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Have you ever been curious about the stature of your favorite R&B legend, Keith Sweat? We, as his fans, adore him for his silky-smooth voice and romantic lyrics, but the question “How tall is Keith Sweat” is still a mystery. Unlike readily available information about some celebrities, Keith Sweat’s height isn’t officially documented. But fear not, fans. This article will explore what we can uncover about Keith Sweat height in feet and know some fun facts of his life.

Keith Sweat Biography

Birth Name Keith Douglas Sweat
Famous as Keith Sweat
Birthdate July 22, 1961
Birthplace Harlem, New York City, U.S.
Current Residence Alpharetta, Georgia, USA
Nationality American
Ethnicity African-American
Height 5 feet 10 inches
Weight 72kg
Age 62 Years
Profession Singer, Songwriter, Record Producer
Genres R&B, New jack sing, Hip hop, Soul, Urban
Record Labels KEIA, Stadium, Vintertainment, Elektra
Years Active 1975–present
Marital Status Currently Single
Ex-Wife Lisa Wu Hartwell
Net Worth $250 Thousands

Who Is Keith Sweat?

How Tall Is Keith Sweat

Keith Sweat is a legendary R&B American singer who rose to fame in the 1980s and 90s. He’s known for his smooth voice and romantic lyrics in songs like “Make It Last Forever” and “I’ll Give All My Love to You.” He was an early influence in the new jack swing movement of R&B, which blended soul, hip hop, and funk. On top of singing, Keith Sweat has discovered and produced other artists, and even has his record label! He also stays connected to his fans by hosting a radio show called “The Sweat Hotel.”

Keith Sweat Family

Father Charles Crier
Mother Juanita Sweat
Siblings 4 (names aren’t known)
Wife Lisa Wu Hartwell (from 1992 to 2002)
Sons (with Lisa Wu Hartwell) Justin Sweat, Jordan Sweat
Daughters (with other partners) 3 (names aren’t public)
Son (with an unknown partner) Joshua Sweat

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How Tall Is Keith Sweat?


Keith Sweat Height Celebrity heights aren’t always documented, and sources like interviews or biographies sometimes don’t mention it. However, based on some public information, Keith Sweat height is 5 feet 10 inches which is approximately 180 cm. But this figure isn’t sure and Keith Sweat’s exact height may vary in future. So, iIf you find pictures of Keith Sweat next to people whose heights are known, you can get a clue about his height by comparison.

Keith Sweat Music Career

Keith Sweat’s rise to fame started with honing his musical skills. In his teens, he sang with a band called Jamilah in New York, performing throughout the tri-state area. This experience helped him develop his signature smooth vocals and stage presence. After leaving the band, he continued singing in nightclubs and even wrote songs for other artists.

In 1987, Keith Sweat’s hard work paid off. He landed a record deal and released his debut album, “Make It Last Forever.” This album became a massive hit, selling over three million copies and topping the charts with singles like “I Want Her” and “Something Just Ain’t Right.” This success wasn’t just luck. Keith Sweat was part of a new musical movement called “new jack swing,” with a mix of hip hop and funk.

Keith Sweat’s success continued throughout the late 80s and 90s. He released several more platinum-selling albums, each filled with unforgettable slow jams and soulful ballads. He also collaborated with other artists and even discovered and produced new talent. With his musical talent and a strategic approach to the industry, Keith Sweat built a long-lasting and successful career in the R&B world.

Personal Life

Beyond his musical fame, Keith Sweat is a successful entrepreneur. He founded his separate record label, Keia Records, giving a platform to new artists. He’s also a business owner with his nationally syndicated radio show, “The Sweat Hotel.”This well-known show keeps him connected to his fans and allows him to share his love of music. So beyond a singing legend, Keith Sweat is a smart businessman who has built a career off the stage.

What Is Keith Sweat Net Worth?

Keith Sweat Songs

Estimates say Keith Sweat’s net worth is around $250K in 2024. This impressive amount comes from his long and successful music career. Keith Sweat albums and singles for decades, and continued Keith Sweat tours and performances are very important. On top of that, he has his record label, Keia Records, and brings in money from his nationally syndicated radio show, “The Sweat Hotel.” So, with Keith Sweat songs, businesses, and other ventures, he has built a very solid financial foundation.

Top 10 Keith Sweat Songs

  1. Make You Sweat (1987)
  2. How Deep Is Your Love (1987)
  3. Don’t Stop Your Love (1987)
  4. Make It Last Forever (featuring Jacci McGhee) (1987)
  5. I Want Her (1988)
  6. Right and a Wrong Way (1988)
  7. Nobody (featuring Athena Cage) (1990)
  8. I’ll Give All My Love to You (1990)
  9. Get Up on It (featuring Kut Klose) (1994)
  10. Twisted (1994)

Interesting Facts About Keith Sweat

  • Keith Sweat began performing in clubs at the young age of 14
  • Not just a singer, Keith Sweat also has a degree in communications from City College of New York.
  • Keith Sweat is considered a founding father of the new jack swing movement in R&B.
  • His debut album sold over 3 million copies and spawned several chart-topping singles.
  • Keith Sweat was part of the successful R&B supergroup LSG with Gerald Levert and Johnny Gill.

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From soulful beginnings to entrepreneurial ventures, Keith Sweat’s legacy extends far beyond the stage. His smooth vocals and romantic lyrics continue to captivate audiences. Keith Sweat’s business insight ensures his place in the music industry for years to come. Whether singing timeless ballads, discovering new talent, or connecting with fans on the radio, Keith Sweat remains a true R&B icon.

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How Old Is Keith Sweat?

Keith Sweat age is 62 as he was born in July 1961.

Is Keith Sweat Married?

No, as of today, Keith Sweat isn’t married to anyone. He was previously married but currently is single.

Keith Sweat Jr Is He Keith Sweat Son?

No, Keith Sweat Jr. is not Keith Sweat’s son. Keith Sweat doesn’t have a son named Keith Jr.

Is Keith Sweat Gay?

No, Keith Sweat is straight and his romantic orientation is Heterosexual.

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