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James Kennedy, the DJ, music producer, and reality TV personality, is known for his appearances on Vanderpump Rules. Despite becoming famous, he sparked curiosity about his physical stature. Whether you’ve seen him behind the decks or on screen, you might be wondering: How tall is James Kennedy? But this curiosity isn’t anymore because we are here to answer the query. This article talks about the reported and self-claimed heights of his, who has many talents. It gives some interesting details and looks into why there might be differences in the information.

James Kennedy Biography

Birth Name James Kennedy
Birthdate January 24, 1992
Birthplace London, England
Nationality British
Age 32 years old
Height 5 feet 10 inches
Weight 68 kg
Occupation Reality TV personality, DJ
Known For Appearing in the reality TV show Vanderpump Rules
Relationship Status Dating Ally Lewber
Net Worth $8 Million

Who Is James Kennedy?

James Kennedy Height

He is a British-born DJ, music producer, and reality television personality, was born in London in 1992. He began DJing at 16 and produced his first song at just 18, showcasing his musical talents early on. He made a name for himself in the electronic music world, especially in house music, and collaborated with Logic, Pitbull, and Iggy Azalea.

He became widely recognized through his role in the reality TV show “Vanderpump Rules.” The show documented the lives of employees at Lisa Vanderpump’s restaurants and featured James’s music career and personal life. Despite the fame, his time on the show also brought controversies and challenges.

James Kennedy Family

Father Andros Georgiou
Mother Jacqueline Georgiou
Siblings Harry Georgiou, Dylan Georgiou
Girlfriend Ally Lewber

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Early Life

He was born in London, England, in 1992. During his childhood and teenage years, he lived in various places like Ibiza, Spain, and later Los Angeles, USA. Growing up in different cultures and having a dad in the music business likely influenced his interests. He started DJing when he was 16 and made his first song at 18, showing his early love for music. This passion for music has become a big part of his life and career.

How Tall Is James Kennedy In Feet?

James Kennedy Girlfriend

James Kennedy height has been mentioned differently in various sources. Some say he’s about 5 feet 10 inches (178 cm) tall. However, James himself mentioned at a BravoCon event in 2023 that he’s around 6 ‘1 and a half” which is approximately 187 cm. It’s important to know that self-reported heights can vary a bit, and factors like camera angles or shoes can affect how tall someone appears. So, although the exact number may vary, He is probably somewhere between 5’10” and 6’ 1.5″ tall.

A Successful Diverse Career

He has had a mixed career, including music production, DJing, and being on reality Television series. He started his musical journey early, beginning to DJ when he was just 16. People noticed his talent quickly, and he started making his music by age 18.

James did well in the electronic music world, especially in house music, and even made tracks for famous artists like Logic, Pitbull, Iggy Azalea, and LMFAO. This time made him known as a skilled music producer in the industry.

He gained more fame when he joined the reality TV show “Vanderpump Rules.” This show followed the lives of people working at Lisa Vanderpump’s restaurants in Los Angeles. It featured James’s music career and his personal life, including his relationships. Being on the show made him very famous and well-liked by many. However, it also brought some controversies along the way.

James Kennedy’s Personal Life

He has chosen to share some parts of his personal life publicly, and it’s important to respect his privacy by not sharing unconfirmed details. What we can say is that he’s currently dating Ally Lewber, and they’ve been together since 2022. Ally likes to play with James Kennedy dog and seems happy and committed. James also announced his sobriety in 2020, showing his personal growth journey.

What Is James Kennedy Net Worth?

How Tall Is James Kennedy

As of 2024, James Kennedy’s net worth is estimated to be around $8 million. He earned this money through different ways. One way is by being on the show Vanderpump Rules for many seasons. Reports say he got about $40,000 for each episode.

Another way James makes money is through his DJ career. He gets paid for gigs and having regular shows at places. He might also make money from making his music. Additionally, James has tried different businesses and had a clothing line and a restaurant, although the restaurant is not open anymore.


Interesting Facts About James Kennedy Charismatic Personality

  • He started DJing at the young age of 16 and produced his first song at 18.
  • He worked with big names like Logic, Pitbull, Iggy Azalea, and LMFAO.
  • James gained fame on the show Vanderpump Rules, showcasing both his music career and personal life.
  • He is also known for his electronic music production skills, particularly in the house music genre.
  • He is currently dating Ally Lewber and they have been together since 2022.

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James Kennedy’s height has been talked about a lot, with different sources saying different things. Some say he’s about 5 feet 10 inches tall, but James himself says he’s around 6 feet 1 and a half inches tall. It shows how different factors can affect what height people say someone is. Despite his height, He is still known for being really good at lots of things like music, reality TV, and his personal journey of getting better and staying sober.

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How Old Is James Kennedy?

A reality TV star and DJ, James Kennedy birthday is on January 24, 1992. So, as of this month, March 2024, he is 32 years old.

Is James Kennedy Gay?

No, James Kennedy isn’t a gay and there is no public evidence on this false news.

Is James Kennedy Still With Ally?

Yes, James Kennedy and Ally are still together as of today, March 4, 2024. They’ve been dating for over two years and even live together with their pets.

Where Is James Kennedy From?

James Kennedy was born in London, England. However, he spent parts of his childhood and teenage years living in other places, including Ibiza, Spain and Los Angeles, USA.

Who Is James Kennedy Girlfriend?

James Kennedy new girlfriend is Ally Lewber. They started dating in January 2022 and have been together ever since.

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