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Have you ever watched Clix dominate the competition in Fortnite? This energetic pro gamer is known for his aggressive tactics and incredible skills. But alongside his gameplay, a question sometimes pops up: How tall is Clix height in feet? If you are also wondering about Clix height on online sources, explore this article. Here, you’ll find out the answer and discover some other interesting facts about this popular streamer.

Clix Biography

Real Name Cody Conrod
Famous as Clix
Birth Date January 7, 2005
Birthplace Connecticut, United States
Nationality American
Height 5 feet 9 inches
Age 19 (as of March 2024)
Profession Gamer, YouTuber
Main Game Fortnite
Other Games Among US, Grand Theft Auto V
Esports Achievements Five-time Fortnite World Cup Qualifier (2019)
Streaming Platform Twitch
YouTube Channel ClixHimself (2.86 Million Subscribers)
Beyond Gaming Owns clothing brand DR3AM
Net Worth $3 Million

Who Is Clix?

Clix Height

Clix real name is Cody Conrod, a popular professional gamer who rose to fame playing Fortnite. Born in 2005, he started streaming on Twitch in 2017 at a young age. Clix’s exceptional skills were noticeable when he qualified for the first ever Fortnite World Cup in 2019. This impressive achievement encouraged him and made him a favorite among Fortnite fans. Now, He is known for his aggressive playstyle, particularly his mastery of taking the high ground in 1v1 battles. He has continued to find success in the esports world, and streams other games like Among Us and Grand Theft Auto V.

Clix Family

He keeps his family life private. There isn’t much information available online about his parents or siblings. He focuses on his gaming career in interviews and streams, rarely mentioning his family. It is a common fact in many streamers and esports stars. They prefer to keep their personal lives separate from their online personas.

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How Tall Is Clix?

How Old Is Clix

Clix, the famous Fortnite gamer, is around 5 feet 9 inches tall (175 centimeters). There’s some debate online, with some sources saying 5 ft 6 in, but most agree on 5 ft 9 in. It doesn’t affect his skills though! He is known for being one of the best Fortnite players, especially in 1v1 battles. He’s a successful streamer and YouTuber too, proving that height isn’t everything in the world of esports.

Clix Career

In 2017, He began streaming on Twitch when he was only 12 years old. Fortnite was a quite popular game at the time, and He practiced a lot and gained some viewers. Then, in 2019, Fortnite had its first World Cup. He didn’t just qualify once – he qualified five times. This amazing achievement made him famous and got him a lot of fans.

Since 2019, Clix’s streams became super popular. People loved watching him because he played aggressively and was really good at taking control in 1v1 fights. Not just good at the game, he was also fun to watch. He didn’t stick to just Fortnite and played other games like Among Us and Grand Theft Auto V to keep things interesting. Outside of streaming, He did even more cool stuff. In 2023, he became part-owner of an esports group called XSET. He also started his own clothing brand called DR3AM, showing that he’s not just about gaming.

Where Does Clix Stream On?

He mainly streams on Twitch, a popular platform for watching live gameplay. You can find him there by searching for “clix” or visiting his channel at He might also stream on other platforms like YouTube. However, Twitch seems to be his main spot to hang out with fans and show off his gaming skills.

Clix’s Amazing Achievements

  • Five-Time Fortnite World Cup Qualifier (2019)
  • Building a Huge Streaming Audience
  • Mastery of Playstyle
  • Branching Out
  • Esports Ownership (XSET)
  • Clothing Brand (DR3AM)

What Is Clix Net Worth?

How Tall Is Clix

Estimating Clix’s net worth is tricky. While exact figures are private, it’s likely in the millions based on his success. Some online resources guess upwards of $20 million. However, a more realistic estimate is likely around $3 million in 2024. He earns from Fortnite tournaments, but most of his income comes from streaming platforms like Twitch and YouTube, where he has a large audience. Sponsorships and his well-known clothing brand DR3AM are also included in his total assets.


Interesting Facts About Clix

  • His Real name is Cody Conrod and he keeps his family information private in the interviews.
  • He began streaming on Twitch at a very young age, around 12 years old in 2017.
  • Though known as Clix, his full name, Cody Conrod, wasn’t widely known for a while.
  • His involvement in XSET esports organization shows his interest in the business side of gaming.
  • His clothing line DR3AM lets fans wear a piece of the Clix brand, but it’s a newer venture.
  • Beyond Twitch, He has a presence on YouTube and TikTok, showing his multi-platform approach.

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So, there you have it. He might not be the tallest gamer out there, but his height certainly doesn’t slow down his talent. He has proved himself as a force to be determined within the world of esports. So remember that greatness comes in all sizes, and he is a perfect example of that. Now that you know his height, you can focus on what truly matters – his incredible gameplay.

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How Old Is Clix?

Clix age is 19 years as he was born in January 2005.

Where Does Clix Live?

Clix currently lives in the United States. There were reports of him moving to a fancy $5 million condo in Dallas, Texas!

What Mouse Does Clix Use?

Clix uses the Finalmouse Ninja Air58 CBB. This is a lightweight wireless gaming mouse known for its speed and performance.

How Many FNCS Has Clix Won?

Unfortunately despite his amazing skills, Clix has not won any FNCS tournaments as of March 2024.

Who Is Clix Dating?

There have been rumors about Clix dating a fellow gamer named Sommerset. Sommerset even made a TikTok announcement, but it’s not entirely clear if it was official or a joke.

Why Did Clix Get Banned?

Clix got banned from Fortnite competitive play for 2 weeks in April 2023. It all happened during a Solo Cash Cup tournament.

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