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Have you ever watched Anuel music video and searched for How tall is Anuel AA? Maybe you’ve seen him next to other celebrities and it raised some curiosity. Well, you’re not alone. Anuel AA’s height has been a bit of a mystery among fans. However, this mystery isn’t more because we are here with the updates on Anuel AA height in feet. In this article, we’ll find out what we confirm know about the Puerto Rican rapper’s stature.

Anuel Biography

Real Name Emmanuel Gazmey Santiago
Stage Name Anuel AA
Birthdate November 26, 1992
Birthplace Carolina, Puerto Rico
Nationality Puerto Rican
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Height 5 feet 6 inches
Weight 69 Kg
Age 31 Years
Profession Rapper, Singer, Songwriter
Genres Latin trap music, Latin hip hop, Reggaeton
Years Active 2011–present
Labels Real Hasta la Muerte, Sony Latin
Marital Status Currently Single
Ex-Wife Yailín La Más Viral
Net Worth $0.5 M to $20 M
Shoe Size 9 US size

Who Is Anuel?

Anuel Aa Concert

Anuel AA is a rapper and singer from Puerto Rico, known for using songs from his younger days in his music. Anuel AA started making music when he was fourteen and shared it online when he turned eighteen.

Anuel AA got a record deal with Rick Ross’s company and released a popular mixtape in 2016. But then he got in trouble for having a gun and went to jail for 30 months. Even in jail, he kept making music and released his first album on the same day he got out of jail. It was a big hit. He became famous and had several songs on the charts. One of his biggest hits was “China,” and he also did a song with Shakira. In 2020, he said he was retiring from music, but he came back with an album with another artist.

Anuel Family

Father José Gazmey
Mother Nilda Santiago
Ex-Wife (1) Astrid Cuevas
Son (with Astrid Cuevas) Pablo Anuel Gazmey Cuevas
Ex-Girlfriend Melissa Vallecilla
Daughter (with Melissa Vallecilla Gianella Gazmey Vallecilla
Ex-Wife (2) Yailin La Más Viral
Daughter (with Yailin La Más Viral) Cattleya Gazmey Guillermo
New Girlfriend Laury Saavedra

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How Tall Is Anuel?

Anuel Aa Height

Anuel AA’s exact height and weight has been a topic of debate among fans and media. No official source confirms his height, but the widely accepted figure is 5 feet 6 inches (1.68 meters) and weight is 69kg. This information comes from various sources, including fan discussions and media reports. It’s important to remember that reported heights can sometimes be subjective, especially without official confirmation.

Anuel AA’s Musical Career with Prison Sentences

Anuel AA’s music career started young! He began recording music in his teens and quickly gained a following online. His big break came with the mixtape “Real Hasta la Muerte” in 2016, but a prison sentence put things on hold. Interestingly, his music surged in popularity during that time.

When he was released in 2018, he dropped his debut album, also titled “Real Hasta la Muerte.” This album was a massive success and brought him into appearance. Since then, he’s collaborated with huge names like Karol G, Daddy Yankee, and Ozuna, and continues to release hit songs and albums.

Personal Life & Controversies

Anuel AA’s personal life has been full of changes. He got married twice, but both marriages ended in less than a year. He has three children, Pablo, Gianella, and Cattleya from three relationships. Then on top of that, Anuel AA has faced controversies. He went to jail for having a gun, and his songs often talk about violence and drugs. Also, there’s been drama about his relationship with model Laury Saavedra, with people questioning her past. But despite all this, Anuel AA still does well as an artist. He keeps making music and going on tours.

What Is Anuel AA Net Worth 2024?

How Tall Is Anuel

There’s some debate about Anuel AA’s net worth. Some sources say it’s around $20 million, while others estimate it’s closer to $500,000. The higher number likely considers his earnings from music, tours, endorsements, and investments. The lower number might be more recent information. Either way, his success in music has definitely made him wealthy.

Top 10 Anuel AA Songs

  1. Secreto (featuring Karol G)
  2. China (with Daddy Yankee, Karol G, Ozuna & J Balvin)
  3. Amanece
  4. Adicto (with Ozuna)
  5. La Jeepeta – Remix
  6. Ella Quiere Beber (Remix) (with Romeo Santos)
  7. Medellín (with Karol G)
  8. Sola (Remix) (with Daddy Yankee, Wisin, Farruko & Zion & Lennox)
  9. Culpables (with Karol G)
  10. Reloj


Interesting Facts About Anuel AA

  • Anuel AA does things differently from other artists. He doesn’t write his lyrics before going to the studio.
  • He began making music at just 14 years old and started sharing it online when he was 18.
  • He has three children from different relationships, showing a softer side despite his tough image.
  • His music career took off while he was in prison for gun charges. He even managed to record some songs behind bars.
  • He is known for his many tattoos, which often cover his arms and chest.

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So, in the end there’s no official confirmation of his exact height, but most sources estimate him to be around 5 feet 6 inches tall. Whether you imagine him a little shorter or a bit taller, one thing is clear: Anuel AA’s musical impact is unquestionable. He remains a significant figure in Latin Trap, always delighting audiences with his performances, regardless of his height.

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Who Is Anuel AA Dating?

Anuel new girlfriend is Venezuelan fashion model Laury Saavedra since July 2023.

Who Are Anuel AA Parents?

Anuel AA dad is Puerto Rican and his mom is also Puerto Rican, but with white heritage.

Where Is Anuel AA From?

Anuel AA is from Puerto Rico! It’s a beautiful island in the Caribbean Sea, famous for its beaches, rainforests, and rich culture.

How Old Is Anuel AA?

As of March 2022, Anuel AA age is 31 because he was born in November 1992.

Why Did Karol G And Anuel Break Up?

Karol G and Anuel AA broke up most likely because they wanted to focus on their own music careers and felt a bit too close working together all the time.

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