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Are you searching for who is the tallest soccer player ever in the world? Kristof Van Hout is the tallest retired goalkeeper, He is best known for his tall figure, His height is 6 feet 10 inches. The tall height of Kristof makes him stand out in his team and on the field while playing matches. Lets explore the his life and know his family, career, net worth and much more!

Kristof Van Hout Biography


Real Name Kristof Van Hout
Age 36 Years old
Height 6 feet 10 inches
Weight 99 KG
Birth date Feb 09 1987
Place of Birth Lommel, Belgium
Nationality Belgium
Profession Soccer Player
Position Goalkeeper
Net Worth $7 Million


Tallest NFL Goal keeper

How Tall Is Kristof Van Hout?

Kristof Van Hout height is 2.08 meters, which is 6 feet 10 inches and his weight is 99kg. He was very tall, which gave him a big edge on the field, especially as a goalie, where he could block shots that other players would have easily missed.

Kristof Van Hout Early Life

He was born in Lommel, Belgium, on 9 Feb 1987. In 2004 Kristof, joined Willem II from Verbroedering Geel as a youth player. He got signed for Standard Liege on 6 August 2009 on a three-year deal from Kortrijk. His height and weight makes him different from other soccer players.

Kristof, returned to Kortrijk on a one-year contract on 11 June 2011. On 23 May 2022, he signed a one-season contract with Lommel. In 2013, He won the Belgian Cup with Genk, the only trophy he had ever won.

Kristof Van Hout Family

He is a famous Belgian football player who holds the Guinness World Record for being the biggest professional player. He is known for both how good he is at sports and how much he close together with family. Many important things in his life and work have been shaped by his family. They have loved, supported, and believed in him throughout his life.

Van Hout’s parents, Paul and Monique Van Hout, have helped him develop his football skills and love of the game from a young age. They saw his promise early on and encouraged him to follow his dreams. They also gave him the tools and chances he needed to do well in the sport. Because they always believed in their son, he had the faith and drive to do well.

Pieter and Annelies, Van Hout’s siblings, have also been an endless source of support throughout his life. They have shared his pleasures and sorrows, cheering him toward his victories and given relief in his trials. His hard work and determination have been motivated by their continuous support.

Kristof Van Hout Position in the Feild

Kristof, was the goalkeeper for the Belgian First Division A Side, Westerlo. He has been a guaranteed starter for a while. He had been the team’s consistent goalkeeper. His team would also compliment him for his skills in the field. He was an intimidating goalkeeper good at aerial balls. Kristof, the tallest football player ever, had won the Belgian League an awesome ten times.

Benefits of Kristof Van Hout Unique Height

Having a tall figure helps the goalkeeper to jump higher and further, and it can also help them catch the ball easily. Since He had a remarkable height, it would always help him to cover a larger area of the goal and make moving side to side easier. Kristof was considered stronger and better with air.

In an interview, He mentioned, ‘For my height, I fall to the ground fairly quickly.’ In the same interview, He even mentioned that he had never seen a player the same height as him. Kristof has an average of 6 goals per match that he plays.

Tallest Football Goal keeper in the world

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Being the Tallest Soccer Player Ever in the World 2024

Kristof, used to think that height may be a disadvantage for his profession, but that did not happen. He became a professional goalkeeper because of his height. Being a tall player, he could easily stop the goals. Many goalkeepers have to make explosive movements like diving, jumping, and kicking, which would take much of their strength.

Things were different for Kristof, he could switch from one side to the other in a shorter time. He could also catch the ball with his long arms from longer distances. As the tallest soccer player ever, Kristof could reach the ball in just one step. He did not have to take two steps, thanks to his height.

Kristof Van Hout Net Worth 2024

Van Hout’s estimated net worth is arround $7 Million. Van Hout gets most of his money from his great sports career. He was a professional player for more than ten years, for clubs in Belgium and other places.

How Kristof Turned Height into Goalkeeping Mastery

It could have been difficult for Kristof to adjust to any other career. But because Kristof, became a goalkeeper, it was easier for him to use his height to his advantage. Kristof, was perfect for being a goalkeeper because he could block a larger area with his tall figure. Kristof’s height was seen as an advantage for the position.

How tall is the tallest footballer ever

Some Facts About The Tallest Soccer Player Ever

  • Kristof, could catch the ball in fewer seconds because he has longer arms.
  • Kristof Van Hout height and weight is 6’10”  and 99Kg.
  • He won only one trophy: the Belgian Cup with Geek.
  • Due to his tall figure, He was good at aerial balls.
  • The tallest goalkeeper said that he fell to the ground fairly easily.

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Kristof Van Hout, retired on 1 July 2023. He worked hard to become a soccer player and was chosen as the goalkeeper because of his tall figure. He was and still is famous for being the tallest soccer player ever.
Kristof, carefully selected his profession, which accommodated his height in the best way possible. He had the advantage of height against the opponent team. Now you know well about the tallest player in NFL history.

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Who is the tallest soccer player ever?

Kristof Van Hout is the tallest NFL player ever.

How tall is the tallest soccer player ever?

Kristof Van Hout, the tallest NFL player ever, is 6 feet 10 inches tall.

Is being tall an advantage for a goalkeeper?

Yes, it is. Being a tall goalkeeper, it can be easier for you to make saves. You can also reach the ball quickly because of your long arms.

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