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Do you know Shy Glizzy? He’s a very cool rapper who makes awesome music. Have you ever wondered how tall he is? Well, let’s find out together! But before we do, let me tell you a bit about Shy Glizzy’s life and why he’s so special. Ready? Let’s go on this fun journey.

Shy Glizzy Biography

Real Name Marquis Amonte King
Stage Name Shy Glizzy
Birthdate December 12, 1992
Birthplace Washington DC, U.S.
Nationality American
Ethnicity African-American
Religion Islam
Height 5 feet 8 inches
Weight 60 kg
Age 31
Profession Rapper
Genres Hip hop, Trap
Years Active 2010–present
Hobbies Streaming, Music listening
Marital Status Single
Girlfriend Update soon
Net Worth $900,000 (9 Lakh USDs)


Who Is Shy Glizzy?

Shy Glizzy Height

Marquis Amonte King, a rapper from Southeast, Washington, D.C., is more often known by his stage name Shy Glizzy. Despite what his nickname might imply, He discovered that writing allowed him to express himself. He devoured the Quran, newspapers, and biographies before his teenage years, and this love for language eventually morphed into rap lyrics. Interestingly, He wasn’t heavily influenced by rap music itself. Instead, he credits the unique sounds of go-go, a genre local to D.C., for shaping his distinctive style.

Shy Glizzy Family

Where is Shy Glizzy from

While information about Shy Glizzy’s immediate family is private, there’s a strong community around him that fuels his career.  Nicknamed “Glizzy Gang” by fans, it extends beyond just music.  These are the people who supported him through his early struggles and continue to cheer him on. Shy Glizzy himself has credited them for giving him the strength to keep pushing forward, even during difficult times.

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Early Life

Shy Glizzy’s early life, before the rap fame, was shaped by his Washington D.C. roots. Born Marquis Amonte King, he grew up in the Southeast area. Although his nickname suggests otherwise, Marquis found his voice through written words. He spent his teenage years reading a lot, including the Quran, newspapers, and biographies. This love for language played a key role as he later turned to writing rap lyrics.

How Tall is Shy Glizzy

How Tall Is Shy Glizzy?

Curious about Shy Glizzy’s height? Standing at 1.73 meters, Shy Glizzy clocks in at around 5 feet 8 inches tall. The sources for this information are fan collections and internet sites. It is imperative to bear in mind that the height of celebrities may differ slightly based on the source. But next time you see a picture of Shy Glizzy, you’ll have a good idea of how tall he is.

Shy Glizzy’s Musical Ride

How Tall is Shy Glizzy height

Shy Glizzy wasn’t always destined for the rap game. Though shy by nickname, He found his voice through written words. He dove into books like the Quran and biographies, eventually turning that love of language into rap lyrics in his teenage years.

Interestingly, He wasn’t heavily influenced by other rappers. Instead, the unique sounds of go-go, a local Washington D.C. genre, became his musical inspiration. This unique blend of influences helped Shy Glizzy craft his distinctive style.

He released his debut project, “No Brain,” in 2011 and kept dropping mixtapes throughout the early 2010s. A breakout hit, “White Girl” in 2014, brought him wider recognition and established him as a rising star in the rap world. Since then, He has continued to collaborate with other big names and release music that blends his go-go roots with contemporary rap.

What Is Shy Glizzy Net Worth?

Shy Glizzy weigth and height

Shy Glizzy’s financial success is estimated to be around $900,000.  This number is based on what experts call his net worth, which means it factors in his earnings from music, shows, and any investments he might have, minus what he’s spent over time.  It’s important to remember that this is an estimate, and the actual figure could be higher or lower.  One thing’s for sure, He has turned his passion for rap into a successful career.

Top 10 Shy Glizzy Songs

  1. White Girl (2014)
  2. Young Jefe (2014)
  3. Awwsome (feat. 2 Chainz & A$ap Rocky) (2014)
  4. Long Live Glizzy (2016)
  5. Vouches (2017)
  6. Cold Shoulder (2017)
  7. Do You Understand? (feat. Gunna & Tory Lanez) (2018)
  8. Me & You (2019)
  9. Like That (feat. Jeremih & Ty Dolla $ign) (2020)
  10. Crew (feat. Brent Faiyaz & Shy Glizzy) (2023)

Interesting Facts About Shy Glizzy

  • Shy Glizzy’s real name is Marquis Amonte King while “Shy” is his nickname.
  • He devoured books like the Quran and biographies before finding his voice in rap lyrics.
  • While not big on rap initially, Shy Glizzy credits the local D.C. genre Go-Go for shaping his unique sound.
  • He started his musical journey in 2011 with the project “No Brain.”
  • He keeps glowing day and night, collaborating with artists and evolving his sound.

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So, to wrap it up, Shy Glizzy height stands at around 5 feet 8 inches, or 1.73 meters tall. This might not be a super tall figure, but his stage presence is a whole different story. Shy Glizzy’s charisma and commanding voice make him seem bigger than life when he performs. After all, it’s his talent and stage persona that truly light up the show, not just his height. Whether you’re a longtime fan or just discovering his music, Shy Glizzy’s music is sure to impress, regardless of his height.

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How old is Shy Glizzy?

Shy Glizzy age is 31 because he was born in December 1992.

Where in DC is Shy Glizzy from?

Shy Glizzy, a famous rapper, is from Southeast Washington D.C.

How did Shy Glizzy get his name?

The reason behind Shy Glizzy’s stage name isn’t publicly known.  It might seem like a contrast to his personality.

Is Ant Glizzy related to Shy Glizzy?

No, Ant Glizzy and Shy Glizzy are not confirmed to be related. There was a public dispute between them, and they didn’t seem to be close.

Did Shy Glizzy change his name?

Yes, Shy Glizzy changed his stage name to Jefe in 2017.

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