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Chimbala, a rapper and singer from the Dominican Republic, has made a big name for himself in Latin music, especially in the lively dembow genre. People love his catchy tunes and interesting lyrics, which have helped him build a big fan following and become well-known. But there’s one question fans often wonder about: How tall is Chimbala in feet?

Even though Chimbala is famous in music, his average height is still a mystery. This article looks into why it’s hard to find out Chimbala height. We’ll also talk about why height is important in the music world and how it can affect how people see artists. So, let’s explore the mystery of Chimbala’s height in feet while enjoying some dembow music.

Chimbala Biography

Real Name Leury José Tejeda Brito
Stage Name Chimbala
Birthdate May 18, 1989
Birthplace Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Nationality Dominican
Height Update soon
Weight Update soon
Age 34 years
Profession Singer, Rapper
Genres Urban music
Instruments Vocals
Labels La para records
Career Debut 2016
Marital Status Married
Wife Chari
Net Worth $1-$5 Million
Youtube Channel ChimbalaHD
Zodiac sign Taurus
Social media Instagram, Twitter

Who Is Chimbala?

Chimbala Height

Chimbala real name is Leury José Tejeda Brito, a prominent Dominican rapper and singer. He hails from Santo Domingo and is known for his contributions to the urban music scene, particularly the dembow genre. He’s widely considered one of the genre’s leading figures in Latin America.

Chimbala’s career boasts collaborations with big names like El Alfa, Mozart La Para, and José Reyes. He gained widespread recognition with the song “Maniquí,” which even caught the attention of renowned artist Farruko, who later did a remix. More recently, his 2021 collaboration “Loco” was well-received by his audience. So in this way, Chimbala established his position as a popular artist in the Latin American music scene.

Chimbala Family

While Chimbala is a well-known artist, details about his personal life, including his family, are kept relatively private. Public information focuses primarily on his musical career. Therefore, specific information about his family, such as the names of his parents or siblings, is currently unavailable. However, it’s known that Chimbala is married to a woman named Chari, who he sometimes refers to as “Chari la jefa” (Chari the boss).

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Early Life & Background

Chimbala came into the world on May 18, 1989, in Santo Domingo, the Dominican Republic. Although not much is known about his early life and family, he decided to go by “Chimbala” as his stage name. In Dominican slang, “Chimbala” means “swing” or “sway.” Despite becoming a well-known figure in Latin music, Chimbala prefers to keep his personal life private, including his childhood and family background.

How Tall Is Chimbala?

Chimbala Net Worth

Currently, there isn’t reliable information available about Chimbala height in inches. Despite thorough searches across various sources like online profiles, interviews, and news articles, no credible details have been found. So, it’s essential to exercise caution regarding online information, particularly from unverified sources. While some online sources claim to know Chimbala estatura, it’s best to ignore such information unless it comes from reputable sources.

How Did Chimbala’s Career Begin And Gain Momentum?

Chimbala has made a big impact on Latin American music, especially in the “dembow” genre, which is a type of Dominican urban music. His career started in 2016 when he released his first song “Llego la Noche.” This song became very popular in Latin America. Because of the song’s success, big record labels like Sony Music and Universal Music Group became interested in Chimbala.

During his career, Chimbala has worked with famous artists in Latin music, like El Alfa, Mozart La Para, and José Reyes. One of his popular songs is “Maniquí,” which got a remix by Farruko. Recently, his song “Loco” (2021) was liked by many fans, showing that he’s still popular in Latin American music.

What Is Chimbala Net Worth?

How Tall Is Chimbala

Unfortunately, Chimbala’s exact net income is not publicly available. His music career has undoubtedly brought him success. However, determining his exact wealth is challenging due to the private nature of financial information for artists. Several factors contribute to an artist’s net worth, including music sales, streaming revenue, touring income, and brand endorsements. While Chimbala has established himself in the music scene, the specific details of his earnings are unsure.

Top 10 Chimbala Songs

  1. Loco (feat. Justin Quiles, Zion & Lennox)
  2. WOW BB (feat. Natti Natasha, El Alfa)
  3. Quiero Rumba (feat. Dimelo Flow, Anitta)
  4. El Boom
  5. Rueda (Remix)
  6. La Piedra (feat. Jey One)
  7. Mi Condena (feat. Wisin, Arcangel, Chris Lebron)
  8. Feliz
  9. Esta Si (feat. Chucky73, Dowba Montana)
  10. Maniquí (Remix feat. Farruko)


Interesting Facts About Chimbala

  • Chimbala’s real name is Leury José Tejeda Brito, but he chose “Chimbala” as his stage name. “Chimbala” translates to “swing” or “sway” in Dominican slang.
  • He started his career in 2016 but only gained widespread recognition after the song “Llego la Noche” in 2016.
  • He’s primarily known for the “dembow” genre, a style of Dominican urban music characterized by its fast tempo and electronic beats.
  • Collaborations with big names like El Alfa, Mozart La Para, and Farruko have significantly boosted his popularity.
  • While details are private, Chimbala is married to a woman named Chari, who he sometimes refers to as “Chari la jefa” (Chari the boss).
  • Despite his success, Chimbala maintains a relatively private personal life, and information about his family.

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Even though we don’t know how tall Chimbala is, we can’t deny his talent and influence in music. People everywhere love his songs, showing that real talent is more important than how someone looks. So, when you listen to Chimbala, enjoy the catchy beats and great lyrics. His music is what really makes him stand out in the dembow scene.

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How Old Is Chimbala?

Chimbala age is 34 years old as he was born in May 1989.

How Much Is Chimbala Worth?

It’s impossible to say exactly how much Chimbala is worth because that information is private.

When Is Chimbala Birthday?

Chimbala was born on 18 May so his birthday is coming soon.

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