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Introduction of How Tall Is Lola Brooke Rapper

People talk about Lola Brooke height because she’s much shorter than other hip-hop artists at almost 5 feets. But she’s cool with it and even turned it into her thing. Fans call her “Big Gator.” In an interview, she said she loves being short, making her unique.

The article covered how tall is Lola Brooke, a 29-year-old rapper from Brooklyn, New York. She’s known for her hit song “Don’t Play with It,” has a net worth of $1.9 million, and signed with Arista Records. Lola draws inspiration from her Brooklyn roots, family, and early influencers in hip-hop and everything you need to know.

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Lola Brooke Biography

Lola Brooke Real Name Lola Brooke
Nickname Lola
Profession Musician, rapper, song writer, Hip-hop
Age 30 years
Height 4 Feet 9 Inches
Weight 55kg
Date of birth February 1, 1994
Birthplace Brookelyn, New York, USA
Hometown Brookelyn, New York, USA
Nationality American
Religion Christian
Lola Brooke zodiac sign Aquarius
Ethnicity African American


Who Is Lola Brooke?

She is from Brooklyn. She grew up with her mom as the only child after her dad passed away. 50 Cent’s “Wanksta” and Lil Wayne’s “Cannon” videos got her into rapping. She began recording music in 2016 with her cousin Jah, who was proficient in Pro Tools beat creation.

She joined Team 80 Productions in 2016. In 2021, her song “Don’t Play with It” became very popular, first on Twitter ( ) and later on Instagram (@lola.brooke)and TikTok ( She credits Pop Smoke for her incredible style.

In January 2023, she signed with Arista Records and performed on A Boogie with da Hoodie’s tour. Her song “So Disrespectful” and a remix of “Don’t Play with It” involving Latto and Yung Miami were released in March 2023. She appeared on CBS’s East New York series in March 2023.

lola brooke zodiac sign

In April 2023, she was on Ciara’s “Da Girls” mix with Ciara and Lady London. In June 2023, she got picked for the 2023 XXL Freshman Class. Her first album, “Dennis Daughter,” is coming out on November 10, 2023.

Lola Brooke Family Status

Lola Brooke isn’t married and isn’t seeing anyone right now. She’s not with a husband or a boyfriend at the moment. She’s dated a couple of people in the past few years. She’s American but has African roots. She grew up in Bedford-Stuyvesant with her single mom because her dad, Dennis, passed away when she was young. She hasn’t talked about having any brothers or sisters.

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How Old Is Lola Brooke Rapper?

Lola Brooke age is 30 years (Birthdate: February 1, 1994). She’s a rapper moving up fast in hip-hop. People like her style, catchy tunes, and lyrics. Even though she’s young, she’s already prominent in the music scene, with her songs getting famous and her first hit going viral. Her young age shows how good she is and how much she works. Since the age of eight, she has been rapping and putting much effort into improving.

lola brooke how old is she?

Where Is Lola Brooke From?

She is from Bedford-Stuyvesant in Brooklyn, New York. Her hometown is a big deal in her music, and she’s happy about her roots in Brooklyn. She talks about Brooklyn in her songs and is known for being tough and hard-working. Growing up in Brooklyn shaped her. She’s a talented rapper who’s not scared to be herself. She inspires young artists, proving you can chase your dreams no matter where you’re from.

lola brooke where is she from?

Which Is The Best Song Among All Lola Brooke Songs

Lola Brooke’s hit song is “Don’t Play with It.” It came out in 2021 and got super famous quickly. People loved it for the catchy tune, lyrics everyone could relate to, and how Lola Brooke rapped confidently. Billy B also joined the Song and matched Lola Brooke’s performance well.

This Song made Lola Brooke a big deal in hip-hop. She’s brought out other successful songs like “You” with Bryson Tiller, “So DISRESPECTFUL,” and “Here I Come.” But “Don’t Play with It” is still her most-liked Song ever.


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Lola Brooke Net Worth 2024?

Lola Brooke, a 29-year-old rapper, has around $1.9 million as her net worth. It shows how good she is, making all that money in just a few years in music. She earns from selling albums and singles, doing tours, selling stuff, and endorsing brands.

She’s seen as one of the significant new artists in hip hop, and her money will likely get even more critical in the future. She’s an inspiration, proving that no matter how old you are or where you come from, you can achieve your dreams.

lola brooke net worth in 2023

Exciting Facts About Lola Brooke Rapper

  • An only child raised by a single mother.
  • Inspired to rap by 50 Cent, Lil Wayne, and Meek Mill.
  • She started making music with her cousin in 2016.
  • She quit her job as a residential aide to pursue music full-time in 2017.
  • Signed with Team 80 Productions in 2016.
  • Released her breakout single, “Don’t Play with It”, in 2021.
  • Signed to Arista Records in January 2023.
  • Selected as part of the 2023 XXL Freshman Class in June 2023.

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Lola Brooke is a rising star in the hip-hop industry. She is known for her unique style, catchy melodies, and relatable lyrics. She is also an inspiration to young artists, showing that it is possible to achieve your dreams no matter your age or background.

Brooke’s breakout single, “Don’t Play with It,” was a viral hit in 2021. She has since released several other successful songs, and her debut album will be released in November 2023.

Brooke is a role model for young artists everywhere. She has shown that it is possible to be successful in the music industry without compromising your authenticity. She is a true inspiration, and her music is sure to continue to touch the lives of many people for years to come.

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What is Lola Brooke's most famous Song?

“Don’t Play with It” is Lola Brooke’s most famous Song, released in 2021 and gaining rapid popularity.

How much is Lola Brooke's net worth?

Lola Brooke’s net worth is around $1.9 million, earned primarily from music sales, tours, merchandise, and endorsements.

When is Lola Brooke's debut album released?

Lola Brooke’s debut album, “Dennis Daughter,” will be released on November 10, 2023.

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