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Do you want to know who is the tallest Mexican in the world? First, the tallest Mexican man was Garry, with an impressive height of 7′ 4 feet, but later, it was passed to Sim Bhullar, the basketball player. With a height of 7′ 5 feet, Sim Bhullar is now the tallest Mexican In the world.

In this article, we’ll cover who is the tallest Mexican In The world, Sim Bhullar’s journey from his family background and education to his professional basketball career. Standing at 7’5″, he made history in the NBA and played for teams globally, showing his skills and potential in the T1 League.

Sim Bhullar is a basketball player

Sim Bhullar Biography

Name Sim Bhullar
Sim Bhullar Real Name Gursimran Singh
Sim Bhullar Height 7 ‘5” feet
Sim Bhullar Weight 163kg
Date of birth Dec 2, 1992
Place of birth Toronto, Canada
Sim Bhullar Age 31
Sim Bhullar Nationality Canadian
Sim Bhullar Current Team Tainan TSG GhostHawks
Sim Bhullar Ethnicity Indian
Sim Bhullar Shoe Size 22
Sim Bhullar Father Avtar Bhullar
Sim Bhullar Mother Varinder
Sim Bhullar Siblings Tanveer Bhullar And Avneet Bhullar

Who Is Sim Bhullar?

Sim Bhullar is a tall Canadian basketball player. He plays for Tainan TSG GhostHawks in the T1 League. He’s the first Indian-origin player in the NBA, and he’s 7’5″ tall. Bhullar played college ball at New Mexico State University and got drafted by the Sacramento Kings in 2014 but didn’t play much. After that, he played for different teams in different leagues worldwide.

Where is Sim Bhullar from?

How Tall Is Sim Bhullar?

Sim Bhullar is really tall at 7 feet 5 inches, the same as some other big NBA players. His height comes from a rare condition called acromegaly, which makes him grow a lot. This height helps him a lot in basketball, and he’s done well. He played college basketball, got drafted by the Sacramento Kings in 2014, and played for them. Now, he’s with the Tainan TSG GhostHawks in Taiwan.

sim bhullar height weight

Sim Bhullar Family

Sim Bhullar’s mom and dad, Avtar and Varinder, moved from Punjab, India, to Canada. Even though they didn’t know much about basketball, they got Sim and his brother Tanveer into local youth basketball. Dad is 6 feet 4 inches, and mom is 5 feet 10 inches. Sim has an older sister, Avneet, and Tanveer, who’s 7 feet 2 inches, played college basketball in the U.S.

Is Sim Bhullar Punjabi?

Sim Bhullar Education Status

1. High School

Sim Bhullar was born in Toronto, but he moved to Brampton and went to Father Henry Carr Catholic Secondary School. Later, he went to The Kiski School in Pennsylvania for more basketball opportunities. In 2009–10, he did really well, almost getting a triple-double in each game with 16 points, 14 rebounds, and eight blocks.

He also impressed at the FIBA Americas Under-18 tournament in 2010, scoring 14 points, grabbing four rebounds, and blocking three shots, even though they lost to the United States.

Sim Bhullar High Scholl

2. College

Sim Bhullar initially said he’d play for Xavier University but changed his mind in 2011, joining New Mexico State because he couldn’t afford Xavier’s tuition. The NCAA said he couldn’t play in 2011–12, so he had to wait until 2012–13. In his first year, he did great with 10.1 points, 6.7 rebounds, and 2.4 blocks per game.

The next year, he improved even more with 10.4 points, 7.8 rebounds, and 3.4 blocks per game. Bhullar helped his team win WAC tournament MVP awards in 2013 and 2014, and they made it to the NCAA tournament. In 2014, he left college early to enter the NBA draft and start his pro basketball journey.

Worlds Tallest Mexican

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Sim Bhullar Professional Career

After not getting picked in the 2014 NBA draft, Sim Bhullar started with the Sacramento Kings in the Summer League. They let him go before the regular season, but he played for the Reno Bighorns in the NBA Development League. He did well, averaging 10.3 points, 7.1 rebounds, and 2.7 blocks in 19 games.

The Kings gave him a chance with a 10-day contract in April 2015, and he made history as the first Indian player in the NBA. After that, he played in the Summer League again but later joined the Raptors 905 in the Development League, putting up good numbers in 39 games.

He went on to play in Taiwan for the Dacin Tigers, then in China for Guangxi Rhino, showing solid stats in both places. In 2021, he joined the Hsinchu JKO Lioneers in Taiwan, and in 2022, he signed with the Tainan TSG GhostHawks in the T1 League. In 2023, he re-signed with them.

Sim Bhullar is known for scoring, rebounding, and blocking shots. He’s still young, developing, and has the potential to do really well in the T1 League.

Sim Bullar weight

Sim Bhullar Net Worth

In November 2023, Sim Bhullar estimated net worth is $700 million. He is a Canadian professional basketball player who has played in a number of leagues, Including, NBA, The NBA G League and the Taiwanese super basketball league.

Sim Bhullar Networth 2023

Interesting Facts About Tallest Mexican In The World

  • He is the tallest player of Indian descent at 7′ 5″.
  • He was born in Toronto, Canada, and raised in Brampton, Ontario.
  • He played center for the New Mexico State Aggies from 2012 to 2014.
  • He was signed by the Sacramento Kings in 2014 but was waived before the start of the season.
  • He made his NBA debut on April 7, 2015, and became the first player of Indian descent to play in an NBA game.

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Sim Bhullar, a Canadian professional basketball player, is the tallest player of Indian descent, standing at an impressive height of 7’5″. His height is attributed to a rare condition called acromegaly. Bhullar played center for the New Mexico State Aggies from 2012 to 2014, where he excelled and received the WAC Defensive Player of the Year award twice.

Despite going undrafted in the 2014 NBA draft, Bhullar made history as the first player of Indian descent to play in an NBA game when he signed with the Sacramento Kings in 2015. He continued his career in various leagues around the world, showcasing his talent and potential. Bhullar’s journey exemplifies perseverance and determination, inspiring aspiring basketball players of Indian descent.

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How tall is Sim Bhullar?

Sim Bhullar stands at an impressive 7 feet 5 inches, making him one of the tallest players in the history of basketball.

What is Sim Bhullar's notable achievement in the NBA?

Sim Bhullar made history by becoming the first player of Indian descent to play in an NBA game, debuting with the Sacramento Kings on April 7, 2015.

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