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Lets explore some of the tallest and most remarkable Female K-pop idols and artists. From the charming Han Ji Young to the confident Aisha, these individuals have not only graced the music industry with their powerful vocals, dynamic raps, and vibrant stage presence but have also left an indelible mark on the hearts of audiences worldwide.

In this article, we’ll explore the Tallest Kpop Idols Female, the journeys of these exceptional artists, from their debut days to their ongoing contributions to the ever-evolving landscape of South Korean and Chinese pop music.

Lis of Top 10 Tallest Kpop Idols Female

Name Heights
Han Ji Young 182 cm
Hong Jin Kyung 180 cm
Lina 178 cm
Myung Sa Rang 178 cm
Youra 177 cm
Lee Young Ji 176 cm
Minu 176 cm
Aisha 176 cm
Liyah 176 cm
K 176 cm

1. Han Ji Young

Han ji Young the tallest Kpop Female idol

Han Ji Young, a famous actress from South Korea, was born on December 16, 1978. Hanyoung height is 5 ‘12” feet, a talented person from South Korea, is great in both music and acting. She started in 2005 in the popular girl group LPG. People loved her strong voice and stage presence. In 2008, she began acting while still loving music. Even though she left LPG, she keeps showing her music love in acting. She’s been in many dramas, from sad ones like “Elephant” to happy family comedies like “Happy Sisters.” Hanyoung net worth is $1 million.

2. Hong Jin Kyung

2nd tallest kpop female idol

Hong Jin Kyung, a talented entertainer from South Korea, was born on December 23, 1977. Hong Jin Kyung height is 5 ‘11” feet, a powerhouse in South Korean entertainment for 20 years, started as a model in the 90s and later succeeded in a kimchi business. Known for her wit, she did well in shows like “Off to School” and dramas like “My Love from the Star.” Hong also hosted “Sister’s Slam Dunk” and “Single’s Inferno,” where she sang with the group Unnies. Standing tall at 5’11”, she inspires women to be unique. Hong Jin Kyung net worth is $5 million.

3. Lina

3rd tallest kpop idol female

Lina (리나), a talented singer from Osaka, Japan, started her music career on Houxiu TV. Lina height is 5 ‘10” feet. She is a great singer from Osaka, Japan, known for her soulful voice and catchy tunes. Born on March 1st, 1990, she used to be in the group O21. Now, she’s doing her own thing as a solo artist with Houxiu TV, showing off her unique musical style. Even though she’s just starting her solo career, Lina’s lively presence and talent mean we can expect awesome music from her in the future. Lina net worth is $ 5 million.

4. Myung Sa Rang

4th tallest kpop female idol is myung sa rang

Myung Sa Rang, a wonderful singer from South Korea, was in the girl group Baby V.O.X Re.V, which is not together anymore. Myung Sa Rang height is 5 ‘10” feet. She made a memorable impact on K-Pop, even though she’s not performing now. Born on November 11, 1990, under Scorpio, she was part of Baby V.O.X Re.V from January to December 2007. In that short time, she left a lasting impression with her strong voice and captivating stage presence. Myung Sa Rang showed her versatility by singing different types of songs, from slow ballads to lively dance tracks. Myung Sa Rang net worth is $1 million.

5. Youra

Youra (유라) is the 5th tallest kpop female idol

Youra (유라), a talented solo singer from Seoul, South Korea, is with MUN HWA IN. Youra height is 5 ‘10” feet. She is a noteworthy singer-songwriter in South Korean music. Born on February 17, 1993, under Aquarius, she stands out for her soulful melodies and artistic independence. In 2018, she started her musical journey with the debut single “my,” breaking away from traditional K-Pop to create a unique sound that combines indie-pop intimacy with soulful R&B vibes. Her music is all about raw emotion and honest storytelling. Youra net worth 2024 is $70 million.

