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Are you searching for the worlds tallest woman ever in the history? than you are at the right place, Trijntje Keever is the tallest woman ever; her height was 8 feet 4 inches.

The only woman to make it onto our list of the tallest people in the world is Trijntje Keever, who holds the record for being the tallest woman ever in the history of the world. She was born in the small Dutch town of Edam in 1616. The tallest woman in history was the wonder of Europe when she was nine years old. Ever wondered how tall was the tallest woman in the world? She was taller than any European man at that age because she was 8 feet 4 inches tall.

Trijntje Keever, became famous at a young age because she grew quickly. Her parents put her on display at carnivals, where she was called “De Groote Meid” (“The Big Girl”) in the Netherlands and all over Europe. You are getting to know how tall was the tallest woman ever, let explore the journey of Trijntje Cornelisdochter Keever from their early life to the cause of her death.

Trijntje Keever Biography

Real Name Trijntje Cornelisdochter Keever
Nick Name De Groote Meid
Height 8 feet 4 inches
Weight 90 KG
Birth date Apr 16. 1616
Place of Birth Edam, Spanish, Netherlands
Age 17
Date Of Death July 07, 1633
Net Worth $100k


how tall was the tallest woman

Who is Trijntje Keever?

Dutchwoman Trijntje Cornelisdochter Keever lived from 1616 until 1633. When she passed away at the age of 17, she was thought to have been the tallest woman in history, standing at a height of 8 feet 4 inches (2.57 meters).

Keever’s height generated interest, leading to her eventual display in public spaces such as carnivals. Dignitaries, notably the Prince of Orange, also paid her a visit.

Early Life Of  The Tallest Woman Ever

Trijntje Keever, was only 17 years old when she died and was 8 feet, 4 inches tall. She’s the tallest woman who’s ever lived. Cancer was found to be the cause of her death. When Trijntje was only nine, she was already 6 feet 7 inches tall. Her height kept getting taller very quickly, which caused her a lot of trouble. Keever was from Edam, northwest of the Netherlands. Trijntje Keever, the tallest woman in history, grew to 8 feet 4 inches when she passed away.

She was kind and nice to others. Although sometimes difficult, Trijntje learned to be proud of her differences. She did not define herself by her height. Instead, she talked about herself, saying how smart and kind she was and how much she liked herself. Trijntje, became an example of positivity and self-acceptance as her self-confidence grew.

Many people, including princes and princesses, saw the wonder child. She was 17 years old and 8 feet 4 inches tall when she died of cancer. A lot of people believe that she had acromegaly. An unknown artist drew a picture of her that was found in her hometown. Now you know how tall was Trijntje Keever.

Trijntje Keever Possibilities And Problems

Trijntje’s height gave her unexpected opportunities as a teenager. Agents and talent scouts saw that she could do well in the entertainment business and contacted her.

Trijntje had to deal with problems in her daily life because she was so tall. Simple things like finding clothes that fit well or using furniture that comes in standard sizes became hard. But Trijntje, was strong and had a good sense of humor, which helped her deal with these problems in style. She became good at solving everyday problems and adjusting to her situation. You are reading about how tall was the tallest woman in the world.

Why was Trijntje Keever so tall?

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Trijntje Keever Personality

Trijntje, didn’t let her height hold her back. Instead, she used it to spread good vibes and inspire others. She got involved in many charitable causes and used her fame to bring attention to and help those in need.

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Trijntie Keever Family

She was born in Edam, Netherlands, in April 16, 1616. Her name is Trijntje Cornelisdochter Keever. Cornelis was her father, a Dutch captain, and Anna was her mother, a maid.

Her parents probably knew from a young age that their daughter was taller than most girls her age. After she turned six, she grew very quickly. By the time she was 13, she was taller than most guys. Her parents would have been worried about this because they would have been worried about her health and how people would see her.

Even though it was hard to raise a child with gigantism, Trijntje’s parents seemed to be there for her. They let people show her off at carnivals and other public events, which helped the family make money. They also told her to be proud of her height.

Trijntie Keever Cause Of Death

A disease called pituitary gigantism, which is brought on by too much growth hormone, is most likely what made Keever so tall. It is possible for a mass in the pituitary gland, which makes growth hormone, to cause this condition.

He was 17 years old when he died on July 7, 1633. Lung cancer is thought to have killed her, and her giant size may have had something to do with it.

People should remember that the human body is very different from one person to the next. Even though she had physical problems, she was an amazing woman who beat the odds and lived a full and important life.

Trijntie Keever Net Worth

Trijntje Keever estimated net worth is around $100k. their parents leading to her eventual display in public spaces such as carnivals. Dignitaries, notably the Prince of Orange, also paid her a visit. which helped the family make money.

Some Facts About Trijntje Keever The Tallest Woman Ever 

  • Her height was 8 feet, 4 inches tall.
  • She was taller than most of her town.
  • She got acting roles because of her height.
  • She was inspiring because she accepted herself. Her fame helped her promote positive change and embrace her differences.

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Trijntje Keever Impacts That Will Last

She will be remembered as a woman who embraced her uniqueness, went against society’s expectations, and improved many people’s lives. Trijntje held the record for many years. Her life teaches us through her story that we should embrace our unique qualities and that the path to genuine beauty begins with kindness toward oneself and others.


She was known to be kind and generous. During her life, She faced many difficulties, but that did not stop her from thinking big. The extraordinary life of Trijntje Keever, leaves a good effect on people who read about her.

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How tall was the tallest woman ever in the world?

The tallest woman ever, Trijntje Keever, was 8 feet, 4 inches tall.

Where was Trijntje Keever's place of birth?

The tallest woman ever, Trijntje Keever’s birthplace is the Dutch town of Edam, where she was born.

What was Trijntje Keever's age when she died?

Trijntje Keever, the tallest woman ever, died when she was 17.

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