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Tarek El Moussa is a familiar face for fans of home renovation shows. He’s flipped countless houses on HGTV and turned real estate into a successful career. But have you ever wondered about: How tall is Tarek El Moussa actually? While celebrities’ heights aren’t always officially recorded, this article will explore what we know and dig into some clues to give you an idea of Tarek’s stature.

Tarek El Moussa Biography

Real Name Tarek Gustave El Moussa
Famous as Tarek El Moussa
Birthdate August 21, 1981
Birthplace Long Beach, California, U.S.
Nationality American
Education SunnyHills High School
Height 6 Feet 2 inches
Weight 84kg /149lbs
Age 42
Profession Real estate broker, Investor, TV personality
Known for Flip or Flop, Flipping 101 with Tarek El Moussa
Years Active 2002-present
Marital Status Married
Main Income Source Entrepreneur
Real Estate Income $6 Million
Net Worth $15 Million


Who Is Tarek El Moussa?

Where is Tarek El Moussa from?

Tarek El Moussa is famous in real estate and TV. He was born in Long Beach, California in 1981. At 21, he got his real estate license. Tarek started by selling fancy homes. But in 2008, the economy got bad. So, he and his wife Christina Hall began flipping houses. They fixed up old houses and sold them for more money.

The couple’s show “Flip or Flop” on HGTV became very popular. They became stars because of it. But they got divorced in 2018. Even so, Tarek kept working in real estate and TV. He got married again to Heather Rae Young. The newly married pair now have a show called “The Flipping El Moussas” on HGTV. He also teaches people how to flip houses in his show “Flipping 101 With Tarek El Moussa.”

Tarek El Moussa Family & Relationships

Tarek El Moussa relationship

Tarek El Moussa is a successful real estate investor and television personality. He’s been married twice, first to Christina Hall with whom he shares two children, Taylor and Brayden. Currently, he’s married to Heather Rae El Moussa and they have a son together, Tristan.

Father Robert Carroll
Mother Dominique El Moussa
Siblings Angelique (Sister)
Ex-Wife Christina Hall (married 2009-2018)
Current Wife Heather Rae El Moussa (married in 2021)
Daughter Taylor Reese El Moussa (with Christina Hall)
Son Brayden James El Moussa (with Christina Hall)
Son Tristan Jay El Moussa (with Heather Rae El Moussa)

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How Tall Is Tarek El Moussa?

How tall is Tarek El Moussa in feet

Tarek El Moussa’s height is 6 feet 2 inches tall, which adds another interesting detail to his life. He’s successful in real estate and on HGTV. Besides his height, Tarek has faced many challenges. He’s dealt with tough times in real estate and health issues. But he’s gotten through them all. Tarek inspires others with his hard work and positive outlook. He flips houses, teaches renovators, and manages his family life well.

Tarek El Moussa’s Professional Career

Tarek El Moussa height and weightTarek El Moussa started his career in real estate young, getting his license at just 21 years old. He initially focused on selling luxury properties and did well for a while. However, the economic downturn in 2008 forced him to change course. Partnering with his then-wife Christina Hall, they decided to try their hand at flipping houses. They bought undervalued properties, fixed them up, and then sold them for a profit.

With a bit of luck, their gamble paid off. They became experts in flipping houses and even landed their own show on HGTV called “Flip or Flop.” The show documented their house-flipping process and became a huge hit, launching them both into the world of television stars.

Personal Life

Tarek El Moussa’s love life has ups and downs. He was married to Christina Hall for a long time, and they had two kids. They worked together on the HGTV show “Flip or Flop,” buying and selling houses. But the couple split up and got divorced. Later, Tarek found love again and married Heather Rae Young in 2021. They just had their first baby together, a boy. So now, Tarek has three kids. He juggles his family life with his job in real estate and his new show with Heather on HGTV.

Tarek El Moussa: Battling Cancer

Tarek El Moussa cancer

In 2013, Tarek El Moussa had a scary time. A fan who was a nurse saw a lump on his neck while watching his show. It turned out to be thyroid cancer. He had surgery and treatment to beat it. But then he found out he also had testicular cancer. It was tough, but Tarek stayed strong. He had more surgery and got better. Dealing with cancer changed his life. He started focusing more on staying healthy and quit smoking. Tarek’s story reminds us to pay attention to our bodies and see the doctor regularly. It also shows that staying positive is important when fighting cancer.

What Is Tarek El Moussa Net Worth?

Tarek El Moussa is very rich, with around $15 million. He earned this money in a few ways but first of all, he made a lot in real estate. He started young and did well, especially when he switched to flipping houses during the 2008 recession. Second, his TV shows on HGTV, like “Flip or Flop,” made him famous and probably paid him a lot. Even after he and his ex-wife Christina Hall split up, Tarek kept making money from shows like “Flipping 101 With Tarek El Moussa,” where he teaches people about renovating houses.

Tarek El Moussa net worth

Interesting Facts About Tarek El Moussa

  • Tarek started selling fancy million-dollar homes but switched to fixing up and reselling houses after the 2008 recession.
  • He battled thyroid cancer and used radiation treatment to beat it.
  • His show “Flip or Flop” with ex-wife Christina Hall became a huge hit, making them HGTV stars.
  • Tarek has another show, “Flipping 101 With Tarek El Moussa” where he teaches others how to flip houses.
  • Tarek used to smoke but stopped after his cancer diagnosis.

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So there you have it! Tarek El Moussa is a multi-faceted individual – a successful real estate investor, a reality TV star, and a cancer survivor who inspires others. From facing health challenges to building a loving family, his story is one of resilience and determination. Whether you’re a fan of his flipping skills or admire his perseverance, Tarek El Moussa’s journey is sure to leave a lasting impression.

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How old is Tarek El Moussa?

Tarek El Moussa age is 42 as he was born in August 1981.

What ethnicity is Tarek El Moussa?

Tarek El Moussa’s background is mixed. His dad is from Lebanon in the Middle East, and his mom is from Belgium in Europe.

What is Heather and Tarek’s age gap?

Heather Rae Young is younger than Tarek El Moussa by 6 years.

Is Tarek El Moussa a smoker?

Yes, Tarek El Moussa used to smoke cigarettes. He has spoken openly about quitting smoking after his cancer diagnosis.

Are Tarek and Christina still friends?

Tarek and Christina aren’t exactly best friends anymore, but they get along well for the sake of their kids.

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