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Have you ever been curious about the voice behind the hit song “Never Enough” from the movie “The Greatest Showman”? It wasn’t the actress on screen singing those powerful verses. The fantastic vocals that captivated audiences belong to the talented singer, Loren Allred. While her voice is well-known, some details about Loren herself remain a mystery. 

One question fans often ask is: How tall is Loren Allred? Luckily, the question is no more because we have got the answer. In this article, we’ll know what information is available about Loren Allred height and explore some interesting facts about her life.

Loren Allred Biography

Real Name Loren Allred
Birthdate September 7, 1989
Birthplace Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S.
Nationality American
Ethnicity Mixed
Education Berklee College of Music in Boston
Height 5 feet 6 inches
Weight 55kg
Age 34
Profession Singer
Instruments Vocals
Music bases Love, empowerment, and resilience
Years Active 2008–present
Collaborated with Michael Bublé
Marital Status Single
Annual Salary $500,000
Net Worth $2 Million


Who Is Loren Allred?

Loren Allred height

Loren Allred, a talented American singer, rose to fame with her powerful vocals on the hit song “Never Enough” from the movie “The Greatest Showman.” Even though actress Rebecca Ferguson portrayed the character singing the song, it was Allred’s voice that captivated audiences. This song, which went platinum, marked her debut on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.


Born into a musical family, Allred’s passion for music began early. Her parents, both accomplished musicians, nurtured her talent for music.  She honed her skills at one of the top Berklee College of Music and even competed on season 3 of the singing competition show “The Voice.” Although her run on the show was short-lived, it was just a stepping stone on her path to future success.

Loren Allred Family

Loren Allred life style

Music runs deep in Lorraine Allred’s family. His parents, Dr. Brady RL Reed and Dr. Carol Ann Allred, are both accomplished musicians. His father headed the choirs and his mother is a renowned classical soprano and voice teacher. In this musically influenced household, Lorraine and her three sisters, Megan, Brennan, and Karen, all love music.

Father Dr. Brady R. Allred
Mother Dr. Carol Ann Allred
Siblings Megan, Brennan, Karin

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How Tall Is Loren Allred in Feet?

How tall is Loren Allred in feet

There have been some queries surrounding Loren Allred’s height, with fans searching for an exact answer. But the good news is that we have got the final answer. According to recent reports, Loren Allred height is confirmed to be 5 feet 6 inches. This information likely comes from reliable sources close to the singer or measurements taken during professional settings. So, next time you see Loren Allred, you can determine her physical stature at a cool 5 feet 6 inches tall.

How Loren Allred Became Famous?

Loren Allred’s singing career took off when her powerful voice stunned audiences in “The Greatest Showman.” Although actress Rebecca Ferguson lip-synced the hit song “Never Enough” on screen, it was Loren’s vocals that captivated millions. This song shot her up onto the prominent Billboard Hot 100 chart.

But Loren’s journey began long before Hollywood noticed her. Raised in a musical family, her talent shone from a young age. Seeking to hone her skills, she attended the renowned Berklee College of Music, known for shaping future music stars.

Before her big break, Loren auditioned for “The Voice,” showing her talent and gaining valuable experience. While she didn’t win the competition, it was a stepping stone towards her success. Now, with a chart-topping hit behind her, Loren continues to mesmerize audiences with her incredible voice.

Loren Allred net worth 2024

Loren Allred: Beyond a Celebrity

Even though many people know her for the hit song “Never Enough,” there’s more to Loren Allred than being famous. She comes from a loving family full of music, and she worked hard to become a great singer. She even went to a special school to learn even more! Besides singing, she might also write songs or even help others learn to sing like her.

Loren Allred singing career

What Is Loren Allred Net Worth?

Estimates suggest Loren Allred’s net worth falls somewhere around $2 million. This number comes from sources like Hollywood Worth. It’s important to remember that the net worth figures are often based on predictions and may not be accurate. Her success with “Never Enough” undoubtedly played a big role in building her net worth. The song’s popularity led to royalties, performance opportunities, and increased recognition. While she hasn’t revealed details about her income, her career achievements suggest a healthy net worth.

Loren Allred weight

Loren Allred’s Best Songs

  1. Never Enough (from The Greatest Showman)
  2. Start a Wave (for Disney World)
  3. No Promises to Keep (from Final Fantasy VII Rebirth)
  4. Last Thing I’ll Ever Need
  5. This Is Love (with Hardwell and Kaaze)
  6. This Summer
  7. “Need You Now”
  8. Til I Found You
  9. Need You Now (The Voice Performance)
  10. When Love Takes Over (The Voice Performance)

Interesting Facts About Loren Allred

  • Loren grew up surrounded by music! Her mom is a famous singing teacher and her dad used to lead big groups of singers.
  • She went to a super cool music school called Berklee College of Music, where they train future stars.
  • Even before she was famous, she showed off her amazing voice on a big singing competition show, “The Voice.”
  • In the movie “The Greatest Showman,” it wasn’t the actress singing the hit song “Never Enough,” but Loren.
  • The song “Never Enough” was a huge hit and landed Loren on a famous music chart.

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So in the end, confirmed reports state that Loren Allred stands at 5 feet 6 inches tall, satisfying the curiosity of many fans. However, her true talent shines through in her remarkable voice. Loren Allred’s powerful vocals have captivated audiences worldwide, regardless of her stature. Recently, she ventured into America’s Got Talent: Fantasy League and released her EP. With her undeniable talent and accomplishments, Loren Allred’s future in the music industry promises to be exciting.

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What is Loren Allred dating now?

Loren Allred is busy making music! She recently released an EP and competed on America’s Got Talent: Fantasy League.

What happened to Loren Allred on America's Got Talent?

Loren Allred did well on America’s Got Talent: Fantasy League! She impressed the judges with her vocals but ultimately didn’t make it to the finals.

Did Loren Allred get credit?

No, for a long time, Loren Allred did not get credit for singing “Never Enough”. The actress in the movie pretended to sing it.

Who is the real voice behind the song Never Enough?

The powerful voice behind the hit song “Never Enough” from “The Greatest Showman” actually belongs to singer Loren Allred.

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