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Do you want to know how tall is Cillian Murphy? Many people think that Cillian Murphy is pretty tall because of his movies but he has a normal height or we can say he has a pretty short height. Cillian Murphy height 5ft 7 inches and in meters, he is 1.72m tall

His defined facial features and his slim body makes him look taller. Many people after knowing his real height are making fun of him but actually, he is not that short. Cillian Murphy has a pretty average height just because of the roles he does in movies his fans assumed that he must be pretty tall.

how old is cillian murphy?

Early Life of Cillian Murphy

Cillian Murphy was born on May 25, 1976 in Douglas, County Cork, Ireland. He was raised in Ballintemple by his father. Initially he started pursuing his career in acting but later found his passion in acting and started studying drama at the Gaiety School of Acting in Dublin.
Cillian Murphy officially started his acting career in the early 1990s, and did many shows and Irish movies.
He was casted in the movie “28 Days Later” and the film was a big success and the starting point of Cillian Murphy’s successful career and as an international actor.

cillian murphy height

Cillian Murphy Family

Cillian Murphy likes to stay away from media and interviews and don’t share much about his family but according to the basic information we have:

cillian murphy sons

  • His father Brendan Murphy worked for the Irish Department of Education.
  • His mother was a French teacher.
  • He has three younger siblings, brother Páidi and two younger sisters Sile and Orla.
  • Cillian Murphy kids name Malachy Murphy, and Aran Murphy. He loves his sons very much and loves spending time with them. Cillian Murphy sons also admire their father.
  • Cillian Murphy wife name is Yvonne McGuinness, she is an artist and visual arts curator.

What Is Cillian Murphy Net Worth?

Have to ever wonder what is the net worth of the versatile, charismatic, and mysterious, Cillian Murphy. Let’s find out.

The immensely talented Cillian Murphy is very popular for his unique and complex roles in the movies. His acting skills leave his fans completely mesmerized and with his skills he has established himself as a most versatile and talented actor.

Cillian Murphy worked in many movies in his career and fit into any character very smoothly. The net worth of Cillian Murphy is rising very well over the past few years. His net worth in past years to 2023 is:

  • The net worth of Cillian Murphy was $800,000 in 2000.
  • The net worth of Cillian Murphy was $3 million in 2005.
  • The net worth of Cillian Murphy was $10 million in 2010.
  • The net worth of Cillian Murphy was $16 million in 2015.
  • The net worth of Cillian Murphy is $20 million in 2023.

Other than that,

  • Cillian Murphy has purchased a house worth $10 million in Dublin, Ireland. The luxurious mansion is near the sea and has seven bedrooms. His newly purchased house is close to nature as he likes to keep his life very private and away from the media.
  • Cillian Murphy bought a red Lamborghini Urus for $600,000 and gifted an Audi A8 to his wife Yvonne McGuinness on their wedding anniversary.
  • He also has invested $6 million in stocks and $14 million in other investments.
  • He has 5 mansions and houses and also a huge collection of luxury watches.

Cillian Murphy net worth in 2023 is almost $20 million and because of his performing complex roles in the movies, there are high chances of these numbers getting higher in 2024.

cillian murphy net worth 2023

Cillian Murphy Luxury Cars Collection:

  • Porsche Macan
  • BMW X7
  • Mercedes GLC
  • Ferrari Roma
  • Nissan GTR
  • Jaguar F-Pace


cillian murphy peaky blinders

Cillian Murphy Movies List

Cillian murphy worked in numerous blockbuster movies including:

  • On the Edge (2001)
  • Disco Pigs (2001)
  • 28 Days Later (2002)
  • Girl with a Pearl Earring (2003)
  • Intermission (2003)
  • Breakfast on Pluto (2005)
  • Batman Begins (2005)
  • Red Eye (2005) and many more.
  • Cillian Murphy also auditioned as a lead role for the movie Batman but Christian Bale got the role and Murphy was casted as a villain. Batman was a big success and made $770.9 million worldwide.
  • The dark knight made $1.003 billion worldwide and he did true justice to his role.
  • He also acted in “The Dark Knight Rises,” and that movie was also a big hit and made $1.003 billion worldwide.
  • His Batman Begins made $371.9 million worldwide and became the 9th highest grossing film of 2005.


cillian murphy batman begins

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Interesting Facts About Cillian Murphy

  • Cillian Murphy is a favorite returning actor and friend of Christopher Nolan and the only actor who was in all three of his Batman movies.
  • In Cillian Murphy batman begins, the casting directors didn’t know that he is Irish because of his American accent.
  • He is a very private man and doesn’t share much about his personal life.
  • He did not make any appearance in live TV chat shows until 2010.
  • He is a big fan of Doctor Who (1963).
  • Cillian Murphy likes to write and play songs.
  • Cillian Murphy proposed to his wife Yvonne McGuinness in a very romantic way while hiking in Ireland.
  • Murphy is very well mannered, well-spoken and has a very good sense of humor.
  • He was patron of the UNESCO Child and Family Research Centre in 2011.
  • He was initially pursuing his career in law but found out his true passion in acting.
  • Cillian Murphy Batman movie was a big hit and he was auditioned for main lead but casted as a villain and lead role was given to Christian Bale.
  • His fans think Cillian Murphy scarecrow did not get enough appreciation for his amazing creepy acting.
  • Cillian Murphy Peaky Blinders won National Television Award for Outstanding Drama Performance
  • Tom Hardy Cillian Murphy are good friends and have worked together in many movies.
  • Cillian Murphy eyes are blue.
  • Cillian Murphy haircut in Peaky Blinders got very famous and many tutorials and step-by-step guides are available on the Internet to get hair like him.
  • Many people think Cillian Murphy plastic surgery is the secret to looking young at this age.

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Cillian Murphy is an amazing actor and when it comes to his acting skills, his talent knows no bounds. He was also nominated and got many awards for best actor in different years.

Though his fans think that he is underrated even after he gave extraordinary performances in all of his movies.

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Is Cillian Murphy Gay?

No, Cillian Murphy is not gay. He is straight and married to Yvonne McGuinness. They got married in 2004 and have two sons together.

How Old is Cillian Murphy?

Cillian Murphy born on May 25, 1976, in Douglas, County Cork, Ireland. Cillian Murphy age is 47 years old. While his wife Yvonne McGuinness age is 51 years which means she is 4 years younger than her husband.

Does Cillian Murphy Smoke?

No, Cillian Murphy is not an active smoker, but he did a lot of fake smoking in his movies. While shooting for Peaky Blinders he smoked a lot of cigarettes for his role that left his fans thinking that he might be a regular smoker but in a magazine it revealed that they were herbal cigarettes which have no nicotine and are less harmful for the health.

But later it was revealed that herbal cigarettes also contain many harmful ingredients that can cause many diseases like diabetes, heart diseases, stroke, and type 2 diabetes. After knowing about the harmful effects of herbal cigarettes he said that he is not going to do a smoker role anytime soon.

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