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Do you know about the tallest Korean actor? Lee Ki-woo is a well-known South Korean actor who is 6’3″ tall. He was born in Seoul on October 23, 1981. He started as an athlete but later became a successful actor. He has worked in many television shows and films. He is also a businessman and philanthropist. This article will explore How tall is Lee Ki Woo (Tallest Korean actor), his biography, early life and education, his net worth and everything you need to know.

Who is the Tallest Korean Actor?

Lee Ki-woo is really tall, standing at 192 centimeters (6 feet 3 inches). His height is a big part of who he is as an actor and is even shown in the characters he plays on screen. Even though he sometimes feels a bit awkward because of his height, he’s okay with it. He’s actually become a role model for other tall people who might feel insecure.

Because he’s so tall, he gets chosen a lot for modelling and promoting different things like clothes, makeup, and cars. His height also helps him get roles in movies and TV shows because he stands out.


tallest korean actor

Who Is Lee Ki Woo, and Where Is He From?

Lee Ki-woo is a famous South Korean actor who has been in a number of TV shows and movie roles. He is one of the tallest Korean actors, standing at 192 cm (6’3″).

Korean actor stands tall proudly.

Name Lee Ki Woo
Lee Ki woo Height 192 cm (6’3″)
Birth Place Seoul, South Korea
Birth Date October 23, 1981
Nationality South Korean
Location Seoul, South Korea

Lee Ki Woo Biography?

Lofty stature defines Korean actor.

Lee Ki woo age is 42 years old in 2023 as he was born on October 23, 1981. He is a famous actor from South Korea. He worked in TV shows and also acted in movies such as Crush and Blush, The Secret of My Love, and The Day He Arrives.

People really like him because he can play many different roles. He’s super famous in South Korea and has lots of fans. Apart from acting, he’s also good at business. He started a clothing brand called “The Kiwoo” and invested in other businesses too. Lee Ki-woo is a very successful and brilliant person. He shows that working hard can make dreams come true.

Lee Ki Woo Family?

Tallest Korean star commands attention.

Lee Ki-woo doesn’t share much about his family, but people know he has an older brother. Lee Ki Woo parents support his acting and go to his premieres and events. Once, in 2015, he was seen shopping with his mom, and they seemed really close. In interviews, he mentioned his dad, who’s a big fan of his work.

Early Life and Education

Actor's towering presence captivates.

Lee Ki-woo was born on October 23, 1981, in Seoul, South Korea. He liked doing lots of sports and other stuff when he was young. He got into acting in high school and went to Dankook University to study Theater and Film.

He’s famous for being in TV shows like The Classic, Tale of Cinema, A Love to Kill, Flower Boy Ramyun Shop, Rain or Shine, and My Liberation Notes. He’s also in movies like Crush and Blush, The Secret of My Love, and The Day He Arrives. People really like him because he can act in different ways and he has lots of fans. Besides acting, he’s a successful businessman. He started a clothing brand called “The Kiwoo” and invested in other businesses too.

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Lee Ki-woo Filmography (Acting) Career

Giant figure graces Korean screen.

Lee Ki-woo has been in lots of TV shows and movies. He started in the TV show The Classic in 2003 and acted in movies like Windstruck, Spin Kick, and He Was Cool in 2004. In 2005, he was in the TV series Tale of Cinema and the movie Sad Movie. He also had a small part in Woman on the Beach in 2006.

After that, he starred in different movies like Ballet Shoes, Skeletons in the Closet, Someone Behind You, Crazy Waiting, and Story of Wine between 2007 and 2008. He was also in the Lost and Found TV show in 2008. In 2010, he acted in the film Wedding Dress, and in 2011, he played Detective Lee Tae-heon in Sin of a Family.

Later on, he starred in the film Bean Sprouts in 2013, the TV series Shotgun in 2014, and the movie Time Renegade in 2015. In 2016, he acted in the film Misbehavior, and he’s going to be in the movie Exposure soon.

Lee Ki Woo Net Worth?

Elevated actor in Korean cinema.

Lee Ki-woo has about $10 million as his net worth. He got this money from acting and deals where he promotes stuff. He’s really famous in South Korea and has been in lots of shows and movies. He also promotes things like makeup, clothes, and cars. He’s given money to charities and is someone lots of young people look up to in South Korea.

Interesting Facts About the Tallest Korean Actor

  • He is a big fan of basketball and has even participated in celebrity basketball games.
  • He is known for his charitable endeavors and has supported various causes, including animal welfare and disaster relief.
  • He is a skilled photographer and has released several photobooks of his work.
  • He is a fan of Korean music and has released an album of his songs.
  • He is a skilled cook and has even appeared on cooking shows.

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What is the Lee Ki Woo Height In Feet?

The famous and tallest Korean actor Lee Ki Woo standing at the maximum height of 6’3 “in feet.

Is Lee Ki Woo married?

Yes, Lee Ki Woo married to his non-celebrity girlfriend in a private ceremony on September 24, 2022.

How old is Lee Ki Woo?

In 2023, he will be approximately 42 years old. Lee Ki-woo’s birthdate of October 23, 1981.


Lee Ki-woo is a South Korean actor who is tall and talented. He is also a successful businessperson and philanthropist. He is a good role model for everyone because he is hardworking and dedicated to his work. He is also passionate about helping others. He is a well-respected actor, businessperson, and philanthropist in South Korea and around the world.

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