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In the whole world, Zeus is the tallest dog. This extraordinary dog, a grey and brown American Great Dane hailing from Texas, USA, has captured the hearts of dog lovers worldwide. Standing proudly at a towering height of 7 feet and 4 inches, Zeus has officially claimed the title of the tallest living male dog on the planet.

We are going to look at Zeus’ impressive world in this article and examine what makes him the kind-hearted titan who owns this amazing record.

In the whole world, Zeus is the tallest dog

What Is The Tallest Dog In The World 2022/2023?

The championship of the world’s tallest dog was pushed to Zeus, a Great Dane from Michigan.. He measured an incredible 44 inches in height and an astonishing 7 feet, 4 inches when he stood on his hind legs, a record recognized by Guinness World Records. What’s remarkable is that despite his vast size, Zeus, who belonged to Kevin Doorlag, was a gentle giant.

a Great Dane from Michigan

Who and How Owns Zeus The Biggest Dog In The World?

Zeus, the incredible Great Dane, was owned by Brittany Davis. He became part of Brittany’s life when he was eight weeks old, starting a remarkable journey together. Zeus enjoyed the simple pleasures of life, including leisurely walks around the neighbourhood and delightful visits to the local farmer’s market.

His diet was impressive, too, with Brittany sharing that he consumed a substantial 12 cups of “Gentle Giants” dog food daily. Their bond was extraordinary, and Zeus’s towering presence made him a beloved member of Brittany Davis’s family and a record-breaking sensation in the world of dogs.

what's the tallest dog in the world

How Zeus Got To Be The Worlds Tallest Dog?

Zeus became the tallest dog because of his particular genes and good care. Great Danes like him are naturally tall, but Zeus had something extra in his genes that elevated him even more. Growing up from being a puppy, he just kept getting taller. His owner, Brittany Davis, ensured he ate well and stayed healthy.

All of this combined, and before you knew it, Zeus was a whopping 44 inches tall! Because of this, the Guinness Book of Records awarded him the title of the tallest dog in the world. It’s all down to his genes and his owner’s love and attention.

How tall is Zeus the dog in feet?

What Is The Height And Weight of Zeus?

Zeus, the extraordinary Great Dane, who was the world’s tallest dog, stood at 44 inches (1.12 meters). He also had an impressive weight of 155 pounds (70.3 kilograms) during his lifetime. Zeus’ extraordinary stature won him a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records as the tallest dog ever.

Tallest Dog In The World 2023

Who Gifted Zeus To Brittany Davis?

Brittany Davis’s childhood dream of owning a Great Dane came true due to her brother Garrett. Garrett had a colleague who bred Great Danes, and he decided to make his sister’s lifelong wish a reality. At eight weeks, Zeus, a Great Dane puppy, became a part of Brittany’s life.

This furry companion quickly formed a deep bond with Brittany, bringing immense joy and friendship. Zeus, who later grew to become the world’s tallest dog, embodied a dream come true, a gift from a caring brother to his beloved sister.

Who own the tallest dog

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Why Was Zeus Bred Initially?

The Great Dane named Zeus was initially developed for hunting. Back in Germany, they needed solid and brave dogs to hunt wild boars, and Great Danes were just suitable for the job with their size and strength.

As time passed, they started working as guard dogs, protecting homes and carriages because their enormous size made them look tough.

However, Great Danes like Zeus are known for being friendly and gentle, even though they used to have these critical jobs. Nowadays, they’re more like prominent, lovable companions and family pets.

What is the biggest dog Zeus?

Which Is Zeus’ Favorite Place?

Zeus, the beloved Great Dane, has a favourite place he eagerly anticipates visiting – the Dallas Farmers Market. Brittany says it’s a spot where Zeus has become quite the celebrity.
He’s well-known among the market-goers, and even the vendors know him. As a result, Zeus gets special treats and plenty of attention during his visits. When he’s out in public, it’s common to see people staring in amazement.

What Is Zeus’ Behaviour Toward Other Dogs?

Zeus, the big dog who loves making friends, lives with his minor Australian Shepherd brothers and a cat named Penelope at home. His best buddy among the dogs is Zeb, and they like to play by wrestling.

Now, Zeus and Penelope, the cat, have a special relationship. They don’t fight like cats and dogs usually do, but they do compete a bit. Their owner, Brittany, informs us that they have made a deal to give one another some room.

Zeus is generally a good dog, but due to his size, he occasionally causes mischief. He has a habit of taking the baby’s pacifier from the counters and helping himself to any food he finds up there, which makes Brittany laugh.

How old is Zeus the biggest dog?

Feeding Zeus: A Giant Appetite To Satisfy

Brittany mentions that feeding Zeus, a giant dog, can be pretty costly. She advises anyone thinking about getting a large breed dog to be ready to spend money on their food.

Zeus has a hearty appetite. In the morning, he gets six cups of “Gentle Giants” sufficient breed pet food, and in the evening, he gets another six cups. This food gives him the energy for his playful bursts of running around, which Brittany calls “zoomies.” When he gets tired, he hops onto his chair.

Zeus also obtains special goodies, such as an egg fried in butter, bully sticks, or his all-time favorite treat: ice cubes.

How old is Zeus really?

Habits Of Zeus Tallest Dog In The World 2024

Good habits

Bad habits

  • Friendly and gentle nature.
  • Enjoyed visits to the Dallas Farmers Market.
  • Got along well with other dogs, like his buddy Zeb.
  • Special bond with his owner, Brittany Davis.
  • Brought joy to people wherever he went.
  • Competing with his cat friend Penelope.
  • Costly appetite, requiring a substantial amount of food.
  • Had a habit of causing chaos, albeit in a playful manner.

Good habits

  • Friendly and gentle nature.
  • Enjoyed visits to the Dallas Farmers Market.
  • Got along well with other dogs, like his buddy Zeb.
  • Special bond with his owner, Brittany Davis.
  • Brought joy to people wherever he went.

Bad habits

  • Competing with his cat friend Penelope.
  • Costly appetite, requiring a substantial amount of food.
  • Had a habit of causing chaos, albeit in a playful manner.


Zeus, the world’s tallest dog, owned by Brittany Davis, showed how special the bond between humans and dogs can be. He started as a puppy and became a Guinness World Record holder, thanks to love and his genes.

Zeus is friendly to all dogs, living happily with his Australian Shepherd siblings and cat friend Penelope. Feeding a big dog like Zeus can be costly, but he brought joy wherever he went, especially at the Dallas Farmers Market. Zeus is an extraordinary dog who made a prominent place for himself in our hearts despite being so tall.

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What was Zeus's height and weight?

Zeus stood at 44 inches tall and weighed around 155 pounds.

Who was Zeus's owner?

Brittany Davis was the owner of Zeus, the Great Dane.

How did Zeus become the world's tallest dog?

Zeus’s genetics and proper care by his owner, Brittany, contributed to his remarkable height, earning him the title of the world’s tallest dog.

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