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Do you want to know about the tallest YouTuber in the world? With an impressive height of 7′ 1 feet, Beau Brown is the tallest YouTuber in 2023. Beau Brown spreads happiness by making videos. He’s engaged to Sara Jane Gerber and talks about different things and his tall height on his channel. His hard work helped him earn around $2 million. People from everywhere enjoy his videos a lot.

Beau Brown Biography

Name Beau Brown
Beau Brown Height 7’ 1 feet
Beau Brown Weight 118 Kg
Beau Brown Age 31
Birth Date Sep 15, 1992
Beau Brown Birth Place Mitchell, South Dakota
Beau Brown Country United States Of America
Beau Brown Nationality United States
Beau Brown Zodiac Sign Virgo
Beau Brown Profession Youtuber
Beau Brown Mother Lisa
Beau Brown Wife Sara Jane Gerber
Beau Brown Net Worth 2023 $2 Million

tallest youtuber

Who Is The Tallest YouTuber?

The tallest YouTuber is Beau Brown. He’s 7 feet 1 inch tall and has more than 400 videos with about 295,000 subscribers. He often talks about his height in his vlogs. Even though there might be taller people on YouTube, Beau does this as a full-time job and has a big following, which makes him the tallest YouTuber.

Another YouTuber named Paul from TallPaulVlogs is said to be 7 feet 7 inches tall. However, he has only 2.9K subscribers and uploaded just 2 videos, with the last one posted in 2018. Beau Brown, on the other hand, keeps posting videos regularly.

How Tall Is Beau Brown? Beau Brown Height And Weight

Beau Brown is one of the tallest youtuber in the world. He has 7’1″ tall and his weight is 118kg, He is an American Youtuber who makes a wide variety of  vlogs on his youtube channel. he joined youtube on April 19, 2016.

How Old Is Beau Brown?

Beau Brown, YouTube's towering content creator.

Born on September 15, 1992, Beau Brown is currently 31 years old. His journey as a prominent YouTuber began years ago, building a vast audience with engaging content. Despite his towering height of 7 feet 1 inch, Beau’s age of 31 exemplifies his youthful enthusiasm and dedication to creating uplifting and relatable content for his followers worldwide, continuing to inspire and entertain through his positive presence on the digital platform.

Beau Brown’s Early Life & Family

YouTube's height record: Beau Brown.

Beau Brown had a busy early life. He played sports in college and studied film. His mom’s name is Lisa, and he grew up with a sister. In 2018, he started dating Sara Gerber, a model. They got married in November 2021. Beau’s childhood details aren’t shared much, but his sports, studies, Family, and marriage to Sara are essential parts of his life story.

Beau Brown hasn’t extensively shared specifics about his family members and early life on his YouTube channel. He mostly talks about topics related to his height, daily life, challenges, and spreading positivity rather than delving into personal family details.

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Beau Brown Personal Life

Tallest vlogger, Beau Brown stands.

Beau Brown married model Sara Jane Gerber, who is more active on Instagram than YouTube. Beau’s life radiates positivity; he enjoys spreading joy. His strong relationships with Family and friends reflect his happiness, forming a core part of his life.

Beau Brown Channel Name

Giant in the YouTube world: Beau.

Beau Brown’s channel is named the BigBeauBrown Channel. He talks about topics related to his height and everyday things like food and gaming. His most popular videos are about the challenges he faces. His channel used to be called 7FootVlogs before.

Beau Brown’s Net Worth

Beau Brown, towering YouTube personality.

As of 2023, Beau Brown is believed to have a net worth of $2 million. He started his YouTube channel in 2014, gaining fame for being 7 feet tall. With over 4.78 million subscribers and 478 million views, he earns from YouTube, sponsorships (like Manscaped DraftKings), and merchandise sales (like t-shirts and hats).

Interesting Facts About The Tallest Youtuber In The World: Beau Brown

  • Former D1 athlete in college.
  • Started as “7FootVlogs,” now “BigBeauBrown Channel.”
  • Discusses height, everyday topics, and challenges.
  • Married model Sara Jane Gerber in 2021.
  • Known for spreading positivity and joy.

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Beau Brown is the tallest YouTuber worldwide at 7 feet 1 inch. He makes exciting videos on the BigBeauBrown Channel. At 31 years old, Beau’s energy shines in his uplifting videos loved by many people. He’s married to model Sara Jane Gerber. Beau’s journey from sports and film studies to YouTube is inspiring. His net worth is $2 million. Beau spreads positivity online, making a big impact beyond his height.

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Where Is Beau Brown From?

Beau Brown hails from the United States Of America.

How Tall Is Beau Brown?

Beau Brown stands at a towering height of 7 feet 1 inch, making him the tallest YouTuber globally.

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