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Anna McNulty, a social media sensation and famous and the most favorite contortionist, has wowed audiences with her incredible flexibility for years. But alongside her mind-bending poses, a question often we faced was how tall is Anna McNulty? In this article, we’ll go through the mystery surrounding Anna McNulty height in feet and explore what information is available about her. We’ll also discuss how height doesn’t define her talent and achievements. So, get ready to stretch your curiosity as we explore the fascinating world of her stature.

Anna McNulty Biography

Real Name Anna McNulty
Nickname The Contortionist
Birthdate April 26, 2002
Birthplace Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada
Nationality Canadian
Ethnicity White
High School Saint John High School
Height 5 feet 2 inches
Weight 45 kg
Age 21 (as of March 2024)
Profession Social media influencer, dancer, contortionist, YouTuber
Channel Launch Date November 11, 2016
Known for Extreme flexibility and contortion
YouTube Followers Over 10 Million
Instagram Followers Over 1.7 Million
Marital Status Single
Boyfriend Nick Bencivengo
Instagram account (@annaemcnulty)
Net Worth $1.1 Million

Who Is Anna McNulty?

How Tall Is Anna Mcnulty

She is a Canadian internet star. Originally from New Brunswick, she started cheerleading at 10 years old, which likely helped nurture her flexibility. She began showing her talents on Instagram in 2015, and quickly gained a huge fan following.

However, with limitations on video length, she turned to YouTube in 2016 to share more in-depth flexibility routines and tutorials. Sometime later, her YouTube channel has grown to nearly eight million subscribers, making her the top Canadian creator on the platform in 2023. You can also find her on TikTok and Instagram, where she continues to impress with her mind-bending contortions. McNulty has gained sponsorships from renowned brands like Gymshark, acting as a brand ambassador and influencing a new generation of athletes.

Anna McNulty Family

Father Mr. McNulty
Mother Charlene
Elder Sister Grace McNulty

Anna McNulty’s family is a wonderful support system for her. Whether it’s attending her performances or helping her manage her busy schedule, Anna’s family is always there for her. Anna feels empowered with her family to pursue her dreams and continue sharing her incredible talent with the world.

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Early Life & Education

She was born on April 26, 2002, in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada, showed a remarkable talent for flexibility and dance from a young age. Starting her journey into cheerleading at the age of 10, her exceptional flexibility caught the attention of people. In 2016, she even won an Instagram model search for Limelight Dancewear.

She attended Saint John High School and graduated in 2019. Despite her talent and achievements, she decided not to pursue further education at the moment. Instead, Anna focused on growing her self-titled YouTube channel, where she shares her passion for flexibility and dance with millions of fans worldwide.

How Tall Is Anna McNulty?

Anna Mcnulty Age

Anna McNulty height and weight is 5 feet 2 inches (157 cm) and 45 kg simultaneously. She’s not very tall, but that’s okay. However, people find it surprising because she’s a bit shorter. You can find this information on her YouTube channel and fan pages. Despite her height, Anna is incredibly flexible. Her amazing contortion skills have made her very popular on YouTube. Millions of fans watch her videos and are amazed by what she can do.

Why Is Anna McNulty So Short?

Her height, standing at around 5 feet 2 inches, may seem shorter compared to others, but it’s not a limitation for her. Instead, her petite stature enhances her remarkable flexibility and contortion abilities. Being shorter can actually be advantageous in certain athletic pursuits, allowing for better agility and balance.

Anna Career As A Cheerleader And Contortionist

Anna McNulty began sharing her love for flexibility and dance on Instagram in January 2015. With captivating photos and videos, she quickly gained fame, reaching over 1.1 million followers. Her graceful contortions mesmerized fans worldwide. Not stopping at Instagram, Anna conquered TikTok, showing her unique dance and contortion blend. Her engaging videos earned her a massive following of 8 million fans, establishing her as one of TikTok’s top stars.

Anna’s talent extends beyond social media platforms. As a competitive cheerleader and contortionist, she inspires others to pursue their passions. Her YouTube channel, with over 7 million subscribers, offers an intimate look into her life and routines and connects her with the audience on a deeper level. Anna McNulty also fulfilled her childhood dream of becoming an Olympic gymnast by venturing into the world of rhythmic gymnastics.

What Is Anna McNulty Net Worth?

Anna Mcnulty Height

Exact figures for Anna McNulty net worth aren’t publicly available. However, estimates suggest it could be around $1.1 million. This makes sense considering her successful YouTube channel with millions of subscribers and views. As a top Canadian YouTuber, she likely earns from ads, sponsorships, and her own merchandise.


Interesting Facts About Anna McNulty

  • Anna wasn’t formally trained, she learned her amazing flexibility through dedication and practice.
  • Before rising to fame as a YouTube star, Anna McNulty demonstrated her athleticism as a cheerleader.
  • Starting at 14, she turned her contortion skills into a successful YouTube channel with millions of subscribers.
  • While flexibility is her main focus, Anna also shares vlogs and challenges on her channel.
  • In 2023, she was recognized as YouTube’s top creator from Canada!

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So in the end, although Anna McNulty’s height might make us curious, it’s her dedication, hard work, and exceptional flexibility that truly stand out. Whether she’s tall or not, what matters most is her talent and ability to inspire others to explore their physical potential. So, when you find yourself in the wonder of Anna’s contortions, remember that her height is not the focal point. Instead, it’s her remarkable ability to stretch and bend that captures our attention and admiration.

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How Old Is Anna Mcnulty Now?

Anna McNulty age is 21 as of March 2024 because she was born in April 2002.

Is Anna Mcnulty Married?

No! Anna McNulty is not married to anyone; she is still single.

Where Does Anna Mcnulty Live?

Anna McNulty currently lives in Saint John, New Brunswick which is her place of birth.

When Is Anna Mcnulty Birthday?

Anna McNulty was born on 2 April so her birthday is just coming soon.

Who Is Anna Mcnulty Dating?

According to TikTok sources, Anna McNulty is dating Nick Bencivengo.

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