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Are you searching for who is the tallest Korean Actress? The tallest Korean Actress Lee Da-Hee height is 1.76 m 5′ 7 feet, who has worked in shows like “The Beauty Inside” and “Search WWW.” She began acting in 2003 and was great in dramas such as “I Can Hear Your Voice,” “Big Man,” and “Mrs. Cop.”

Besides acting, she models and sings for brands like Samsung and LG. She married Se7en in 2020 and has a brother named Lee Tae-hee. She’s worth about $5 million. Lee Da-hee is famous and has won awards like the Asia Brilliant Award. Her talent and privacy make her a big deal in Korean entertainment. Let’s discuss about How tall is Lee Da hee, Her Height and everything you need to know about her.

Who is the Tallest Korean Actress?

Lee Da-hee is a really tall South Korean actress, standing at 1.76 m and 5′ 7 feet. She’s famous for being in shows like “The Beauty Inside” (2018) and “Search WWW” (2019). Born on September 19, 1985, in Seoul, South Korea, she started acting in 2003 with a show called “Sweet 18”.
Da-hee has been in lots of other dramas and movies like “My Love from the Star” (2013-2014) and “I Hear Your Voice” (2013). She’s also a model and has done ads for Samsung, LG, and Giordano. People know her for her height and her pretty smile. Besides acting and modeling, she’s also a singer and released her first song, “Love Story”, in 2012.

tallest korean actress

Name Lee Da Hee
Height 1.76 m 5′ 7 feet
Birthplace Namsa-myeon, Yongin-si, South Korea
Birth date March 15, 1985

Lee Da Hee Family

Korean actress stands tall gracefully.

Lee Da-Hee married actor Se7en in December 2020. They met in 2012, started dating in 2013, got engaged in September 2020, and married three months later. They don’t have kids. Lee Da-Hee likes to keep her life private and doesn’t talk much about her family, but it’s known she has a brother named Lee Tae-Hee.


Lee Da Hee Career History

Lofty stature defines Korean actress.

Lee Da-Hee is a famous South Korean actress and model. She’s well-known for acting in shows like “I Can Hear Your Voice” (2013), “Big Man” (2014), “Mrs. Cop” (2015), “The Beauty Inside” (2018), and “Search: W.W.W.” (2019).
She was Born on March 15, 1985, in Seoul, South Korea and started acting in 2003 in smaller roles on T.V. and in movies. In 2013, she became a big deal after starring in “I Can Hear Your Voice.” Then, in 2014, she had her first main role in “Big Man.” People loved her in the 2015 drama “Mrs. Cop” too.
In 2018, she did great in the romantic comedy “The Beauty Inside.” In 2019, she was one of the main actors in the love drama “Search: W.W.W.” She also hosted a show called “Queendom” in 2019 and another show called “Road to Kingdom” in 2020, both about music groups.
In 2022, she signed with Ghost Studio. Lee Da-hee is super talented, acts in lots of popular shows and movies, models for brands, and is known for her lovely smile and tall height.

Filmography Career

Lee Da-hee’s filmography is extensive, with roles in films and television dramas. Here are some of her famous roles:

  • Delivering Love (2008): She played Jang Na-Rae.
  • Harmony (2010): She played Gong Na-yeong.
  • Begin Again (오월) (2015): She played Jeong Da-jeong.
  • Mrs. Cop (2015): She played Jo Young-ah.
  • The Beauty Inside (2018): She played Kang Sa-ra.
  • Search W.W.W. (2019): She played Cha Hyeon.

Television Career

  • Thousand Years of Love (2003
  • Open Drama 그 별은 그렇게 우리에게 왔다 (2003)
  • Into the Storm (폭풍속으로) (2004)
  • Sad Love Story (2005)
  • The Legend (2007)
  • The Secret of Coocoo Island (2008)
  • I Need Romance (2011)
  • Saving Mrs. Go Bong Shil (2012)
  • I Can Hear Your Voice (2013)
  • Big Man (2014)
  • Mrs. Cop (2015)
  • Queen of Mystery 2 (2018)
  • Search: W.W.W. (2019)
  • L.U.C.A.: The Beginning (2021)
  • Love Is for Suckers (2022)

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Lee Da Hee Success

Tallest actress commands Korean screen.

  • Asia Artist Awards 2018: Won Asia Brilliant Award for “The Beauty Inside.”
  • Baeksang Arts Awards 2019: Nominated for Best Supporting Actress – Television.
  • Blue Dragon Series Awards 2022: Nominated for Best New Female Entertainer in “Single’s Inferno.”
  •’s Pick 2019: Won Sister Take Me Award.
  • KBS Drama Awards: Won Best Supporting Actress for “Secret Love” in 2013.
  • KBS Drama Awards 2013: Nominated for Netizen Award and Best Couple Award (with Bae Soo-bin) for “Secret Love.”
  • KBS Drama Awards 2014: Nominated for Excellence Award (Actress) and won Popularity Award for “Big Man.”
  • Korea Drama Awards 2013: Nominated for Excellence Award (Actress) for “I Can Hear Your Voice.”
  • M.B.C. Entertainment Awards 2015: Nominated for Top Female Excellence Award in Variety Show for “Real Men: Female Edition 2.”
  • S.B.S. Drama Awards: Won New Star Award for “I Can Hear Your Voice” in 2013.
  • S.B.S. Drama Awards 2015: Won Special Award for Actress in a Miniseries for “Mrs. Cop.”
  • S.B.S. Drama Awards 2013: Nominated for Excellence Award (Actress in a Miniseries) for “I Can Hear Your Voice.”
  • S.B.S. Entertainment Awards: Nominated for Best Challenge Award for “Running Man.”
  • Soompi Awards 2019: Nominated for Best Supporting Actress for “The Beauty Inside.”

Lee Da-Hee Net Worth?

Giant figure graces Korean drama.

Lee Da-Hee has around $5 million as her estimated net worth. She made this money from acting, modeling, and promoting stuff. She’s been in more than 20 shows and movies and has endorsed things like makeup, clothes, and food. People think she’s one of the most successful Korean actresses in China.

Interesting Facts About the Tallest Korean Actress

  • Tall Stature: Stands tall at 1.76 m 5′ 7 feet among Korean actresses.
  • Diverse Talents: Models, sings, and endorses brands like Samsung.
  • Private Life: Keeps family and personal details private.
  • Hosting Gigs: Presented shows like “Queendom” and “Road to Kingdom.”
  • Award Winner: Bagged the Asia Brilliant Award and nominations.
  • Low-profile Marriage: Quietly wed Se7en despite fame.
  • Extensive Career: Acted in numerous T.V. shows and films.
  • Singing Debut: Started singing with “Love Story.”
  • Style Icon: Recognized for fashion and beauty by fans..

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Lee Da-hee is a great and the tallest South Korean actress. She worked great in T.V. shows, modeling, and singing. Even though she keeps her life private, we know she married Se7en in 2020 and has a brother named Lee Tae-hee. Her talent got her awards like the Asia Brilliant Award, and she’s worth about $5 million. Lee Da-hee’s mix of talent, privacy, and success makes her a popular and respected person in the exciting world of Korean entertainment.

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How old is Lee Da Hee?

Currently, Lee Da Hee Age is 38 years old, as she was born on March 15, 1985.

Who is Lee Da-Hee married to?

Lee Da-hee is married to South Korean singer Se7en.

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