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Meet some extraordinary giants who stepped into the world of boxing. These towering figures, ranging from 7 feet 4 inches to 7 feet tall, brought their unique stories to the ring. From the gentle Gogea Mitu to the skilled Nikolai Valuev, each boxer faced challenges and victories, proving that size alone doesn’t define success in the unforgiving world of professional boxing. Join us as we explore the intriguing journeys of these giants, where athleticism, skill, and unexpected paths collide in the pursuit of glory.

Top 10 Tallest Boxers In The World

Rank Name Height Net Worth
1 Gogea Mitu (7′ 4″) feet $2 Million
2 John Rankin (7′ 4″) feet $5 Million
3 Ewart Potgieter (7′ 2″) feet $1-5 Million
4 Jim Cully (7′ 2″) feet $500K
5 Tom Payne (7′ 2″) feet $6 Million
6 Julius Long (7′ 1″) feet $5 Million
7 Nikolai Valuev (7′ 0″) feet $20 Million
8 Taishan Dong (7′ 0″) feet $5 Million
9 Marcellus Brown (7′ 0″) feet $6 Million
10 Gil Anderson (7′ 0″) feet $40 Million

1. Gogea Mitu (7′ 4″)

1st Tallest Boxer

Gogea Mitu’s height was 7 feet 4 inches tall! He came from a Romanian circus and tried boxing in 1935. Even though he was big, he was kind and won all three of his pro-fights. But he didn’t become a big boxing star because he was gentle and had little training.

2. John Rankin (7′ 4″)

John Rankin height is 7 feet 4 inches. He is also known as “Big” Jon, a tall man from New Orleans. He worked as a doorman but gave boxing a try in 1967. He only had one pro fight, winning it in four rounds against Willie Lee. Big Jon’s story shows how some people unexpectedly find their way to boxing.

3. Ewart Potgieter (7′ 2″)

4th Tallest Boxer

Ewart Potgieter height was 7 feet 2 inches tall and came from South Africa. He was a skilled boxer with 11 wins and 3 losses. Even against the famous James J. Parker, he fought well, showing that size alone doesn’t make you a good boxer. Potgieter’s footwork and agility were impressive.

4. Jim Cully (7′ 2″)

2nd Tallest Boxer

Jim Cully Height was 7 feet 2 inches tall. He is a serious-looking boxer from Ireland. In 1942, he became the Irish national heavyweight champion by beating Butcher Howell. However, his title didn’t last long, and he lost in the next fight. Jim Cully’s story teaches us that even big guys can have weaknesses in the boxing ring.

5. Tom Payne (7′ 2″)

Tom Payne height was 7 feet 2 inches tall and had a busy life. He played basketball briefly, but then boxing became his focus. With a record of 3 wins and 2 losses, Payne faced struggles inside and outside the ring. He had legal troubles, showing that fame can bring challenges. Payne’s story is a warning about wasted potential.

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6. Julius Long (7′ 1″)

3rd Tallest Boxer

Known as the “Towering Inferno,” Julius Long height was 7 feet 1 inch tall and seemed powerful. But his pro boxing career didn’t go well, and he suffered a brutal knockout by Audley Harrison. Julius Long’s story reminds us that size alone doesn’t guarantee success in boxing.

7. Nikolai Valuev (7′ 0″)

Tallest Boxers

Nikolai Valuev height was at 7 feet tall. He was a skilled boxer. He became a two-time WBA heavyweight champion, showing that being tall and talented can make you a true champion. Valuev proves that giants can also have the fighting spirit needed in boxing.

8. Taishan Dong (7′ 0″)

World Tallest Boxers

Taishan Dong height is 7 feet tall. He tried different sports before focusing on boxing in 2014. Trained by Buddy McGirt and supported by Golden Boy Promotions, he easily won his first six pro fights. However, his promising career suddenly stopped in 2015. Taishan Dong’s story warns us about the uncertainties in the challenging world of professional boxing.

9. Marcellus Brown (7′ 0″)

Marcellus Brown height is 7-foot, from Michigan, had a long boxing career with mixed results. He fought against big names like Tommy Morrison and Trevor Berbick, winning and losing some. Brown’s journey shows the determination needed in the ups and downs of boxing.

10. Gil Anderson (7′ 0″)

Gil Anderson height is 7-foot-tall, from Californian giant, had a brief but spectacular boxing career in 1954. He stepped into the ring twice and won both times with powerful punches. Anderson’s decision to retire after two victories remains a mystery, but he left a lasting impression as a one-and-done giant slayer in boxing history.

Interesting Facts About The Tallest Boxers

  • Gogea Mitu is the Tallest Romanian on record.
  • John Rankin Won his only pro fight in four rounds.
  • Ewart Potgieter Sparred with Muhammad Ali.
  • Jim Cully Preferred dancing to fighting.
  • Tom Payne was the NBA player turned boxer.
  • Julius Long was Knockout by Audley Harrison in two rounds.
  • Nikolai Valuev is a Chess enthusiast and heavyweight champ.
  • Taishan Dong is a Big eater with legendary pre-fight meals.
  • Marcellus Brown Known for his theatrical flair.
  • Gil Anderson Inspired a character in a Paul Newman film.

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In boxing, these giants stood tall, showing the diverse paths and challenges individuals of extraordinary stature face. From Gogea Mitu’s gentle nature to Nikolai Valuev’s technical prowess, each story is a testament to the unpredictable journey within the squared circle. Whether victorious or facing setbacks, these towering figures remind us that true success in boxing requires more than just size; it demands skill, determination, and the ability to navigate triumphs and tribulations.

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Who Is The Tallest Heavyweight Boxer In History?

Gogea Mitu is the tallest heavyweight boxer in history, standing 7 feet 4 inches (2.24 meters) tall.

Who Is The Tallest Heavyweight Boxer Right Now?

Oleksandr Usyk, from Ukraine, is the tallest heavyweight boxer at 6′ 3 ” in 2024.

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