ming

His size helped him play really well in basketball, and people loved him in China and all over the world. Even now, he’s still a big inspiration for people who want to play sports, showing how different bodies can do amazing things.

Yao Ming Biography

On September 12, 1980, Yao Ming was born in Shanghai, the largest city in China. As the first foreign player to be selected with the first overall choice in the NBA draft, he rose to fame in 2002 when he signed with the Houston Rockets.

Name Yao Ming
Yao Ming Height 7 ‘6” feet
Yao Ming Weight 141 KG
Date Of Birth September 12, 1980
Yao Ming Age 43
Yao Ming Occupation Basketball Player/Administrator
Yao Ming Spouse Ye Li
Yao Ming Children 1

He’s like a representative of China when he plays in other places. Yao Ming played his final game for the Houston Rockets and was in the Olympics three times for China. He stopped playing in 2011 because of foot injuries, which made his fans sad. Because of a hurt foot, he decided to take a break.

Yao Ming is a really generous person. He made The Yao Ming Foundation to help kids in the US and China. He started it after a big earthquake in China in 2008 wrecked over 150 schools. The foundation is helping build new schools there. In 2017, he became the boss of the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA). Since 2009, he’s been the owner of the Shanghai Sharks team.

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Yao Ming Early Life and Education

Yao Ming grew really fast as a kid. He was already five feet seven inches tall when he was in the third grade. By sixth grade, he was taller than his mom, and three years later, he was as tall as his dad. He got his incredible height from his parents.

In 2018, Yao graduated from Shanghai Jiao Tong University in China with a degree in economics. He started studying there in 2011. Even though he’s from China, he spent a lot of time living in the US and playing basketball.

Yao Ming Family

Yao is his family name, and Ming is his first name. When Yao was born, he weighed ten pounds, which is double the usual weight for babies, and he was very tall. Yao Ming dad, Yao Zhiyuan, is 6 feet 10 inches tall and used to play basketball for a team in Shanghai. Yao Ming mom, Fang Fengdi, is 6 feet 2 inches tall and used to play on China’s national basketball team in the early 1970s. Yao Ming wife is Ye Li and they have 1 kid.
Family of Yao Ming

Yao Ming Career History

Yao Ming was a huge basketball star, both in size and in how famous he became. He’s really tall at 7 feet 6 inches and played in the NBA, where he was one of the tallest ever. But he’s not just known for his height. He started playing basketball when he was young in Shanghai, China. People loved watching him play for the Shanghai Sharks in China, where he won a lot and got lots of awards.

In 2002, he started playing for the Houston Rockets in the NBA. This was a big deal and made basketball even more popular around the world. Yao Ming was amazing in Houston, scoring lots of points and getting lots of rebounds. He played really well for eight seasons, was picked for the All-Star game eight times, and got awards for being one of the best players five times. People liked him not just for playing but also for being a great person.

Sadly, he had to stop playing basketball in 2011 because of injuries. But people still remember him as one of the best basketball players ever. He’s in the Basketball Hall of Fame and is still respected in the basketball world. Yao Ming isn’t just a basketball star; he’s also good at business. He owns the Shanghai Sharks team and invests in different things like technology and entertainment. He also helps others by giving money, especially for schools and hospitals in China.

Yao Ming Basketball Career

Yao Ming Dating History

Yao Ming dated only one woman named Ye Li for 9 years, and everyone knew about their relationship. He’s married to her now. They have a daughter named Yao Qinlei, also called Amy, who was born in Houston, Texas, in May 2010. Amy is also tall like her parents because of how genetics work for a child’s height.

Tallest Asian Basketball Player

Yao Ming Net Worth

Yao Ming is really rich, with about $180 million. He got most of his money from playing basketball in the NBA for the Houston Rockets, earning around $92.8 million just from his salary. He also made a lot from deals with Nike, Adidas, and PepsiCo, plus from being the boss of the Shanghai Sharks.

Even though he’s super-rich, he still gives away lots of money to help schools and hospitals in China. His story shows how hard work, talent, and smart business choices can make someone really successful, making him a big inspiration for others.

Yao Ming Financial Status

Interesting Facts About Tallest Asian Basketball Player

  • He was one of the tallest players in NBA history.
  • He Had to custom-order furniture and clothing due to his immense size.
  • His shoe size was a whopping 22.
  • He was an 8-time NBA All-Star and 5-time All-NBA selection.
  • Became a global icon, promoting basketball and bridging the gap between China and the NBA.
  • His popularity helped to increase the NBA’s viewership and revenue in China.
  • A successful entrepreneur, owning the Shanghai Sharks and investing in various businesses.
  • An active philanthropist, dedicating millions to education and healthcare initiatives in China.
  • Inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in 2016.

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Yao Ming was more than just a great basketball player. He did amazing things on the court and helped a lot of people off the court, too. His story shows that being really good at something and helping others can make a big difference in the world.

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Who is the Tallest Asian Basketball Player?

The tallest Asian basketball player in history is Yao Ming from China. Standing at a towering height of 7 feet 6 inches (2.29 meters).

How old is Yao Ming?

Yao Ming was born on September 12, 1980, so he is 43 years old.

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