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Are you interested in knowing about the tallest College Basketball Player? Meet Paul Sturgess, the towering basketball sensation who made history as the tallest college player at 7 feet 7 inches. From humble beginnings in the United Kingdom, Sturgess’s remarkable journey spans an inspiring career in basketball, venturing into acting and becoming a sought-after motivational speaker.

Overcoming challenges due to his exceptional height caused by a genetic condition, he embraced his uniqueness, excelling in sports and later transitioning to influencing young minds with motivational talks. Let’s delve into the life of this multi-talented personality who continues to inspire and uplift countless individuals worldwide.

Who Is The Tallest College Basketball Player?

Paul Sturgess stood 7 feet 7 inches tall, making him the tallest player in college basketball ever. He played for Florida Tech and Mountain State University. Sturgess scored near the basket by grabbing rebounds, blocking shots, and using his height.

Who Is Paul Sturgess

He was good at passing and handling the ball despite his height. In his college games, he averaged 9.4 points, 8.7 rebounds, and 2.4 assists per game. After college, he played basketball in Europe and Asia before retiring in 2019.

Who Is Paul Sturgess?

Paul Sturgess Birthdate

Paul Sturgess, a British ex-pro basketball player, was measured by Guinness World Records in 2011 at 7 ft 7.26 in (2.32 m) and 325 lb (147 kg). Born on November 25, 1987, in Loughborough, England, he started playing basketball early and grew very tall as a teenager, standing over 7 feet.

He went to Florida Tech for college basketball in 2007, then moved to Mountain State University in 2009, playing there for two seasons. Sturgess got awards in college and was officially recognized by Guinness World Records as the tallest pro basketball player in 2011, holding the title until 2017 when Neil Fingleton, 7 ft 7.56 in (2.33 m) tall, passed away.

How Tall Is Paul Sturgess? Paul Sturgess Height & Weight

Paul Sturgess, a former basketball player from Britain, is famous for being incredibly tall, standing at 7 feet 7.26 inches and weight is 325 pounds. He joined the Guinness World Record due to his height.

He got this tall because of a genetic condition called Marfan syndrome, which affects how the body’s tissues work and can make people grow a lot. Even though being so tall can be tough, Sturgess has accepted it and made it work for him in basketball.

tallest college basketball player 2023

Paul Sturgess Biography

Paul Sturgess is a successful soccer player known for his fame and wealth. August 4, 1975, was his birthdate in the United Kingdom. At 44 years old, he’s among the most famous and richest soccer players in our records.

Name Paul Sturgess
Paul Sturgess Height 7 ‘7 feet
Paul Sturgess Weight 147 KG
Paul Sturgess Birthdate Nov 25, 1987
Paul Sturgess Age 36 years

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Paul Sturgess Family

tallest player in college basketball

Paul Sturgess keeps his personal life private, so not much is known about his family. But we know he has a younger sister. His dad is really tall, 6 feet 10 inches, and his mom is shorter, 5 feet 5 inches. He’s also connected to the Marsh family, famous as the tallest family in Britain.

Paul Sturgess Career History

Paul Sturgess, nicknamed “Tiny,” became part of the Harlem Globetrotters in 2011, known as the tallest player in the team’s history. He wears size 19 shoes and is exceptionally tall due to genetics, not a medical condition.

His father is 6 ft 10 in, and despite his mother and sister being shorter, his family has other tall members. Paul appeared in a TV documentary about tall teens when he was 19 and playing basketball at Florida Tech.

He enjoys various sports like golf and football, but he chose basketball. Paul started team basketball at 14, grew rapidly during his teens, and declined European offers to pursue basketball in the US. He was drafted in the NBA Development League but later played for teams like the Texas Legends and Cheshire Phoenix.

After returning to the Harlem Globetrotters, he became a villain in the reformed Washington Generals. Following his basketball career, he became a motivational speaker, especially for younger kids.

Paul Sturgess Relationships

Paul Sturgess only talks a little about his personal life, especially relationships.He keeps these details private and doesn’t discuss his marital status or past divorces.

Where is Paul Sturgess (Basketball Player) Now?

Paul Sturgess lives in England and is now focusing on acting. He also does motivational speeches and coaches’ basketball. He often goes to schools nationwide to talk about his life and encourage young basketball players. You can find him on Instagram as @paulsturgess_ and on his website.

Paul Sturgess Age

Paul Sturgess Net Worth

Paul Sturgess, who used to play basketball and is now an actor and motivational speaker, has a net worth of around $1 million. His basketball career helped him financially, and being tall at 7 feet 7.26 inches helped him get into acting, modeling, and public speaking, making his money grow.

Acting and motivating people have been big parts of Sturgess’s success. He’s been in movies and TV shows and gets paid well for motivational talks. People love his story of overcoming challenges, which has made him successful in business.

tallest college basketball player

Interesting Facts About Paul Sturgess

  • He could dunk a basketball without jumping.
  • Paul’s nickname is ironically “Tiny.
  • Paul is known for his kind and friendly personality.
  • Paul is an actor and motivational speaker who dabbles in golf and football.

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Paul Sturgess is an amazing guy who played basketball, acted, and inspired people. He’s tall but faces challenges because of it. But he turned these challenges into opportunities and became a role model. By sharing his story, he shows everyone that we can still achieve great things no matter our struggles.

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Who will be the tallest college basketball player in 2023?

With an impressive height of 7′ 7 feet, Paul Sturgess is the tallest player in college basketball in 2023.

How old is Paul Sturgess?

Paul Sturgess was born on November 25, 1987, and is currently 35 years old.

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