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Are you ever curious about: How tall is Alex Eubank? This fitness model and YouTube star has built a massive following with his dedication to building a natural physique.  While his impressive muscle definition is a major focus, some fans might be curious about his overall stature. 

Does Alex Eubank height play a role in his workout approach?  In this article, we’ll know the exact height of Alex Eubank and explore how he uses his physique in his training. We’ll also see if height necessarily defines success in the world of fitness. So, stay on the page and keep discovering.

Alex Eubank Biography

Real Name Timothy Alexander Eubank
Famous as Alex Eubank
Birthdate 23 May, 2000
Birthplace Baltimore, Maryland, United States
Nationality American
Current Residence Ellicott City, MD, US
Religion Christian
Height 5 ft 9 in (179 cm)
Weight 80 kg
Age 23 Years
Profession Fitness model, YouTuber, Social media star
Body Measurements 44-30-38 (in inches)
Marital Status Single
Net Worth $1-$1.5 Million


Who Is Alex Eubank?

Alex Eubank career

Alex Eubank is a fitness influencer who inspires people to get healthy and strong. He wasn’t always into fitness, but he started working out at 16 to feel better about himself. Now, he has millions of followers across YouTube and Instagram who watch his workout videos and lifestyle content.

Alex also likes to collaborate with other fitness YouTubers to keep things interesting. Even though he has an impressive physique, Alex doesn’t compete in bodybuilding competitions. He focuses on helping others reach their fitness goals through his online channels.

Alex Eubank Family & Relationships

Alex Eubank wife

Alex Eubank, whose real name is Timothy Alexander Eubank, grew up in the suburbs of Baltimore, Maryland. He was raised in a Christian household by his parents, Patti and Bob Eubank. Not much else is known about Alex’s childhood, but we do know family is important to him. He even credits his faith as a big influence in his life.


Father Bob Eubank
Mother Patti
Siblings Anna and Addi (sisters)
Girlfriends Abigail White, Abby

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School & College Life

How Tall is Alex Eubank in feet?

Alex Eubank likely played two main sports throughout his school and college years. In high school, there’s evidence he competed in football, possibly as both a wide receiver and a defensive back. Various photos on the internet also show him playing lacrosse at Lindenwood University. He was a standout player, leading the team in ground balls and turnovers for several years. And it’s reported that Alex became the school’s all-time leader in those categories.

How Tall Is Alex Eubank?

Alex Eubank stands at a height of 5 feet 9 inches, which is roughly 179 centimeters. This information is consistent across several sources, including fitness websites and fan discussions. While not exceptionally tall, Alex makes the most of his physique through dedicated weight training and bodybuilding techniques. He’s known for building an impressive muscular build despite his height.

Workout & Bodybuilding Life

Alex Eubank body building life

Alex Eubank is a YouTuber known for his dedication to fitness and building a natural physique. He wasn’t always into weightlifting though. Alex started his fitness journey with calisthenics, which are bodyweight exercises like push-ups and pull-ups. It helped him build a strong foundation before moving on to weights.


Over the years, Alex has developed his workout routine. He typically follows a split routine, which means he focuses on different muscle groups throughout the week. One example includes training chest, shoulders, and triceps on one day, and back, biceps, and legs on another. He also likes to train his arms more often, sometimes twice a week, to really target those muscles for growth.

Alex is open about his workout routines on his YouTube channel. He shares videos of his gym sessions, including the exercises he does, the sets and reps he performs, and even some tips and tricks he’s learned along the way. It has inspired many people to start their fitness journeys and chase their physique goals.

What Is Alex Eubank Net Worth?

Exact figures are difficult to point out, but estimates place Alex Eubank’s net worth somewhere between $1 million and $1.5 million. This wealth likely comes from a combination of sources. His YouTube channel with over 1.25 million subscribers brings in advertising revenue. He also benefits from sponsorships with fitness brands and his own clothing line. Eubank may even earn income from coaching or selling fitness programs online.

Alex Eubank net worth 2024

Alex Eubank Personal Life

Alex Eubank might seem all about fun and outgoing energy, but there’s more to say about him. Beyond his entertaining personality, Alex is known for his dedication to fitness. He follows a healthy diet and enjoys playing sports, especially lacrosse where he even has some impressive records!  Alex also seems to value his faith and keeps his family close, especially his sisters.

Interesting Facts About Alex Eubank

  • Alex Eubank didn’t jump straight into weightlifting. He started with calisthenics, bodyweight exercises that built a strong foundation for weight training later.
  • Alex was actually a standout lacrosse player in college. He even holds the school record for ground balls and turnovers.
  • He trains his arms more frequently than some, sometimes twice a week. This targeted approach helps him achieve the muscle growth he desires.
  • Alex shares his workout routines and gym sessions on YouTube. This transparency inspires many viewers to begin their own fitness journeys.

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So, there you have it. Alex Eubank stands at a respectable 5 feet 9 inches. It’s true that height can be a factor in some aspects of fitness. However, Alex proves that dedication, proper training, and smart technique are key ingredients for building an impressive physique. So, remember that fitness journeys come in all shapes and sizes. And observing all of this, Alex Eubank is a great example of achieving remarkable results through hard work and passion.

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What does Alex Eubank eat?

Alex Eubank follows a healthy eating plan to stay fit. He eats eggs, lean meats, sweet potatoes, vegetables, and healthy snacks.

What sports did Alex Eubank play?

Alex Eubank played football in high school. In college, he excelled at lacrosse, leading his team in ground balls and even becoming the school’s all-time leader.

Did Alex and Abby break up?

Yes, Alex Eubank and his girlfriend Abby broke up. They decided to go their separate ways to focus on themselves for a while.

Are the Tren twins and Alex Eubanks still friends?

The Tren twins and Alex Eubanks are not friends anymore. There seems to be a falling out between them.

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