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6. Lee Young Ji

Lee Young Ji is the 6th tallest female idol kpop

Lee Young Ji (이영지), a rapper from South Korea with Mainstream, made a splash with her first song, “Dark Room,” on October 30, 2019. Lee Young-ji height is 5 ‘9” feet. She is a talented K-Pop rapper born on September 10, 2002, under Virgo. She’s changing how we see K-Pop rap with her raw talent and strong independence. In 2019, she made a big impact on “High School Rapper 3” with her amazing rhymes and confident style. Winning the show made her a rising star, leading to her debut single “Dark Room” later that year. Lee Young Ji net worth is $1.3 million

7. Binu (비누)

Binu (비누) the 7 tallest female kpop idol

Binu (비누), a wonderful singer from South Korea with Logi Entertainment, entered the music scene.

Binu height is 5 ‘9” feet. She is a talented singer born on February 15, 1984, under Aquarius, was part of the K-Pop group Lady from 2005 to 2007. Even though her time in the spotlight was short, people still remember her captivating talent. Binu’s strong singing and stage presence made a lasting impression. She added her voice to Lady’s lively pop songs and emotional ballads. Binu net worth 2024 is $5 million.

8. Aisha (아샤)

Aisha (아샤) 8 tallest female kpop idol

Aisha (아샤), an amazing rapper and sub-vocalist from South Korea, wows the world in the girl group Everglow. Aisha height is 5 ‘9” feet. She is a bright star in K-Pop, born on July 21, 2000, under Cancer. She’s from Gwonseon-gu, Suwon, Gyeonggi-do, and her journey to the stage started early. Although she originally joined JYP Entertainment, she later joined Yuehua Entertainment, leading to her impressive debut in EVERGLOW on March 18, 2019, as the lead rapper, visual, dancer, sub-vocalist, and Aisha net worth 2024 is $10 million.

9. Liyah (리야)

Liyah (리야) 9 tallest female kpop idol

Liyah (리야), an impressive Chinese pop artist, brought her talent to the music scene with the group MIXX. She was born on May 11, 2000, and stands tall at 5’9” (176 cm), captivating audiences with her powerful voice and vibrant stage presence. Liyah started with MIXX in 2016, giving her all in every performance. Even though MIXX disbanded in 2017, Liyah’s love for music stayed strong. She continued as a solo artist, showing her versatility and talent.

10. K (케이)

K (케이) the 10th tallest female kpop idol

K (케이), an awesome Chinese singer and rapper, is making waves in the music world. Born on November 7, 1995, as Lù Kērán, she’s confident and charismatic, impressing audiences with her strong singing, cool raps, and lively stage presence. At 5’9” (176 cm) and 114.6 lbs (52 kg), she’s elegant and healthy for energetic performances.

K started in 2017 as the leader of the girl group Fancy Red, where she led with dedication, helping them succeed. People love her versatile talent and powerful presence on stage.

Interesting Facts About Tallest Active Female K-pop Idols

  • Han Ji Young is a trained dancer and has a black belt in taekwondo.
  • Hong Jin Kyung is a successful businesswoman and owns her clothing line.
  • Lina is a former member of the Japanese girl group O21.
  • Myung Sa Rang is a trained actress who has appeared in several Korean dramas.
  • Youra is a solo singer and songwriter.
  • Lee Young Ji is the winner of the third season of the South Korean rap competition show High School Rapper.
  • Aisha is a former trainee at JYP Entertainment.

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The Tallest Female Kpop Idols and Chinese pop music world is full of amazing talents and exciting performances. Artists like Han Ji Young and Aisha impress everyone with their strong singing and cool rapping. They’ve made a big impact on the music scene, from when they started to what they’re doing now, inspiring new artists everywhere.

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Who is the tallest K-pop female idol?

Han Ji Young is the tallest K-pop idol mentioned in the article. She stands at 5’12” (182 cm).

Which K-pop idol was a former member of the girl group Lady?

Binu was a former member of the South Korean girl group Lady. She was with the group from 2005 to 2007.

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